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101 Helpful Anti Dengue Slogans & Dengue Awareness Slogans



You might be a doctor or a social worker and looking for some trending and attractive dengue awareness to grab the attention of people towards the dengue. Dengue spreads widely around the world and it is very important to educate people about it. This article contains some of the best slogans about dengue that can be used to spread awareness about dengue.


Anti Dengue Slogans

  • Dengue-Free Begins with Me!
  • Help the affected.
  • Keep Dengue at Bay, Every Single Day.
  • Fight the Bite, Beat Dengue Right!
  • Keep calm and destroy their generation.
  • Dengue awareness is everyone’s responsibility!
  • Dengue Awareness: The Key to Safety.
  • Stop the deadly Dengue
  • Report Dengue fever
  • Fight the bite, prevent dengue!


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Key Takeaways

  1. Together We Stand, Against Dengue We Fight!
  2. Dengue kills
  3. Keep surroundings clean, and beat dengue!
  4. Destroy their breed.
  5. Stay Dengue-Free, Live Healthy and Carefree.
  6. Stop mosquitoes, Stop Dengue
  7. Stay away from areas that could hold dirty water.


Dengue Awareness Slogans

  • Dengue Stops Here, Protect Your Sphere.
  • No Water, No Dengue Breeding.
  • Dengue: Don’t Let It Strike Twice!
  • Mosquitoes Out, Dengue Out!
  • No mosquitoes, No Dengue
  • Kill their breed before they kill your breed.
  • Stagnant water breeds death
  • Small Steps, Big Impact: Dengue Prevention.
  • Defend against Dengue
  • Avoid the mosquitoes to avoid Dengue


Slogans On Dengue Control

  • Don’t let dengue bite, take preventive steps!
  • If mosquitoes breed then you will bleed.
  • Awareness Today, Dengue-Free Tomorrow.
  • Kill mosquitoes before they kill you.
  • Stop Mosquitoes, Stop Dengue!
  • Fight the mosquitoes.
  • Fight the mosquito’s bite
  • Goodbye, Dengue!
  • Break the Dengue Chain, End the Pain.
  • Kill the mosquitoes before they kill you.


Slogans On Dengue Prevention

  • Dengue is dangerous
  • Let’s create a dengue-free future
  • Cover, Clean, and Prevent Dengue Defense!
  • Prevent Dengue, Save Lives.
  • keep your surrounding mosquitoes free.
  • Zero Dengue Starts with You and Me.
  • Don’t Let Dengue Bug You, Be Proactive!
  • A Clean Yard, A Dengue-Free Guard.
  • Let’s defeat the deadly Dengue



What is the slogan for dengue awareness in Bengali?

The slogan for dengue awareness 2024 in Bengali is “Rakhib Charab Chakta, Karibo Dengue Pratikar”.

This slogan is selected by Bengali doctors for campaigns in Bengal and is used by the locals.


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