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50 Cute Junior Class Slogans And t-Shirt Slogans



In this post you will find 50 Cute Junior Class Slogans, Junior Class slogan for t-Shirt and Cute slogans for junior class girls.


Junior Class Slogans


Because the world won’t end in 20__

A lean, mean, fighting machine

Put us the the test, juniors are the best

There’s no luck to it

The few, the proud, the juniors

We came in 20__ and were leaving in 20__!

Yell loud, be proud, be a Junior

Way ahead of all the rest, the class of ’18 is the best

Junior today a senior in 20__ or Junior this year

No need to shed any tears, we have two more years

Clap your hands, stomp your feet, being juniors feels so sweet

We Are the Future

So fresh and so clean

So much hassle for a 20__ tassel

Were still alive!

Must we remind, class of 20__ is one of a kind


Catchy Junior Class Slogans


Call it luck, call it skill, the Class of ’18 is totally!

Can’t think for themselves

Living the dream – we’re the Class of 20__

Fell straight from heaven – 20__

Move on up! Make your mark. 20__ has got the Spark

United we stand, divided we fall; the class of 20__ sure has it all

Step aside while we rock the scene

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, life is short so party we must

We just made the number lucky

Truth be told Class of 20__ breaks the mold

Not the end, but just the beginning

It took 20__ years to get a class this great!

Ahead of the rest, the class of 20__ is the best

A class like ours you can’t find

The world isn’t ending, we’re just taking over

Looking Fine, The Class Of __

We’re the class you love to hate, The class of 20__ sure are great

A class like ours you can’t find, The class of 20__ is one of a kind

Best Junior Class Slogans

Junior Class slogan for t-Shirt


Mars and the Seniors May Shrink… My T-Shirt Will Not

Freshmen adore us, Sophomores wanna be us, Seniors are gonna miss us!

Never, never, never, never give up

Impossible is Nothing

We don’t need luck

We’re smarter, stronger and meteor (meatier)!

Jocular Juniors

Jail Bait Juniors

Oh, Thank Heaven, Here Comes the Class Of __


Cute slogans for junior class girls


When 20__ are grown and gone, 20__ will party on

we aren’t pregnant yet

We’re the Juniors of 0__ you better recognize

We’re sexy, we’re fine. Call us the class of __

No need to fear, we’re in our third year

We’re the class you can’t control

We’re Juniors 0__, It’s our time to shine

Don’t whine, we can’t all be Juniors

Junior Class Slogans

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