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600 Great HIV AIDS Slogans and HIV AIDS Slogans Sayings



World AIDS day is observed on 1st December every year. Purpose of this day is to unite people in the fights against HIV AIDS, to support the people living with AIDS and to commemorate those who have died because of AIDS. This day was founded in 1988 and was the first ever global health day.

In this post, we have gathered a list of Catchy HIV AIDS slogans & sayings. You can use these slogans in any type of campaign and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.



Catchy HIV AIDS Slogans

  • Say no to AIDs
  • Live and let live
  • Be aware, be safe
  • Love you to Death!
  • Check before you do
  • One’s safe, all safe
  • I care . . . Do you?
  • No drugs, no needles
  • Spread smiles not AIDS
  • Better safe than Sorry
  • Keep Calm & Avoid HIV!
  • Kill AIDs & save world
  • Alter Idea of Doing Sex
  • Cure AIDs – Cure people
  • The Risk is not Knowing
  • Don’t Care? You should!
  • You have only one chance
  • AIDS: it’s finally funny!
  • Avoid the Scare…Be Aware
  • HIV/AIDs has no boundaries
  • Stop AIDS, keep the promise!
  • Be an AID not an AIDS patient
  • Get Back Your ‘Ooo’ With Aids
  • Love your life, Protect others
  • Only aid is available for AIDs
  • Sorry, I don’t want to HIV you
  • End the Dread…Stop the Spread
  • Don’t enter me, stay HIV free
  • The more u know the less u need
  • Death n Aids–made 4 each other
  • Unsafe sex is a reason for AIDs
  • Sympathy for AIDS, and no hatred
  • AIDS: Prevention is the only cure
  • Sex is fun…Don’t let it Kill You!
  • AIDS, the gift that keeps on giving
  • Only protection to aids is awareness
  • It’s fast, it’s furious, it’s AIDS
  • Open your eyes before AIDS closes it
  • Better to protect, rather than regret
  • I am fighting in the War against AIDS!
  • Get the fact.Get tested. Get involved.
  • Enjoy life, take control, stop HIV/AIDS
  • I’m not just sure, I’m HIV positive
  • Don’t lose your life, stay away from HIV
  • Un-informed, Un-caring, Un-safe, Un-alive!
  • Condom is in your Pocket, HIV is out there
  • Open your eyes before AIDS closes them….
  • What are you doing in the War against AIDs?
  • Let HIV be your worst enemy! Fight HIV/AIDS
  • Use helmet while driving in an unknown road
  • Not the High Five (HIV) you want to receive!
  • AIDs is death, cover you head when you enter
  • Use your voice for a beautiful world without AIDS
  • Protect yourself while entering into the viral world
  • I didn’t think I’d EVER catch AIDS…I didn’t think!
  • AIDS is like cheap luggage…It stays with you forever!
  • If she wants to get paid… then she most likely has AIDS
  • Be Aware! Be Prepared! HIV is passing, but don’t be scared!
  • Each time you sleep with someone, you also sleep with his past.
  • Be beautiful! Be smart! Be stylish! But, protect yourself from HIV!





HIV and AIDS Awareness Campaign Slogans

  • Let’s take a pledge to have safe sex.
  • Be updated, diseased should not be hated.
  • Do hate disease but have love for diseased.
  • Control your reflex and avoid unprotected sex.
  • Gather all information, AIDS can catch anyone.
  • Ignorance is not bliss; spread the word please.
  • You must open your eyes before AIDS closes them.
  • Reject that undue sensation and avoid medication.
  • Always use protection to satisfy your infatuation.
  • AIDS cannot be cured but yes, it can be prevented.
  • Better to control your reflex than to live in regret.
  • Keep the AIDS away and sympathize with diseased anyway.
  • Be friendly very much as they need your emotional touch.
  • AIDS does not spread by handshake, hug or sharing meals.
  • Make your doctor commit to never reuse injecting equipments.
  • Say no to sudden infatuation; to avoid medical complication.
  • If you want to live longer, say no to unprotected encounter.
  • Few minutes of satisfaction is not worth a lifetime of medication.
  • AIDS does not spread by virus but by ignorance and lack of awareness.
  • AIDS does not spread by virus but by ignorance and lack of awareness.
  • Men, women, children or adults; all must be know that how it spreads.
  • Avoid unsafe sex and get married; else you might end up in a mortuary.
  • Prevention is better than cure, but what about AIDS which has no cure.
  • Be caring to the diseased; AIDS doesn’t spread through physical touch.
  • Play it safe with a single partner or die with two. The choice is yours!
  • The disease has no cure; you can live few more years but can never be sure.
  • Don’t let the children suffer for the mistakes of their elders. Help them!
  • AIDS is not a disease but a condition; which leads to a damaged immune system.
  • Unsafe medical practices can also transmit AIDS; choose your doctor carefully!
  • If you have ever crossed the line; get a checkup to know if everything is fine.
  • Our lack of knowledge is a key to its success; don’t hesitate to speak on AIDS.
  • Think how to prevent and control the disease; don’t forget to help the diseased.
  • Many people don’t even realize the threat; you just have to make them conscious.
  • Telling people about how HIV spreads will definitely save lives and make you proud.
  • A child with HIV positive parents can still be HIV negative; under correct medication.
  • Just few minutes of pleasure can bring a lifelong curse on your family! Think about it!
  • A single partner is like a quick shot of whisky; moving onto another makes the life risky.
  • The disease can travel from husband to wife; leaving the children alone and scared for life.
  • AIDS doesn’t spread from physical touch but from unsafe sex; former is safe but latter is complex.
  • AIDS doesn’t spread from physical touch but from unsafe sex; former is safe but latter is complex.
  • The HIV virus needs an entry point to get inside your body; you just have to safeguard those entrances.
  • Give the AIDS patients a hand shake and a warm hug; they are the ones who need it more than anyone else.



