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117 Famous Newspaper Slogans & Taglines

Reading newspapers is the best way to know latest local and international news. Newspaper readers are growing at a significant pace and so does the newspapers. Competition in newspaper industry is higher than ever with every newspaper trying to grow their readership.

Newspapers use slogans and taglines to distinguish themselves from their competitors and also give the public a reason to buy their newspaper. In this post, we are going to share with you a list of 117+ catchy newspaper slogans and taglines of famous newspapers all around the world. See what type of message they are trying to convey using their taglines.


Newspaper Slogans & Taglines


It’s a New Story Here


More News. More Often.


Move Closer To Your World


The Name You Know. The News You Need.


News Leader


The paper that digs deeper


The Power of Information


Newspaper Slogans


Connected to your community


We set you thinking


The lively one, with a mind of its own


Nigeria’s most influential newspaper


The right place. The right Times


Search, Explore, Discover


By the people… from the the people… For the people


All news without fear or favor


Telling it as it is


News to get young people talking


Where news never gets old


Your hometown newspaper


Of this land, for its people


If You Don’t Want It Printed, Don’t Let It Happen


Trusted, Connected, Targeted


Democracy Dies In Darkness


Local. Useful. Everyone Gets it.


An Independent Democratic Newspaper Of The First Class Unchallenged In Its Field


The daily diary of the American dream


Your right to know. A new voice for a new Pakistan.


Largest Circulation In The West


Join the debate


Expect the news first


Newspaper Slogans 1


Have you ever wished you were better informed?


The Name You Know, The News You Need


The joy of continuous celebration


Have We Got News For You


No FT, No Comment


News That Hits Home


Are you missing what’s important?


When News Matters, It Matters Where You Get Your News


Top people take the Times


What You Really need To Know


Indian Express. Journalism of courage.


Where the News Comes First


Newspaper Slogans 2


Biggest daily sale on Earth


Wherever News Breaks, Whatever It Takes


A newspaper, not a snooze paper


The Guardian. Think…


Sunday Herald. Seven Days. One paper.


Forward with Britain


All the News That’s Fit to Print


What would you do without Ekstra Bladet?


It is. Are you?


Making Twice the Noise


The quality compact


You won’t miss a thing


Local News. First in the Morning.


There’s nothing more valuable than knowledge


Power your Future


The newspaper for those who can read


African views on global news


When The Times speaks, the World listens


Worth Your Time


Forward with the People


If It Matters To You, It Matters To Us


Your all-day news source


Older than the nation


Evening Herald. The Best Part of the Day


America’s Most Colorful Newspaper


Chicago Tribune. Beyond words.


It Shines for All


The paper that stands for real values and gives you real value for money


Nothing sacred but the truth


Share Trader Game.


We report to you


It’s thinking time.


When you want more


Are you an informed Australian?


Your choice for News


What concerns you, concerns us


News you can use


Truth, Justice and the Comics


Sunday isn’t Sunday without the Sunday Times


Give light and the people will find their own way


We Know Where You Live


Take Another Look


We’ve got the greatest writers


The Sun. We love it!


Put up with Ekstra Bladet or put up with anything


Your Friends. Your Neighbors. Your News.


Stories that count, from people who care


Britain’s Best Selling Daily Broadsheet


Reaching out to you


Evening News. Tomorrow’s News Today.


It’s About All Of Us


Your Region. Your Paper.


Straight To the Point


Leading the Way


Big on Sundays


First. Fast. Accurate.


The Sunday Post. It makes perfect sense.


The best fiction is far more true than any journalism


Building the Nation


Beyond the Headlines


Read a bestseller every day


Here. There. Everywhere.


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