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101 Creative Malaria Slogans & World Malaria Day Slogans



Are you a doctor or social worker looking for the best collection of Malaria Slogans? Here we have gathered the best slogans on Malaria that can be used as International World Malaria Day Slogans.


World Malaria Day Slogans

  • Beware of the bite
  • Invest in the future: defeat malaria
  • Sustain Gains, Save Lives: Invest in Malaria
  • Stop Mosquitoes, Stop Dengue, Stop Malaria
  • Net Profit
  • Join the fight against Malaria
  • Fight against Malaria
  • Malaria Sucks
  • Keep calm & eradicate Malaria ON
  • Malaria knocks you flat
  • Prevention is better than cure
  • Achieving Progress and Impact


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Unique Malaria Slogans

  • Take Malaria Down
  • Defeat Malaria
  • Make malaria Buzz Off!
  • Malaria: it’s not just for breakfast anymore
  • Malaria protection starts from you
  • Spray to kill
  • Fight with Malaria
  • Malaria: A disease without borders


malaria slogans-Malaria a disease without borders



Malaria Walk Slogans

  • Don’t give them the chance – Mosquitoes Mean Malaria!
  • Bugg off Malaria
  • Have a bite to eat, Stop a bite that kills
  • Don’t be a dummy, Avoid Malaria!
  • Where no mosquitoes, there no Malaria
  • Be a survivor in the war against Malaria
  • Don’t guess, first test
  • Fighting Malaria, Saving Lives
  • Patch that net hole today, It may save you from Malaria tonight
  • If they breed, you will bleed.
  • Stop Malaria. Act Now!


malaria slogans-Fight with Malaria


Malaria Campaign Slogans

  • Fund the fund for Malaria
  • No more Malaria
  • A walk to end malaria
  • Let us not have even one case of malaria
  • Mosquitoes suck
  • Together we can stop Malaria
  • Ending Malaria One step at a time



Anti Malaria Slogans

  • Every Net Count
  • Got Malaria?
  • Goodbye Malaria
  • Live & let live
  • Imagine no Malaria. Our faith in action.
  • Say no to mosquitoes, Say no to malaria
  • Spread the word, spread the net
  • Refuse to loose
  • I love eradicating Malaria
  • Let us control mosquito menace….

Malaria Prevention Slogans

  • Stand up for a Malaria-free world
  • Walk against Malaria
  • Malaria is a buzz-kill
  • Keep world Malaria Free
  • Stop Malaria Now!
  • Mosquito Nets Save Lives!
  • Fight today, live tomorrow
  • Counting malaria out
  • Lace up for Malaria
  • End Malaria for good
  • Taking steps to prevent Malaria


Malaria Slogans Medicine

  • Come together to spread awareness against Malaria
  • One Walk for a World Without Malaria
  • Global Malaria Walk, walking with friends
  • Conquer Malaria, Get a bed net
  • Malaria is not a game
  • Let’s Beat Malaria
  • Malaria – No more
  • Keep calm and say no to Malaria
  • Step out – Walk to stop Malaria
  • Say no to Malaria, Say it to all


Slogans On Dengue And Malaria

  • Fight the Bite, Beat Dengue Right!
  • Mosquitoes Out, Dengue Out!
  • Dengue-Free Begins with Me!
  • Don’t Let Dengue Bug You, Be Proactive!
  • Stop Mosquitoes, Stop Dengue!
  • A Clean Yard, A Dengue-Free Guard.
  • Dengue is Dangerous, Protection is Advantageous.
  • Awareness Today, Dengue-Free Tomorrow.
  • Zero Dengue Starts with You and Me.
  • Stay Dengue-Free, Live Healthy and Carefree.



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