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120 Great Class Slogans and Class Slogans for t-shirts



In this post you will find 120 Great Class Slogans and Class Slogans for t-shirts.


Class Slogans


We’re so good, we’re so fly, it’s hard being us, but you can try

We got it right this time!

United we stand, but divided we fall. the class of 20__ surely has it all

The world ends with us

We’re cool, We’re hot, We’re everything you’re not

The world’s not going to end, we’re taking over

We are a tough class to beat class of 20__!

The proud, the few, the class of one-zero-one-two

Live more, laugh more, sophomore

Because the world really won’t end in 20__

Best you’ve ever seen, Class of 20__

Charging into the Future

We just made the number __ lucky

Every now and then comes a class like 20__

Be young, have fun, live it up in 20__

Starting the Dream

Till the year is gone, let’s party on

Infinite possibilities

Class of two zero one two we are better then you!

It’s the little things that count

So Fresh So Clean, this is 20__

The road will never be the same

class of 20__ goes to heaven

A League of our own

We’re the class with pizazz

You haven’t heard real spirit until 20__ makes you hear it

We are like stars, we shall shine even after we are gone


Best Class Slogans


Every other class thinks they’re cool but 20__ is who rules the school!

Our glory consists not in never failing, but in rising each time we fall!

Step aside class of 20__. We’re the new One-Two

We are wired to win!!

Stumbling Along to the End

We’re the class that’s got everything, except brains

One Step Back and Two Steps Forward

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door

Who? Who? We’re the class of One-Two

Aiming for the Moon to Fall into the Stars

Class of 20__– what more do you want?

One Chapter Ends and Another Story Begins

Hooked on learning. Oh, and also crack

We run this school 24/7 because we are the class of 20__

Once 20__, always 20__

Not the end, but just the beginning

The Class 0f 20__ – lucky is as lucky does

20__ The Revolution

lucky and good

Our Class: One for all, one for all

Armageddon is so last year

Kiss our classes Goodbye

Never again to be seen is the class of ’20__!

We’ve spread our wings, now watch us soar!

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

Preparing students for success. Well, at least some of them

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, life is short so party we must

Eagle Pride

Celebrate the present, Remember the past

Time for a new beginning

The pen is in your hand, the rest is still unwritten

Uniform we wear, together we are there, Unity we preach, stars we shall reach

We came, We conquered, We survived!

We’ve only just begun

So many faces going so many places

There is no time like our time

Friends ’till the end!!

Roses are red, Violets are blue, we did our time and now we are through


Catchy Class Slogans


We teach your kids so you don’t have to

Memories have passed but memories do last

The class of one four will have you begging for more

Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

20__ we will rise and never fall

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives, make it happen

20__ or bust! We’re going to make it Class of 20__

A vision becoming a reality

We’re so smart, we’re so fly, We’re the best, you can’t deny

We are the crew, we paid our dues and now we’re through

Pole shift or Planet X End of the World Bring it on!

A look back before we leap


“Step aside we’re on the scene

We’re so fresh we’re so clean

The boys are hot, the girls are fine

We’re the Class of 5+9!”


“Neither Earthquakes,

Hurricanes, nor Tsunamis

can stop us.

Class of 20__”



The Future is Ours

Class of 20__”


“Our lives are before us…

Our pasts are behind us…

But our memories are forever with us.”


“Freshman… bow down to us

Sophomores… fear us

Juniors… want to be us!”


Class Slogans for t-shirts


The Leaders of Tomorrow

Come as you are, leave as you may

Rocking the scene till twenty 18

End of an Era


Walking to a different Beat

The Class of 20__ More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys!

If these walls could talk

The New Civilization begins with the Class of __

Life, camera, action!

The Class of 20 SWEET __! or The Class of 2K SWEET __

Be the change you want to see in the world

Live each day as if it were your last

Friends ’till the end!!

Our girls are stunning, our guys are cool, our time has come to rule this school

Extreme times demand extreme measures

Our lives are before us, the past is behind us, but our memories are forever with us

Don’t worry about the people in your past, there is a reason they didn’t make it to your future!

It is not about analyzing or criticizing, it is about realizing who you are and what you want.

Though we walked in pain, in tears and strength and had some tough times


Great Class Slogans


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