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Top 65 Funny Insurance Slogans & Taglines



In this post, you will find 65+ Funny Insurance Slogans.


Funny Insurance Slogans


I have good brakes, do u have good insurance?


Last night was great. Her name was insurance.


Floaters don’t.


I’m not perfect, just insured.


Funny Insurance Slogans


Relax. It’s just insurance.


Some coverages are longer than others.


It’s big. It’s bad. It’s insurance.


Everybody’s doing it. It’s called insurance.


Will quote for food!


Insurance is a state of mind.


Don’t stress—insurance is fun.


Funny Insurance Slogans 1


Insurance rocks!


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Agents kick apps!


Insurance geeks just want to have fun!


Is impaired property subject to ADA?


Have you hugged your insurance geek today?


Are you and your family fully covered?


Insurance agents are premium lovers!


Insurance. Can’t live with it. Can’t live without it.


Oral binding rules!


Forget my exclusions, let’s talk about your limitations!


Real agents bind orally!


Funny Insurance Slogans 2


Aren’t you dying to buy life insurance.


Binders? “Binders? We don’t need no stinking binders!”


I love it when you extend my perils!


She left with a guy named insurance. He was more fun.


Will binds for chocolate!


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Insurance isn’t that bad, is it?


Health isn’t free.


Mold me, baby!


Kiss me — I’m all risk.


Flood me, baby!


Oops–time to be more careful!


Mold me, I need the money!


Isn’t this fun?


Be immortal: Buy permanent life insurance!


Got life?


Got insurance?


You can impair my property anytime!


I live a life of layering and excess.


Obviously, we’re not paperless.


Will cross-sell for chocolate!


We insure all vehicles, even white broncos.


May I bind you?


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Underwriters need hugs, too!


Go ye, thou art bound!


Insurance is fun. No really. It is.


Will the last company to leave Florida please leave their draft authority?


Adjusters need hugs, too!


Gone with the Wind.


Saving lives one claim at a time.


Will work for markets.


Adjusters live in denial.


Take this job and love it!


Fire. Water. Earth. Insurance.


Underwriters do it with less risk.


CSRs need hugs, too!


Premium finance is better than average finance!


Health care, not wealth care.


Underwriters do it with less risk.


Love hurts. Insurance doesn’t.


How’s business? It’s risky, but we can cover it.


Bind me, baby!


Homeless—will sue for asbestos.


Let there be insurance!


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