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100 Unique Car Wash Slogans and Auto Detailing Slogans



Having an attractive Slogan or tagline for your car wash and auto detailing business is essential for staying in the industry with branding. Car wash slogan will help you to tell the audience what your business does in fewer & memorable words. It will also help you to distinguish your business from competitors.

Creating a catchy slogan or tagline for your car wash service business is an excellent idea for the growth of its branding factor. Today we are sharing with you a list of 67+ catchy car wash slogans that can be taken as the inspiration to get started with brainstorming ideas. These slogans are of the companies that are established and making a difference in the car wash and auto detailing industry.

Car Wash Slogans


Sparkles by hand


It’s time to shine


Clean inside. Clean outside.


The car wash starts here


Car Wash Slogans


Waterless car wash service at your doorstep


We cheer and we pray. Your car needs a spray!


If you’ve got the time… we’ve got the shine!


We power wash your car


We’ll give your car a scrub


A clean car says a lot about you


Drive with pride in a clear car


We wash better than you do


Get in… Get clean


We make cars last longer


Feel good in a clean car!


Car Wash Slogans 1


Cleaner then the cleanest


Fast. Clean. Dry.


We can help clean up your life


We make washing fun!


Let us wash you!


A great place to wash your car!


The car wash for busy people


Your hometown car wash!


We clean it like we own it!


Put it in neutral & drive out clean


The car cleaning quality you can trust


Keep your vehicle looking its best


Don’t just wash your car, super shine it!


We will give you something to cheer about!


Look good in a clear car


Get a showroom shine, every time


Your neighborhood car wash


Car Wash Slogans 2


We have faith. We have hope. But your car needs some soap!


Excellence in car care!


Fly back to a shiny car


Caring for your car and the environment


We clean your car with cheer!


Beyond clean and more than just shine!


Cars deserve better


The place to wash your car


Car wash for the cure


The carwash People


We’ll Clean


Where dirty cars come out clean


Car wash: because you’re too lazy


A dirty car is a dirty shame


Clean Cars, Good Service, Affordable Prices


People can tell… When you Autobell!


Your car. Clean inside and out


Car Wash Slogans 3


Will wash the hell out of your car


Splash. Love your car… Drive it clean


Be young again. Get your car washed


Get your brooms washed here


Our customers are fabulous


Let us vamp your vehicle


Intelligent car wash


Trick and treat your car


A great car wash


Freedom to shine


Love your car!


We will clean you out


Car Wash Slogans 4


Drive in, get wash, be happy!


A clean vehicle is a happy vehicle


The kissing clean car wash


You like it clean, we like it dirty


Your vehicle treated like gold


Quality service at your doorstep


Clean your car. Green your planet


Get in. Get out. Get clean. Go green!


Auto Detailing Slogans


We’ll Make Your Car Shine


Detail oriented like you can’t imagine


We’ll Make People Look Twice


Perfection is expected. Excellence will be tolerated


The Detailing Devils


Live your vehicle to the fullest


We Sweat The Small Stuff


We take care of the vehicle that takes care of you every day


When clean isn’t enough


Drive toward perfection in every detail


Perfection Is In The Details


We work hard so you can look good


We provide an immaculate ride


Our sweat so you look sweet


We Outperform the Competition


Details, Details and more Details


Because we know how much you love your car


Busy making sure you’re stylin


Radiating from the outside in


We’ll style it


Mobile Auto Detailing Business Slogans


We bring quality to your doorstep


We wash what you won’t


Your momma says wash once a week!


Your ride told you to call us


Detail your car from your couch


Details delivered to your driveway


Detailing at your convenience


Stay parked. Stay pretty


We get on our hands and knees


Great Detailing – Is What You Get!


Here, your car is like one of the family


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