66 Unique Car Wash Slogans and Taglines

Car Wash Slogans

If you have a car wash and auto detailing business then you must consider having a slogan to boost your sales and profits. We have gathered a list of 66+ car wash slogan ideas, you can analyze them and then think a slogan for your own car wash service business. 

Every slogan delivers a specific message in a catchy way and you must first think what message you want to deliver to your existing and potential customers. The messages can be affordable prices, quick service, unique way of washing cars etc. You can also tell how you are different or better from your competitors. But try to keep it short, catchy and memorable. 

If you find thinking slogans a difficult task then don’t worry, we’re here to help you. We are a team of expert slogan writers and can handcraft custom slogans for you. If you are interested, you can ask us to handcraft a slogan for your car wash business.

Car Wash & Auto Detailing Slogan Ideas

Sparkles by hand

It’s time to shine

Clean inside. Clean outside.

The car wash starts here

Waterless car wash service at your doorstep

We cheer and we pray. Your car needs a spray!

If you’ve got the time… we’ve got the shine!

We power wash your car

We’ll give your car a scrub

A clean car says a lot about you

Drive with pride in a clear car

We wash better than you do

Get in… Get clean

We make cars last longer

Feel good in a clean car!

Cleaner then the cleanest

Fast. Clean. Dry.

We can help clean up your life

We make washing fun!

Let us wash you!

A great place to wash your car!

The car wash for busy people

Your hometown car wash!

We clean it like we own it!

Put it in neutral & drive out clean

The car cleaning quality you can trust

Keep your vehicle looking its best

Don’t just wash your car, super shine it!

We will give you something to cheer about!

Look good in a clear car

Get a showroom shine, every time

Your neighborhood car wash

We have faith. We have hope. But your car needs some soap!

Excellence in car care!

Fly back to a shiny car

Caring for your car and the environment

We clean your car with cheer!

Beyond clean and more than just shine!

Cars deserve better

The place to wash your car

Car wash for the cure

The carwash People

We’ll Clean

Where dirty cars come out clean

Car wash: because you’re too lazy

A dirty car is a dirty shame

Clean Cars, Good Service, Affordable Prices

People can tell… When you Autobell!

Your car. Clean inside and out

Will wash the hell out of your car

Splash. Love your car… Drive it clean

Be young again. Get your car washed

Get your brooms washed here

Our customers are fabulous

Let us vamp your vehicle

Intelligent car wash

Trick and treat your car

A great car wash

Freedom to shine

Love your car!

We will clean you out

Drive in, get wash, be happy!

A clean vehicle is a happy vehicle

The kissing clean car wash

You like it clean, we like it dirty

Your vehicle treated like gold

Quality service at your doorstep

Clean your car. Green your planet

Get in. Get out. Get clean. Go green!