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97 Catchy Deodorant Slogans & Taglines



Deodorant brands are using slogans & taglines to stand out from their competitors and to increase their sales & profits. In this post, we are going to share with you a list of 97+ famous deodorant brand slogans & taglines.

See how creative they are in distinguishing themselves from their competitors using these deodorant slogans and taglines. These slogans are also helping them in impressing a certain image of their brand in the minds of their potential customers.


Deodorant Slogans & Taglines


The sweat stops here


It won’t let you down


Never let them see you sweat


Uncontrollable attraction


Protection that’s undetected


With you all the way


It starts with you


Deodorant Slogans


Give into the guilty pleasure of breaking boundaries


We’ll take care of sweat and odor. The rest is up to you.


Get the world addicted to you


Find your magic


Goes on clear


With the power of crystals


Protect your moments


Invest in yourself


Pure on purpose


Axe Excite. Even angels will fall.


Healing humanity, one body at a time


Don’t rely on fate


In harmony with nature and the human being


Smell ’em who’s boss


Works naturally


It works, use carefully


Invisible dry aqua


Makes all the women flock….away from you


Feel good freshness


Deodorant Taglines


Stay protected all day long


For softer, smoother underarms


A chemically free alternative to commercial deodorants


Protection that won’t let you down


Consider Bringing A Flashlight


Smell better than yourself


Happiness through freshness


Tough on sweat not on skin


For moments that matter


Be good to yourself


Get Ready, Get Close


Spray more. Get more.


Lets your skin breathe


Stress tested for women


Organic & all natural


Celebrate each moment


Deodorant Slogans 1


It’s what attracts


More motion = More protection


Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.


Protection for every OMG moment


When you’re strong you sparkle


Like no other


Strong like a woman




Nourished Beauty


Accessorize your underarms


Love has an all new language


What are you doing tonight?


One spray is worth a dozen dabs


Raise your hand if you’re Sure


Eliminates Body Odor


Whatever makes you sweat


Mansome is awesome


Make a smellmitment


Feel Fantastic


My yardley, my fragrance


Don’t get dressed without it


Takes the worry out of being close


Beauty is confidence


Don’t stress the small stuff


Men can’t help acting on Impulse


Effective protection. Beautiful results.


The 24/7 workaholic deodorant


A 24 hour man needs a 24 hour deodorant


Anything’s possible


48 Hr confidence


Sink the stink


Naturally purifying


Peaceful warrior


Very Very Sexy


Be Sure to be dry


The place of restoration


So confident


The spirit of freshness


Because we care for you!


Free your arms


Skincare as nature intended


Cute and Girlie


Clean, Fresh, Natural


The most powerful sweat + odor control


Right Guard. For the win


Don’t sweat it. Handle it.


Clean comfort, Powerful protection


Hand churned natural deodorant


Protects you like a man. Treats you like a woman.


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