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Environment Slogans

100 Catchy Save Environment Slogans & Sayings

In our slogans on pollution post, we presented slogans that can be used to raise voice against pollution. In this post, we are sharing with you a list of 100+ save environment slogans & sayings.

For a healthy life, our environment should be clean & green. But human activities are polluting it and if these activities are not stopped, human survival would become very difficult. We need to educate people to keep the environment clean and also to pressurize governments to take action against activities that are polluting our environment.

These slogans on save environment can be used to spread the message more quickly and effectively as they catch people’s attention and can stick to their mind for a long period of time. Feel free to use these slogans & phrases in any type of campaign and don’t forget to share them with your friends.


Save Environment Slogans


Better environment, better tomorrow


Love your environment, be proud of it!


Save water, save life & save the world


Go green & save green


Love where you live


Love the world you’re ON


Save your globe, save yourself


Nature is our treasure, help save it


Lend a hand to save the land


Keep calm & save the environment


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Reuse the Past, Recycle the Present, Save the Future


Reuse & recycle, save our planet, think green


Save the Environment, Go ECO


Keep Smiling and Save the Environment


It is My duty to save environment’s beauty


Buy Green and Save Green


Care for the nature. Save the future


Save the environment or ruin our future


Love your environment, take care of it


Think for the Planet!


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Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea Level


Don’t Be Mean, Be Green!!!


Save earth, save yourself


Save earth, save life


Run to help save Environment


Plant a tree = Plant a life


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Jhonny Jhonny yes papa, burning tires no papa


Live local, think global, stay hopeful


Go Green, There is No other planet for living


Water is life! Save water, save life!!


Love your wife & save water


Save wildlife and wildlife will save you


Save wildlife – Save future


Live long and save wildlife


Say no to plastic bags


Save wildlife and go to heaven


Be awesome and save nature


Save wildlife for your better tomorrow


Save water! Save life!


Join us to save wildlife


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Keep calm & save water


Save yourself! Save water!


Save forests and move forward


Save forests and stay healthy


Save forests for your kids


My mom says, save forests


Save water for next generations


Save water for your children


Save water today, use water tomorrow


Save water and tell others to do so


Every religion teaches to save water


Save water for your bright future


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Save water and save the earth


Save water, drink beer


Save water, it will save you later!


Let’s save nature


Save nature and nature will save your life and future


Plant trees, save nature, save the world


Save tree – Save life


Join hands to save trees


Save paper – Save trees


Save trees for your life


Save trees to save ourselves


Save trees to save our planet


Save trees or Die!!!!!!!


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Lend a hand to save trees


Save trees for future generation


Think Globally – Act Locally


If global warming is lot, it makes the earth hot


Global Warming isn’t cool, but stopping it is


Change the Politics, Not the Climate


Green is the new Red


Recycling & Bicycling will save the earth


Save earth, forget the rest


Green Earth – Happy Earth


One chance, save earth


Save earth for next birth


Raise your voice to save earth


Save earth and go green


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Go green and save green


Time to think of Recycling


When you refuse to reuse,  it’s our Earth you abuse


Our future depends on Recycling


Recycle material, not ideas


Recycle, reduce, reuse … close the loop!


Preserve earth, save animals


Live long and save animals


Stand to save wildlife


Say no to animal abuse

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