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63 Best Animal Shelter Slogans & Taglines

In our previous post about save animal slogans, we presented slogans that can be used in save animal campaigns. In this post, we are going to share with you 63+ best animal shelter slogans being used by existing animal shelters all around the world.


Animals have feelings too and they also need a home to live. There are many animals living in streets in cold and hot conditions, this needs to be controlled. Fortunately many animal shelters are in place where stray, lost, abandoned, mostly dogs and cats, and sometimes sick or wounded are kept and rehabilitated.


These animal shelters are using catchy slogans to tell the public about their service. We have gathered a list of animal shelter slogans for you. Reading these slogans would help you to understand what type of message they are spreading using their slogans and taglines.

Animal Shelter Slogans


Giving Animals a new leash on life!


Saving Animals. Serving Community


For the love of animals


Care they need, love they deserve


Animal Shelter Slogans


Let Them Know Someone Cares


We are their voices


It’s the paws that refresh us


Spay it forward


The Haven for Homeless Pets


Giving hope and shelter to abandoned animals


Save the loving paws


It takes absolutely nothing


Help save someone’s new best friend


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When love never dies, no one is forgotten


Every Animal Deserves a Second Chance


This is the Fun Loving Warm Home They Always Dreamed About!


Dreams Do Come True!


I Will Always Love YOU!


Animal Shelter Slogans 1


Forever in OUR home and our hearts


When it gets tough


Because their lives matter


Aren’t they just adorable?


Help Us Save Man’s Best Friends


Animals do know how to enjoy life


Animal rights are as well as human rights


All lives matter


Do something for them


Animal Shelter Slogans 2


We have to start from somewhere


Cause for Paws


They have the right to life too


A Pet’s Love in Unconditional – Help Us Save More Pets


I’m convinced that petting a puppy is good luck


We have let down these beautiful creatures in so many ways


Helping those less fortunate


A Paw in Need


A Paw is What We’re Asking for!


Don’t treat your pet like an animal!


Save the paws of the world


Help us help animals


Adopt a Forever Friend today!


Animal Shelter Slogans 3


Can you spend your time on them?


The best care when you are not there


Rescue, Save, Love


Rescuing animals is meaningful


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These animals go through a lot


Paws to love an animal!


Treat animals in a right way


We create happiness by bringing pets and people together


Help keep a roof on their heads!


Where pets become family


Animal Shelter Slogans 4


Guaranteed never to laugh at you when you’re naked


How you treat them shows your personality


Speak for The Voiceless


Animal friendship to human


Animals have feelings


Animals deserve to be loved


We treat them like family


You’re there already


I have a dream that one day, the world will be better


Keep promise to lovely animals


Be the voice to these voiceless creatures


Animals do have souls


Animals are not lifeless or emotionless, they feel what we feel


Animals can sometimes feel the void in our lives


No effort to save these animals is too small


Animals do make an influence on our lives whether we like it or not


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