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300 Catchy Happy Birthday Slogans, Taglines, Phrases & Sayings



Life is all about celebrating every little happiness. Birthdays are one of that happiness. People wait for their birthdays, plan meetups, expect wishes, and expect to get special treatment on their day. Birthday is the most happening event in the world. Every day 17.7 million people celebrate birthdays all around the world. People have started to celebrate birthdays more extravagantly than marriages. It has become a norm to throw big theme based parties on birthdays. On average, people spend about 400$ at birthday parties. Celebrities and the elite class spend million on birthday parties too. According to recent research, most birthdays are celebrated in September and a few places in October. Birthday is not just special for the person itself, but the birthdays of people we love are more special to us. Parents, lovers, friends, and siblings spend weeks to give one perfect birthday party to that special person.  Gift, parties, or a romantic night out is usually how people celebrate. Other than this celebration, a new trend of celebrating birthdays of brands, companies, media houses, and social media apps have now emerged.  E-cards along with vouchers are very common on the birthdays of regular clients. Anyways, if you are planning to surprise someone on their birthday be it a loved one or your lovely customer we have brought a vast collection of birthday slogans and have targeted almost every category for you to choose from.



Birthday Slogans


  • It’s your day, so is the treat!
  • You keep getting better every year.
  • Party till your legs give out
  • Here’s to celebrating you
  • Another year, another birthday
  • Hope you have a day to remember
  • Here’s to another year of experience.
  • Happy birthday to a wonderful creation
  • Hope your day is as special as you are
  • One step closer to adult life


Wish you the best that life has to offer!


It’s your birthday but you’re a gift to me!


May God overflows its blessings on your today


It’s your day, make it worth remembering


Sending you the warmest wish on this day


A year older and wiser. Happy birthday!


Wishing you a day full of happiness and joy


May you live long and grand



Happy Birthday Slogans

Wishing Happy birthday is perhaps a universal thing. No matter what the language is people know how to say and sing “Happy Birthday” If you wish to write a heart-touching Happy Birthday card here is a collection of Happy Birthday Slogans for you.


Look how you’ve grown! Happy birthday to you


Hope your big day is as special as you are to me! Happy Birthday to you.


Happy birthday, may this day always be a special one to remember.


Wishing you all the happiness and good health, Happy Birthday.


Because of you, I’m celebrating today! Happy Birthday.


You’re older today than yesterday, however, more youthful than tomorrow, Happy birthday!


Many more years of adventure and joy awaits. Hope you have a happy birthday


A happy birthday to a wonderful and terrific marvelous you.


Here’s to a fabulous birthday! May it be filled with love, laughter, and joy.


You make my world a better place. Happy Birthday.


Too full for words, sending you bundles of joy and happiness on this day. Happy Birthday.


May this special day be as beautiful as you are inside out. Happy birthday


Leave your past worries behind and buckle up for a new year ahead, happy birthday!


The sun shines a bit more brightly today for a bright person was born this day! Happy birthday



Birthday Taglines

Here is a collection of birthday taglines to wish loved ones with style and in the right way. Because when wishing someone words are the window of how you feel about them so let it be the best it can.


Birthday Taglines Include


May this year be your best ever.


Have a wonderful day and a fabulous year.


This day marks the day greatness was born!


Make your birthday count and give it all you got.


Age is just a value; the higher the age the higher its value.


Never stop being so incredibly awesome! Happy Birthday.


Don’t be late! Let’s go out and get up to no good like last year!


A person as amazing as you only deserve the best, today and every day


May the best of your past be the worst of your future.


A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip.


Birthday slogans for different Age groups

Which birthday is the most special one? It differs from culture to culture. In many parts of the world, the first birthday of a child is considered to be the most special. The 18th, 50th, 60th even 80th birthdays are also celebrated with pageantry. In this section, we are going to give your ideas on how to wish and celebrate these special age group birthdays.  Let’s get started.



18th Birthday Slogans

Ah! The sweetest 18. In almost all parts of the world, the 18th is the age when children become adults. Constitutionally, religiously and socially, 18 is the age where one becomes officially an adult, and his/her status changes in society. Though we all know, we start acting like adults in our twenties but never mind.


Let’s delve into the catchy 18th birthday slogans


One step closer to adult life


Hoping you do not repeat your mistakes this year!


Old age isn’t an excuse to keep you from partying


I am not young enough to know everything


Happy Sweet 18… and sorry but no, I didn’t get you a car!


Make sure to keep the inner child alive as you grow older!


You’ll never be this young again, celebrate to the fullest!


The 18th birthday is good beer, hot girls, parties, and police.


A new quest awaits as you celebrate your day to the fullest


Happy birthday! Here’s to nearing towards adult underpants


Here’s to embarking on a new journey of life, a fresh new chapter!


Here’s to getting smarter and understanding the world a little better



30th Birthday Slogans

The thirtieth birthday is a special one as one reaches the status of a mature man/woman at this stage of life. One embarks on the journey from here and decides once and for all that what he/she is going to be, her career, life partner, life choices, and by this age most people have adopted permanent habits and have shaped permanent personalities. So if you are about to be part of someone’s special 30th birthday…


Here is a collection of best 30th birthday slogans for you to wish them with.


