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Diseases Slogans

28 Catchy Flu Slogans

Below are the 28 Catchy Flu Slogans. Share them with your friends.


  • Don’t let the Flu sneak up on you

flu slogans-Don’t let the Flu sneak up on you

  • Who needs a Flu vaccine?

  • Get the fact not the flu

flu slogans-Get the fact not the flu

  • Flu season ahead

  • When coughing or sneezing, use a tissue to cover your nose and mouth

  • Wear a surgical mask if possible

  • The Flu ends with U

flu slogans-The Flu ends with U

  • Keep calm and get your Flu shot

  • Protect yourself, protect your loved once

  • Beat the Flu bug. Get your shot!

  • Hold the HUG. Do the BUMP!

  • Stop the Bug, stop the Flu

  • Don’t let Flu BUG steal your personal days

  • Don’t give bacteria a free ride

  • Be a flu fighter

  • Wash your hands

  •  Man Flu is real

  • Keep your germs away from me

  • I Got My Flu Shot, Did You?

  • A little pain now, a lot of happiness later

  • Cover your sneeze, with your hands

  • Power to stop the Flu begins with you

  • Flu is not a game!

  • Flu Free

  • Man Flu survivor!

  • Fight Flu

  • Kick Flu before it Kicks you

  • I hate Flu