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70 Great HIV AIDS Slogans and Sayings

World AIDS day is observed on 1st December every year. Purpose of this day is to unite people in the fights against HIV AIDS, to support the people living with AIDS and to commemorate those who have died because of AIDS. This day was founded in 1988 and was the first ever global health day.

Various campaigns are run all around the world on this day to achieve its goals. In order to make these campaigns more effective, HIV AIDS slogans and Inspirational Quotes on HIV AIDS Awareness can be used. Slogans, if they are catchy, can catch the attention of people very easily and people can remember them easily for a long time. These slogans can be utilized to educate people to take necessary measures to be safe from this disease, to support and motivate people who are suffering from this disease and to commemorate those who died because of HIV aids.

In this post, we have gathered a list of 50+ HIV AIDS slogans & sayings. You can use these slogans in any type of campaign and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

HIV AIDS Slogans


Be an AID not an AIDS patient


The Risk is not Knowing


Un-informed, Un-caring, Un-safe, Un-alive!


I am fighting in the War against AIDS!


Enjoy life, take control, stop HIV/AIDS


Open your eyes before AIDS closes it


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Get the fact.Get tested. Get involved.


End the Dread…Stop the Spread


Condom is in your Pocket, HIV is out there


Stop AIDS, keep the promise!


Avoid the Scare…Be Aware


AIDS is like cheap luggage…It stays with you forever!


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Sex is fun…Don’t let it Kill You!


What are you doing in the War against AIDs?


Use your voice for a beautiful world without AIDS


AIDS: Prevention is the only cure


Be beautiful! Be smart! Be stylish! But, protect yourself from HIV!


Use helmet while driving in an unknown road


Be Aware! Be Prepared! HIV is passing, but don’t be scared!


Each time you sleep with someone, you also sleep with his past.


Sorry, I don’t want to HIV you


Don’t enter me, stay HIV free


Don’t Care? You should!


Let HIV be your worst enemy! Fight HIV/AIDS


AIDS brings pain! Girls, please abstain! Ladies, be wise! Make them guys condomize!


I care . . . Do you?


Live and let live


Don’t lose your life, stay away from HIV

Not the High Five (HIV) you want to receive!


AIDS, the gift that keeps on giving


Love you to Death!


One’s safe, all safe


Open your eyes before AIDS closes them….


If she wants to get paid… then she most likely has AIDS


I didn’t think I’d EVER catch AIDS…I didn’t think!


AIDS: it’s finally funny!


I’m not just sure, I’m HIV positive


Check before you do


No drugs, no needles


Death n Aids–made 4 each other


Kill AIDs & save world


Cure AIDs – Cure people


Say no to AIDs


Alter Idea of Doing Sex




Better safe than Sorry


The more u know the less u need


Be aware, be safe


Only protection to aids is awareness


Get Back Your ‘Ooo’ With Aids




Better to protect, rather than regret


It’s fast, it’s furious, it’s AIDS


Only aid is available for AIDs


Sympathy for AIDS, and no hatred


Spread smiles not AIDS


Unsafe sex is a reason for AIDs


Protect yourself while entering into the viral world


AIDs is death, cover you head when you enter


HIV/AIDs has no boundaries


Keep Calm & Avoid HIV!


You have only one chance


Love your life, Protect others

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