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Apparel Slogans

52 Exclusive Clothing Brand Slogans & Taglines

In this post, you will find 52+ clothing brand slogans & taglines.


Fashion that fits my style!


Form follows you.


Love of Life.


Workwear you can trust.


Clothes for a big planet.


Our models can beat up their models.


A classic never goes out of style.


Quality never goes out of style.


Expect more from your clothes.


Smart clothing. Everyday living.


A diamond is forever.


The expression of pearls.


The ultimate clothing to see the world in.


The fabric of our lives.


A style for every story.


The luxury of dirt.


Women wear. Men stare.


Form follows you.


Choose life.


They fall up not down.


Wear your label.


Clothes that mean business.


The future is winning.


True style never dies.


Enjoy every moment.


Soul texture.


Where art and science collide.


For successful living.


Where the clothes last for 21 hours.


For tomorrow’s people.


Pay money to look homeless


Dress like you’re already famous.


Consider bringing a flashlight.


Global warming ready.


Your choice sucks, let our clothes be an be an exception.


Every kiss begins with Kay.


Fashion has to reflect who you are.


Today is the first day of the rest of your life.


I don’t do fashion, I am fashion.


Fashion is nothing without people.


Escape the ordinary.


We support freedom love of life.


Rise as One.


Be different.


What to wear.


For the art of giving.


Design with a difference.


Dress for success.


High fashion designing.


Pushing Boundaries.


Live inside our minds.


A body for everybody.

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