30 is the new sexy.


Forever 29, Just your style.


30 aged to perfection.


30 is 3 perfect 10’s.


A thirty-year original.


30 isn’t old. It’s a young mature.


Disguised as a responsible adult.


Don’t just grow older, grow better and different


After 30, a body has a mind of its own


The only time you really live fully is from thirty to sixty.


I’m not 30! I’m 18… with 12 years’ experience.


The first 30 years of childhood are always the hardest.


I don’t have hot flashes; I have power surges.


Grow better as the years are passing by, just like fine wine!


To crossing another milestone, a very happy birthday to you


At thirty you can get flirty without being dirty.


It’s the first anniversary of my 29th birthday.


I was thirty-two when I started cooking. Up until then, I just ate.


Hope your birthday memories make a happy cushion for your old age


Being 30 isn’t so bad. At least your car insurance premiums go down.


Hope you have a year full of adventures and new opportunities


30 isn’t over the hill, it’s more of a plateau, with a bright light way off in the distance…


Everyone says 30-year-olds should settle down. I think I’ve just settled.



40th Birthday Slogans

Here is to the 40th birthday when you understand life the most and make your peace with every good and bad in it. Here is the sweet forties of our lives.


40th Birthday Slogans Include


Be forever young at heart


Older, bolder, better.


You are not 40, you are just perfect 10s


It takes a long time to grow young


Age is a matter of feeling, not of year.


Here’s to another year of not looking your age!


Age is not a destination, its a journey.


Your skin can finally have wrinkles! Happy birthday


Have an awesome birthday! Your rocking chair’s reserved.


Too old for Snapchat. Too young for life alert.


Aging doesn’t make you lose your youth but makes you wiser.


Have an amazing birthday to somebody who is everlastingly youthful.


You might look a bit older than before but your soul remains young.


Welcome to the age your childhood self couldn’t even fathom.


You are just youthful once, yet you can be a kid for a lifetime. Have a cheerful birthday.


On your birthday, count your candles, count your years, count your blessings.


Try not to get all bizarre about getting more seasoned! Our age is simply the number of years the world has been appreciating us.



50th Birthday Slogans

The 50th birthday, the half-century of life. It is worth celebrating, isn’t it?


Hence here is a collection of 50th birthday slogans.


Happy birthday to someone who’s still nifty at fifty


You are getting smarter, let’s celebrate.


Nobody’s letting you forget it: you’re older!


The older, the experienced, the better.


Learn more, age more, achieve more.


Don’t take life so seriously, it’s not permanent.


You know you are old when you go to bed at the time you used to go out.


You look more youthful than any time in recent memory! Happiest birthday.


Whether you like it or not, you will age, why don’t enjoy as much as you can.


You are only as old as you feel. Make tonight feel as if you were 18 again!


You sure don’t look your age… I mean that in a good way.


There is always more to celebrate if you celebrate life every day


Wearing out with passing time and adventures is better than sitting back and rusting!



60th Birthday slogans

The 60th birthday by which most of the people get their retirement and plan to have a healthy, tension-free routine ahead with all the responsibilities fulfilled. This birthday is extraordinary because it is when we have really made it. So here is to 60th birthday…


60th birthday slogans include.


Amazing sixties


Just the age of perfection


The older, the better


Youth has no age


There’s an old saying “old is gold”


So, you call 60 old, well that is your loss.


Happy birthday to someone who’s not old but vintage


Please don’t retouch my wrinkles.


You still look great for your age! Happy birthday


The older the fiddler, the sweeter the tune


Make a wish, and just blow your old grudges.


You are here for 6 decades.


It took 60 years to look this good.


60 years of magnificence.


If grey hair is a sign of wisdom, then you’re a genius!


Hey! you are getting better, let’s celebrate.


Happy birthday! 60 never looked so good!


You can go grey and know that it looks spectacular.


Birthdays are like pizza… The more you have, the less you want.


You are just the right age to be my favorite 60-year-old.


Happy birthday to someone who is forever young.


More the number of birthdays you have, the more you live!


Old age is always 15 years older than I am.


I hope you laugh so much that you don’t regret your wrinkles!


Age does not matter; you can party as much as you want.


60th birthday thrills: more pills, more chills, and more bills.


There are many advantages to being sixty. Ask any 80-year-old.


You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely.


You are like wine, with age you get more and more delicious. Happy Birthday.


No matter how old you are, make your heart as pure as a child’s.


I really can’t believe you’re sixty, you’ve got more energy than any person I know!


Don’t let aging get you down. It’s too hard to get up again!


I don’t think you will miss your 50’s much with as much fun as we were planning to have during your 60’s.



Birthday Wishes Taglines

Write them a card, send them a beautiful gift expressing your love, or display a heartfelt you need to have a Birthday wishes tagline. These are going to go handy to send your loyal and regular customers and clients on their birthdays as well. Wishing birthdays in the commercial arena helps a lot with marketing.


