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107 Catchy Tennis Slogans & Sayings

Are you looking for Tennis slogans, chants, sayings & phrases to support your favorite Player or Team?


You want to express your passion and love for Tennis?

In this post, you will find Tennis slogans, phrases, one-liners & chants for t-shirts, posters, banners etc. You will also find funny Tennis Slogans.

Feel free to use these slogans where ever you want and also share them with your friends.



  1. Tennis Slogans
  2. Tennis Slogans For Boys’ t-shirts
  3. Tennis Slogans for Girls’ t-shirts
  4. Motivational Tennis Phrases & Captions
  5. Funny Tennis Slogans & Phrases


Tennis Slogans


I play Tennis, What’s your superpower


You need balls to play Tennis


Education is important, Tennis is importanter


Baby got back hand


I can’t, I have Tennis


I play Tennis, Love means nothing to me


Yes I’m that player you rather not play against


Happiness is Shaped


Don’t make me Backhand YA!


Be nice to the Tennis Player, Santa is watching


Tennis is the only game, Love means nothing


See you in the court


Proud to be a Tennis MOM


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Grab your balls, We’re going to play Tennis


I don’t always play Tennis, OH wait, Yes I Do!


Tennis serve on fleek


Weekend forecast, Tennis with no chance of house Cleaning or Cooking


Tennis is my Therapy


I play Tennis because Punching people is Frowned upon


I don’t need Therapy, I just need to play Tennis


The Tennis courts are calling, And I must GO


When life gets complicated, I play Tennis


Timing is everything


Less work – More Tennis


Keep calm & play Tennis


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Tennis, It’s in my Blood


Play one point at a time


We put the bad in Tennis


Cool shot Bro, hit it again


Tennis without borders


Tennis is life, the rest is just details


Keep calm & Tennis on




The Tennis Emporium


Mom says play Tennis


Hot shot


Keep calm & smash hard


I will marry a Tennis Player


Life sucks without Tennis


I love Tennis


Eat Sleep Tennis Repeat


Defend till the end!


Go hard or Go home


Fight till Victory


Tennis, the best you can get!


Play like a Champion today


Tennis, this is it!


Tennis for you!


Trust Tennis


We do Tennis right


See you at Tennis


It’s Tennis time


I’m lovin’ Tennis


Drugs? No thanks, I’m a Tennis Player


Smash it


It’s all about Tennis


Life is Boring without Tennis


No Tennis, No fun


Do the Tennis


Tennis Moments


Tennis, your way!


Truly Tennis


Tennis – Your game


The Tennis effect


Tennis Slogans For Boys’ t-shirts


Blessed to be obsessed about Tennis


I Play tennis to burn off the crazy


Keep calm & Play Tennis


I’m the Guy, Your Coach warned you about


It starts with Love


This is my Tennis Shirt


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Tennis is life


Never trust a Tennis Player, Love means nothing to them


Coffee the Tennis


I just want to play Tennis and Chill


Play Tennis Like a Boss

Tennis Slogans for Girls’ t-shirts


Real Girls Love Tennis


Some girls wear pink, Real girls go Tennis


Future Tennis Star


I hate being Sexy buy I’m a Tennis Girl so I can’t help it


Life is better on the court


Crawl, Walk, Tennis


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Anyone can coach Boys, A real man Coached Girls


I only like Boys who Play Tennis


I know I Play like a Girl, Try to Keep Up


Born to play Tennis with my Daddy


Love is Nothing in Tennis


Girls Run the World


The force is female

Motivational Tennis Phrases & Captions


I will not be stopped


Challenge Yourself


You are your only limit


Don’t stop when you’re tired, Stop when you’re done


Try harder than Yesterday


It never gets easier, you just get better


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Pain is temporary, Greatness is forever


The body achieves what the mind Believes


No Pain. No Gain. Shut up & Train


A champion is someone who gets up even when he Can’t


Champions Train, Losers Complain

Funny Tennis Slogans & Phrases


Tennis takes Balls


Born to play Tennis, Forced to Work


Tennis makes me Happy. YOU. Not so much.


Don’t be a Deuce Bag


Stop staring at my fury Balls


Tennis keeps me Sane


If someone says they don’t like Tennis, Backhand Them


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Grab your balls, we’re going to play Tennis


Education is important but Tennis is Importanter


I like Tennis & Maybe Like 3 People


I always cause a Racquet


Kiss my ACE


I love it when my WIFE lets me play Tennis


Tennis is calling and I must Go


A day without Tennis Probably wouldn’t kill me, Buy Why Risk It?