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27 Best Tuberculosis Slogans

Below are the 27 Best Tuberculosis Slogans. Share them with your friends.


  • I want no more people sick with TB

tuberculosis slogan-I want no more people sick with TB

  • Every breath counts – Stop TB now!

  • Stop TB in my lifetime

tuberculosis slogan-Stop TB in my lifetime

  • Cured me – it will cure you too!

  • Stop TB, fight poverty

  • TB cure for all

  • Forging new partnerships to Stop TB

  • Stop TB, use DOTS

  • DOTS success stories

  • Use DOTS more widely

  • Call for a world free of TB

tuberculosis slogan-Call for a world free of TB

  • Transforming the fight towards elimination

  • Innovate to accelerate action

  • I am stopping TB

tuberculosis slogan-I am stopping TB

  • TB anywhere is TB everywhere

  • Worlds TB day 24 March

  • You can stop Tuberculosis, Join us

  • Hit the road and kick the TB!

  • Stop TB in our Lifetime

  • Fight before it starts… Test for TB

  • Keep calm & say no to TB

  • Imagine a world without TB

  • Say no to TB, say it to all

  • Join hands against TB

  • TB can kill you

  • Punch TB hard

  • Kick it before it kicks you