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47 Catchy Anti-Junk Food Slogans

Below are the 47 Catchy Anti-Junk Food Slogans. Share them with your friends.


Junk the Junk Food

Anti-Junk Food Slogans-1

Have fast food, have fast diseases

Anti-Junk Food Slogans-2

Your fast food can be your last food

Anti-Junk Food Slogans-3

Fast food = Fast death

Eat healthy, pay taxes, live forever: America!

Anti-Junk Food Slogans-4

Why do they call Junk Food “Junk” Food? Think

Avoid Junk, Accept Health

No Junk, Know Health!

Don’t be a punk, dude. Say “No” to junk food

Anti-Junk Food Slogans-5

Don’t buy into junk food hype. Eat fruits and veggies that are fresh and ripe

JUNK FOOD – You gotta die of something!

Junk belongs to the trash

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East or west, home food is the best

Eat light, be light

Junk food can shift you to junk store

Use no machines in food

Fresh, local, seasonal food is the best

You’re not treating your body, you’re mistreating your body

Eat junk and make your life junk

Junk food = Clumsiness, Weight gain & Diabetes

Eating junk food is equal to hook up with mature woman

Junk food will help your journey fast

Do not make your stomach a junk yard for scrap

Junk food decays your body, leaving you flabby and nasty

Eat well, sleep well!

Taste the junk of the funk

Keep calm & ignore junk food

Get fat eaten’ like a rat

Cut the crap that keeps you in the trap!

The more you eat junk, the bigger your trunk

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I would rather write slogans for eating junk food

Only losers eat junk food

Do you know what you’re putting in your mouth?

You are what you eat!

Trust but verify purity

Pleasure on the lips, lifetime on the hips

Only punks eat junk

Junk food – what more could you want?

Fast-food Junkies end up with junk inside

Junk food’s no good for your body or mood

Junk food has never been good for your mood

Keep calm & avoid junk food

Say no to junk food

Don’t use your stomach as a trash can!

Junk food + Gym = No results

Don’t even think of junk food

I want you to stay away from junk food

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