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27 Best Tuberculosis Slogans



Below are the 27 Best Tuberculosis Slogans. Share them with your friends.


I want no more people sick with TB

tuberculosis slogan-I want no more people sick with TB

Every breath counts – Stop TB now!

Stop TB in my lifetime

tuberculosis slogan-Stop TB in my lifetime

Cured me – it will cure you too!

Stop TB, fight poverty

TB cure for all

Forging new partnerships to Stop TB

Stop TB, use DOTS

DOTS success stories

Use DOTS more widely

Call for a world free of TB

tuberculosis slogan-Call for a world free of TB

Transforming the fight towards elimination

Innovate to accelerate action

I am stopping TB

tuberculosis slogan-I am stopping TB

TB anywhere is TB everywhere

Worlds TB day 24 March

You can stop Tuberculosis, Join us

Hit the road and kick the TB!

Stop TB in our Lifetime

Fight before it starts… Test for TB

Keep calm & say no to TB

Imagine a world without TB

Say no to TB, say it to all

Join hands against TB

TB can kill you

Punch TB hard

Kick it before it kicks you


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