Best HIV AIDs Sayings for Awareness

  • Say NO to AIDS
  • Ignorance is not a bliss
  • Stop AIDS, Start living!
  • Avoid the scare…be aware
  • Get tested, know your status!
  • Be safe, be sure, be AIDS-free!
  • End the Dread…Stop the Spread
  • AIDS: Prevention is the only cure
  • AIDS, the gift that keeps on giving
  • AIDS can’t be cured with BAND AIDS
  • Let’s find a way to take AIDS away
  • Open your eyes before AIDS closes them
  • Until we are all safe, no one is safe.
  • Be a hero and protect yourself against AIDS!
  • The best protection against AIDS is prevention.
  • Stay in the know – stay safe and get tested for AIDS.
  • AIDS is not a death sentence, it’s a call to action!
  • AIDS is a virus not a person, so don’t blame anyone!
  • From love comes life, but don’t let AIDS take it away.
  • AIDS is a killer disease, destroys human in all the fields
  • Don’t let AIDS ruin your life- be proactive and stay safe!
  • AIDS is not for the meek, protect yourself or face defeat!
  • AIDS awareness: it’s not just a month, it’s a lifetime.
  • Don’t be a statistic – protect yourself from AIDS and HIV.
  • Be smart- protect your heart, mind, body and soul from AIDS.
  • AIDS is not a shame, it’s just a disease that needs a name.
  • Use protection, it’s not just for you, it’s for everyone.
  • Say no to AIDS- but say yes to knowing the facts and using condoms!
  • Protect yourself and protect others! Use condoms when you have sex.
  • AIDS is not a joke, it’s a serious disease that can take your life.
  • Make AIDS a thing of the past- act smart, use condoms and get tested.
  • AIDS – It’s not just about “Them” or “Those” but about all of “Us”.
  • Don’t let AIDS be the end of your story- be proactive and take control!
  • Love your life, protect your health, use condoms every time you have sex.
  • Prevention is the key, AIDS is the lock but the decision is in your hands.
  • You don’t have to live in fear- take control and protect yourself from AIDS.
  • AIDS affects everyone, no matter who you are. Play it safe, and you’ll go far.
  • Don’t let AIDS be the end of your life- act now and live your life to the fullest!
  • AIDS doesn’t wait for anyone- get tested and use condoms to protect yourself now.
  • AIDS doesn’t just affect one, it affects all. Protect everyone by knowing the facts!
  • Today’s decision will determine tomorrow’s outcome- make the right decision to stay safe from AIDS.


HIV Poster Slogans

  • Spread joy, not HIV
  • Stigma-free, HIV-free
  • We can beat HIV together
  • Stay negative, stay happy
  • Wear a condom, prevent HIV
  • Be an HIV hero, get tested
  • Stand up, speak out, end HIV
  • Building a world without HIV
  • We don’t fear HIV, we fight it
  • Supporting those living with HIV
  • Ending HIV starts with awareness
  • Get informed, stay safe from HIV
  • Staying informed, staying healthy
  • Together, we can make HIV history.
  • Empathy for people living with HIV
  • Together, we can make AIDS history
  • Your HIV status doesn’t define you
  • It’s time to end the silence on HIV
  • HIV doesn’t discriminate, but we do
  • Living positively, thriving with HIV
  • No one should suffer from HIV stigma
  • Knowledge is power in preventing HIV
  • Living with HIV, living with dignity
  • Together we can end the HIV epidemic
  • Ending the epidemic through education
  • Joining hands to end the HIV epidemic
  • Ending HIV means ending the ignorance
  • Stay informed, stay safe, stay healthy
  • Your life is worth protecting from HIV
  • We are stronger together, fighting HIV
  • No more HIV/AIDS, let’s end it together
  • HIV/AIDS: it’s not over until it’s over
  • Ending the HIV epidemic is in our hands
  • The importance of getting tested for HIV
  • Together against HIV, for a better future
  • Prevention is key in the fight against HIV
  • HIV prevention is everyone’s responsibility
  • We’re all in this fight against HIV together
  • The importance of safe sex in preventing HIV
  • HIV education and prevention go hand in hand
  • You can’t tell who has HIV by looking at them
  • We can’t let stigma stop the fight against HIV
  • Everyone deserves love, regardless of HIV status
  • Support, care, and love for those living with HIV
  • Choosing safety, choosing life with HIV prevention
  • HIV doesn’t discriminate, but we can fight it together
  • Reducing the spread of HIV, one conversation at a time
  • We can create a brighter future with HIV education and prevention



