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Health Slogans

20 Funny Health Slogans

Below are the 20 Funny Health Slogans. Share them with your friends.


  • Your mouth is a key of your health

  • An onion a day keeps everyone away

Funny Health Slogans-3

  • Smoke because life is too long

Funny Health Slogans-2

  • Weight, I’m gainin’ it

  • Fat free is the way to be

Funny Health Slogans-1

  • Drugs, because life is supposed to suck

  • Eat smart, Don’t fart

Funny Health Slogans-4

  • Diets are for people who are thick and tired of it

  • Got health class?

  • Health, It’s what you want

  • Drugs, the way to go, if you don’t plan on going anywhere

  • Drugs every bum wants it

  • Drugs, everybody who is nobody does it

  • Death smokes 2 packs a day

  • Good Health is True Wealth

  • Be Smart, don’t Start

  • Eat right or Go home

  • Eat best, forget the rest

  • What’s bugging you?

  • It is your health so you can decide