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75 Catchy Freshman Slogans And Funny Freshman Slogans

In this post you will find 75 Catchy Freshman Slogans, Funny Freshman Slogans and Freshman T-Shirt Slogans.


Freshman Slogans


Thank Goodness I’m a Freshman

Fresher today, leaders of tomorrow

We’re fresh, we’re clean. we’re the class of 20__

Being us and having fun, the class of 20__ is #1

Seniors wish they were this FRESH

We put the fresh back in freshmen!

New Generation Freshman

This Frosh is the Boss!

Freshman are friends, Not food.

We’re cooler than you!

Alien NO Freshmen YES!

We fine. We Shine.

Have no fear, the class of 20__ is here

Freshmen – please don’t give us wedges

We love our freshie!

Freshmen – don’t hurt us

The freshest kids on the block

Freshmen outshine stale upperclassmen

Give me Freshmen or give me death!

Ain’t Nobody so fresh and so clean


Freshman Slogans


One One, then we’re done!

No need to shed any tears, we have two more years

Next year you get to pick on someone else!

Ahead of the rest, the class of 20__ is the best

Yes, I am A freshman

Being us and having fun, 20__ is 1

you wish you were this fresh!

We just made the number lucky

Step aside while we rock the scene we’re the class of 20__

The few…the proud…the freshmen

We’re freshmen, the new kids on the block. Innovate with us or get off the street

Yell loud, be proud, be a Freshmen

The new kids on the block, ready to party and rock

We’re bringing freshie back! Yeah! Those upper classmen don’t know how to act!

Step aside we’re on the scene, We’re so fresh we’re so clean

Don’t stare at the freshman

Freshman 20__ Kill the Walrus

The freshest kids on the block

Go ahead and beam at the Class of 20__

If at first you don’t succeed, you’re not us


Best Freshman Slogans


We’re fresher than the next

We’re young, we’re smart, we’re freshman, so get out of the way

Fresher than the Prince of Bellaire

You Only Live Once so live like the freshmen!

Let’s all go green!

A class like ours you can’t find, the class of 20__ is one of a kind

We’re so good, we’re so fly, it’s hard being us, but you can try

Must we remind, class of 20__ is one of a kind

We’re the class you love to hate, the class of 20__ sure are great


Funny Freshman Slogans


We’re fresher than Subway

Fricky Fricky Freshman

We put the fresh in freshmen

We’re fresh, and we’re men. even the girls

We’re the class with pizazz

Let Get Smashed

Fresh till death

Party like its 20__

Freshman, freshman, fear no more, next year we will be a sophomore

Feel the freshman breeze

Fresh Meat. Come Eat. The meat is on us

Fresh Freshmen smell sweeter than spoiled seniors


Freshman T-Shirt Slogans


Front: Fresh, Back: Never Left


Front: Got freshman?  Back:20__-20__

Give me freedom or give me death

Front: Fresh, Back: Putting the fresh back in freshman since 20__

Front: United we stand, divided we fall, Back: The Fearless Freshmen sure has it all

The Class of 20__ Stuns

Front: We are FAGS, Back: Fun and great students!

Catchy Freshman Slogans

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