AIDS Poster Slogans

  • Love conquers HIV
  • Spread love, not HIV
  • Kick HIV to the curb
  • Take action, stop HIV
  • HIV doesn’t define me
  • The virus ends with us
  • Let’s end HIV together
  • Choose love, not stigma
  • Love is greater than HIV
  • HIV-free is the way to be
  • Living positively with HIV
  • Unite against HIV and AIDS
  • HIV is not a death sentence
  • Breaking the silence on HIV
  • HIV doesn’t have to be scary
  • Empower yourself, get tested
  • Don’t let HIV take the reins
  • Get tested, protect yourself
  • HIV doesn’t crush our spirit
  • HIV positive, stigma negative
  • Stay HIV-free, live worry-free
  • Taking charge of my HIV status
  • Raising awareness, fighting HIV
  • Positive mindset, positive life
  • No more deaths from HIV and AIDS
  • Know your status, stay protected
  • Don’t be afraid, get tested today
  • Ending the stigma, embracing life
  • Stop the spread, speak out on HIV
  • Break the cycle, end the epidemic
  • HIV: staying negative is positive
  • Life isn’t over with HIV, fight on
  • Together, let’s beat HIV to a pulp
  • No shame in getting tested for HIV
  • AIDS ain’t over, but we can end it
  • Living with HIV, living a full life
  • Join the fight against HIV and AIDS
  • We can eliminate HIV in our lifetime
  • Advance towards an HIV-free generation
  • Together we can stop HIV in its tracks
  • Start the conversation, end the epidemic
  • Together we can fight, survive and thrive
  • Protect yourself and your partner from HIV
  • HIV testing is quick, easy, and life-saving
  • Don’t let HIV get in the way of your dreams
  • HIV doesn’t stand a chance against awareness
  • Silence equals death for HIV-positive people
  • Testing positive is not the end of the world
  • HIV doesn’t discriminate, neither should you
  • Ending the HIV epidemic, one person at a time
  • Prevention is the best protection against HIV
  • Testing for HIV is taking control of your life



Various campaigns are run all around the world on this day to achieve its goals. In order to make these campaigns more effective, HIV AIDS slogans and Inspirational Quotes on HIV AIDS Awareness can be used. Slogans, if they are catchy, can catch the attention of people very easily and people can remember them easily for a long time. These slogans can be utilized to educate people to take necessary measures to be safe from this disease, to support and motivate people who are suffering from this disease and to commemorate those who died because of HIV aids.



Frequently Asked Questions about HIV AIDS Slogans


What is a slogan for AIDS?

  1. Open your eyes before AIDS closes them
  2. Give a child love, laughter and peace, not AIDS
  3. The Laids Aren’t Worth AIDS
  4. AIDS itself is subject to incredible stigma
  5. Never, never, never give up


What is a famous quote about HIV AIDS?

I did this role in Life Goes On as an HIV-positive character and so emotionally that was the most challenging. – Chad Lowe

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What is the slogan for ending HIV?

  1. Hate the disease, but not the diseased!
  2. Once you choose hope, anything’s possible
  3. AIDS: Avoid the Scare…Be Aware
  4. Education is the movement from darkness to light
  5. AIDS brings pain! Girls, please abstain!
  6. My son has died of AIDS
  7. Cover Your Lover
  8. The Best Packages Stay Wrapped
  9. End the Dread…Stop the Spread
  10. AIDS an equal opportunity disease


What is the slogan for HIV get tested?

  1. Condoms are cheaper than aids
  2. Condom is in your Pocket, HIV is out there
  3. The AIDS is a disease that is hard to talk about
  4. Help to eradicate aids, so lives can be saved
  5. If you judge people you have no time to love them
  6. Help Us Find A Way to End the Decay
  7. Is 20 Minutes of Unprotected Thrills Worth A Life Time of Pills?
  8. Aids Can’t Be Cured with Band-Aids
  9. Red is HIV – AIDS Color to spread awareness
  10. Pleasure for A Moment; Pain for A Lifetime



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