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75 Diaper Slogans & Taglines of Famous Brands



Diapers industry is growing faster than ever due to the increasing diapers demand all over the world. Diaper brands are using slogans and taglines to increase their sales and profits. Using slogans, they give their potential customers a reason to buy their diapers and also tell what extra benefits they will get by using their diapers.

In this post, we are going to present 75+ diaper slogans and taglines of famous brands all around the world to give you an idea what type of messages they are trying to deliver using their slogans and taglines.


Diaper Slogans & Taglines


No baby unhugged


Gentle on skin, cute on butt


For all your incontinence needs


Necessities for healthy living


Ecological articles for children


Heavenly cloth diapers


Gear for growing families


Isn’t your sweet pez worth it?


Prevents Leakage Gives Good Sleep


Love, sleep & play


Softer on your baby. Softer on your budget.


Peaceful nights, Playful days


Cloth diapers so simple, they are truly amazing!


There’s nothing like a hug


Less mess, more fun


What happens in Huggies stays in Huggies


The next generation of cloth diapers


Designed to stop leaks


Loved by moms & babies


End of nappies, start of pants


Making it easy!


My first underwear


Help babies clean, dry & healthy


Inspired by babies. Created by Pampers.


Changing the bottom lines for families in need


Pamper the skin they’re in


Improving the quality of your care


The Pampers nappy that pulls on like pants


A cause you can get behind!


We understand


Cloth diapers, Pure & Simple


For unstoppable babies


Join the diaper revolution


Redefining disposable


Superior leakage protection


Super-comfy. Super-snug. Super-dry.


Smart bags for smart babies


No leak is a good leak


Give your baby 5 star skin protection


Change starts here!


You know you can trust them


Caring for baby, caring for you


Look Mum, no leaks


Try the diaper that changes everything


Better fit is only the beginning


Wake up dry!


Shaped for busy babies


A better diaper for a better planet


The natural spot for tiny tots


The ultimate in care


Isn’t it time you changed your nappy?


The secret weapon against leaks


Dry nights for brighter mornings


Clean baby is a happy baby


Softer on your baby. Softer on your budget


They’re all you need for everyday


Wonderfully forgettable


Good nights start with DryNites


Every Moms choice


Helps Keep In Runny Mess


Love Every Moment


The ultimate design in nappies


Your baby deserves a better tomorrow


GoodNites mean good mornings


By Nature Baby Care


Simply better


Helps Lock Wetness Away


A better diaper for a better planet


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