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70 Best Class of 2018 Slogans and Mottos You’ll Love



In this post you will find 70 Best Class of 2018 Slogans and Mottos You’ll Love and  Class of 2018 Shirts Slogans.


Class of 2018 Slogans


Best you’ve ever seen, Class of 20__

Twenty-Eighteen – Our classes history will be Evergreen

Bein’ us and having fun, the class of 20__ is #1

We’re the kings and queens of 20__

Forget the rest, class of 20__ is the best

20__ Non-Stop

Have no fear, the class of 2018 is here

Class of 20__ what more do you want?

So Fresh So Clean, this is 20__

When you say Class of 20__ you’ve said it all

Take it back and hold it true. The class of 20__ belongs to you

20__ Got it All

The class of 20__ is divine. Shout it loud and make it shine

Class of 20__ goes to heaven

20__–a class of its own

Every other class thinks they’re cool but 20__ is who rules the school!

Ready for bigger and better things, it’ll be swell, get ready for us, the awesome 20__!

We’re makin the grade, we’re livin the dream, Class of 20____ reign supreme

We are the class of twenty-Eighteen. Don’t you wish you could be ONE-TWO?

The class of 20__ is a blast, a class like ours is unsurpassed

You haven’t heard real spirit until 20__ makes you hear it

Truth be told Class of 20__ breaks the mold

Bigger. Better. 20__

Class of 2018 – Letting our knowledge light the way

Step aside class of 20__. We’re the new One-Two

20__ don’t hate cuz w’re great!

Class of 20__ we know what to do

Class of 20__ break the mold, Our class is as good as gold

Class of 20__ – Yesterday we had the lock, today we have the key!

Aren’t we great wer’e the class of 20__

Class of 20__ Tomorrow is an idea, but with knowledge we shall create!

We’re the class you love to hate, the class of 20__ sure are great

20__ or bust! We’re going to make it Class of 20__

Step aside while we rock the scene. Class of 20___ reigns supreme

Shifting our Consciousness to a better future Class of 20__

Class of 20__ – Infinite possibilities

Extreme times demand extreme measures Class of 20__

Class of 20__ – There’s no comparison, we’re great!

We’ve only just begun Class of 20__

Class of 20__ – The high school game is over, checkmate!

There is no time like our time Class of 20__

Class of 20__ – Our tomorrow starts now!

Because the world really won’t end in 20__

Class of 20__ – Today is the beginning of our future!

We just made the number __ lucky

Class of 20__ – Seeing tomorrow more clearly!

Lean mean fighting machine, we’re the class of 20__!

Class of 20__ – Yesterday we were butterflies going through changes, today we touch the sky!

Best Class of 2018 Slogans

Class of 2018 Shirts Slogans


“One four the record

One four the scene

One four the class

Of Twenty-Eighteen!”


“Neither Earthquakes,

Hurricanes, nor Tsunamis

can stop us.

Class of 20__”


“Behind us are memories.

Beside us are friends.

Before us are dreams.

Class of twenty Eighteen”



The Future is Ours

Class of 20__”


“Our lives are before us…

Our pasts are behind us…

But our memories are forever with us.”


“Freshman… bow down to us

Sophomores… fear us

Juniors… want to be us!”

Best Class of 2018 Taglines

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