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27 Creative Malaria Slogans

Below are the 27 Creative Malaria Slogans. Share them with your friends.


  • Let us control mosquito menace….

malaria slogans-Let us control mosquito menace…

  • Counting malaria out

  • Malaria: a disease without borders

malaria slogans-Malaria a disease without borders

  • Make malaria Buzz Off!

  • Malaria: it’s not just for breakfast anymore

  • Malaria protection starts from you

  • Bug off Malaria

  • Spray to kill

  • Fight with Malaria

malaria slogans-Fight with Malaria

  • Beware of the bite

  • Invest in the future: defeat malaria

  • Sustain Gains, Save Lives: Invest in Malaria

  • Achieving Progress and Impact

  • National Malaria control program starts with our home

  • Malaria Sucks

  • Stand up for a Malaria free world

  • Come together to spread awareness against Malaria

  • Spread the word, spread the net

  • Conquer Malaria, Get a bed net

  • Let us not have even one case of malaria

  • No more Malaria

  • Say no to Malaria, Say it to all

  • Refuse to loose

  • Fight today, live tomorrow

  • Live & let live

  • Malaria is not a game

  • Keep calm and say no to Malaria