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27 Catchy Biscuit Slogans & Taglines



Everyone loves to eat biscuits because of their taste. Biscuits market is growing exponentially and more and more biscuits brands are coming on the scene. Now these brands have started using slogans in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to highlight certain aspects of their biscuits.

In this post, we are going to share with you a list of 27+ biscuit slogans and taglines used by famous biscuit brands all over the world. Reading these slogans will give you an idea of messages they are delivering to their potential customers.

Biscuit Slogans & Taglines


Making everyday more of a treat


Plain & simple pleasures


A real home style flavor


For a good life, have a good bite…


Biscuit Slogans


The right bite


A crowning success


Energy biscuits


… bakes better biscuits


Milk cookies with chocolate


A moment to yourself


Build your biscuit!


It’s what we do


The charming biscuits


Biscuit Slogans 1


Uncommonly Made, Uncommonly Good


There is no substitute for quality


Unbelievably delicious


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For serious hands


I can stop when I want


Where loyalty equals rewards


They love what’s inside even more


Biscuit Slogans 2


Eat healthy, think better


Some kind of wonderful


The jilted cookie


The original


The legend leads…


Now that’s Paradise


The taste of leadership


Deliciously Continental


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