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28 Catchy Flu Slogans



Below are the 28 Catchy Flu Slogans. Share them with your friends.


Don’t let the Flu sneak up on you

flu slogans-Don’t let the Flu sneak up on you

Who needs a Flu vaccine?

Get the fact not the flu

flu slogans-Get the fact not the flu

Flu season ahead

When coughing or sneezing, use a tissue to cover your nose and mouth

Wear a surgical mask if possible

The Flu ends with U

flu slogans-The Flu ends with U

Keep calm and get your Flu shot

Protect yourself, protect your loved once

Beat the Flu bug. Get your shot!

Hold the HUG. Do the BUMP!

Stop the Bug, stop the Flu

Don’t let Flu BUG steal your personal days

Don’t give bacteria a free ride

Be a flu fighter

Wash your hands

Man Flu is real

Keep your germs away from me

I Got My Flu Shot, Did You?

A little pain now, a lot of happiness later

Cover your sneeze, with your hands

Power to stop the Flu begins with you

Flu is not a game!

Flu Free

Man Flu survivor!

Fight Flu

Kick Flu before it Kicks you

I hate Flu


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