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30 Cool Depression Slogans

Below are the 30 Cool Depression Slogans. Share them with your friends.


  • I am not living, I am surviving

depression slogans-I am not living, I am surviving

  • Hug me, I am stress free

  • Depression fear from my smile

depression slogans-Depression fear from my smile

  • And then suddenly I became sad for no reason at all

  • I feel lost inside of myself

depression slogans-I feel lost inside of myself

  • Why does everything always feel worse at night?

  • Men Can’t Help Acting On Depression

  • It’s OKAY not to be OKAY so let’s TALK

depression slogans-It’s OKAY not to be OKAY so let’s TALK

  • Hope, Faith & Strength Cure Depression

  • Shit happens, Just flush it and move on

  • I want to be happy but something inside me screams that I do not deserve it

  • Saying I’m tired when you’re actually sad

  • Dear stress let’s break up

depression slogans-Dear stress let’s break up

  • I suffer from depression, what’s your problem?

  • Stand up for Awareness

  • You can do anything

  • Depression is such a cruel punishment

  • If you feel like life is SINKING try positive THINKING

  • Every day may not be good but there is something good in Every day

  • Keep calm and carry on

  • There’s a light at the end of every tunnel

  • I want you to live happily

  • Don’t think about problems, think about solutions

  • Worrying is just a waste of time

  • Even the darkest night will END and the sun will RISE

  • Don’t take tension, take action

  • Fight your fears

  • Look into the eyes of fear, it will run away

  • Think how blessed you are

  • Worrying is bullshit