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65 Exclusive life Insurance Slogans and Taglines


We insure your life. Because you never know.

After you die it’s too late for life insurance!

Go ahead. Go ahead with______ (Company Name)

Let_______ Ride with You. (Company Name)

20__ may be the end. Are you insured?

Secure Your family with _______ (Company Name)

________ Insurance, You Know Us. (Company Name)

24/7 Online on Life.

You’re in good hands with _______ (Company Name)

You can trust ______ (Company Name)

Get A Life.

For life’s little dramas.

I can do this.

Taking care of what’s important.

Guarantees for the if in life.

The power to help you succeed.

Have you met life today?

Helpfulness insured.

Nonstop life insurance.

We keep our promises to you.

Be life confident.

Enriching the lives of people, we touch.

let’s talk about life insurance.

The company to remember for life.

Keep good going.

Give your child an advantage for life.

let’s start the day with life insurance.

Take away the risk and you can do anything.

New York Life. The company you keep.

Feel secure.

The ideal life insurance.

We’ve got you under our wing.

The future of life insurance.

Without it, no insurance is complete.

Aren’t you dying to buy life insurance.

Pay ONLINE for when you finally go OFFLINE.

Money is just a click away.

life insurance for everybody.

We care. You just have to be here.

We Serve You Dead are Alive.

If you died today, what would take care of your family?

Your Life is in Our hands.

The Last Coverage You’ll Ever Need.

Peace of mind.

We GO Where You Go.

It’s at times like this.

Responsibility is our Policy.

Helps people live healthy lives.

Like a Good Neighbor. State Farm is there.

Driven to be the best.

Life’s long journey is happier with someone you know.

Our rates and service are tough to beat.

Fulfill your child every dream.

Get a life and insure it as well.

Peace of mind guaranteed.

Saving lives one claim at a time.

Think Future. Think Life.

Make your change for good.

Life elevated.

We’re here to help.

It’s time to expect more.

For all the ways you care.

Almost too good to be true.

The cheap and effective insurance policy.

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