Birthday wishes taglines include.


Love the giver more than the gift


Hoping you have a whimsical birthday full of wonder.


Happiest birthday memories to you this year and every year.


Get the fire extinguisher! Time to celebrate your birthday!


Sending your direct a bundle of love, care, and best wishes.


Believe in miracles and you will have every birthday wish granted!


I hope that your birthday is spent with people who love you


Here’s to you and all of your spunk. Thank you for making each day ever more fun.


Wishing you daily loaded up with joy and a year loaded up with bliss. Blissful birthday to you.


So grateful for your presence in this world, wishing you a birthday full of great surprises


If you were a zombie, I would struggle to shoot you. That’s how much you mean to me!


Have an awesome Birthday! Hope it is full of cake, love, and presents.


If your life was a movie, you would be played by Leonardo, just because you’re awesome!


It hasn’t been long since we met, but I have a feeling this won’t be the last birthday wish you’ll be getting from me!


A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is to wish you great happiness, a joy that never ends.



Funny Birthday Slogans

How can we not be funny on birthdays? Pranks, jokes, funny gifts, and funny wishes are the things to go for on Birthdays. They lighten up everyone’s mood, and of course, the more intimate the relationship is, the funnier the wish should be. Wit shows how much you both know each other.


Funny Birthday Slogans Include


I.P to your youth!


You’re now too old to eat a birthday cake!


I got you the same thing this year. ME!


That’s as inspired as it gets. Yep, that’s it.


You would have LOVED the gift I forgot to get you.


Let’s eat cake. It’s somebody’s birthday somewhere.


I’ve been that age. Enjoy it! (Dinosaurs used to live back then)


Congratulations on surviving your youth!


Life is short so enjoy this year’s birthday. You may not get another one.


You haven’t changed a bit over the years. Let that sink in for a minute.


I wanted to give you something special, then realized you have me.


No, the fan is not your birthday gift… it’s to help you blow out the candles!


Hope your birthday is remarkable enough to keep the bankers from losing interest


Happy flippin’ Birthday! Hope it is filled with plenty of alcohol and bad decisions!


Whoops! Your birthday falls on the same day as football. Oh well… Maybe next year!


Simply needed to be the first to wish you a happy birthday so I can feel better than your other well-wishers.


Keeping it boring and simple this year, are we? I’ll see you later, and we’ll see how normal you really manage to keep it!


Happy birthday! Here’s to a day filled with Facebook messages from people you’ll never talk to


There is no other greater gift for you than my presence, wish you a very happy birthday



Birthday Slogans for daughters

The relationship of the parent with a daughter is that of the best friends. These empathetic, kind, and loving creatures (Daughters) want all the attention they can get on their day. So make sure to throw a big surprise birthday party and make it memorable for the whole year.


Birthday Slogans for Daughters Include


You are brilliant, make today brilliant also! Happy Birthday.


What day is it? The happiest day of the year for me!


Time is going by fast! You’re all grown up!


No amount of money can buy the love we share. Happy birthday.


I hope that this year is filled with more good times than bad times!


Let me congratulate your mother and father for doing such a great job!


You will always be my favorite person to party with… thanks for giving us a reason.


Hope that your wishes come true when you blow out those candles my princess.


I love your birthday! It’s the day you were brought into the world to become my world!


My gift to you for your birthday is this thoughtful message. I love you – and there’s more than words to prove it!


You may only be one person to the universe… but to me, you ARE the universe. Happy Birthday.



Birthday slogans for Sister

Sister is always that one best friend that you don’t intend to make, but they are, and that too in a perfect sense. They can never let any harm happen to you. To make them feel out of this world, they worth all the effort. Make sure to write them the sweetest notes on their birthdays.

Here is a collection of sweet Birthday slogans for sister


Hope you get the rest and relaxation you deserve today.


Wishing you fulfilled dreams on your most important of days!


I know you’ll have a great day, simply because you’re in it!


Roses are red. Violets are blue. I sure am blessed having known you. Happy birthday, dear Sister!


To my partner in crime, have a blast! Let’s take the world for everything it’s worth this year!


I hope that your birthday is as crazy as you are. And trust me, that’s pretty crazy!


Life is about living in the present, enjoy every moment of your birthday sister!


I hope this new year brings you all the joy and happiness you could wish for!


Happy is a state of mind. Today’s your birthday. Get your mind right!


It’s the day you were born on! Let the party begin!


You have sacrificed a lot to make sure that my world is as colorful as the rainbow. I can never thank you enough for that.


Everything you touch turns to gold or happiness, this should help explain why everyone likes being hugged by you so much.


Remember us little people this time next year when you are a model, actor, public figure, and global star!


Want to know what happy looks like? Look in the mirror! It’s your birthday! Hope yours is the happiest!



Birthday Phrases

From here, things get a little dark, deep, and perhaps more serious. let’s try to understand the birthdays more philosophically and come up with more mature wishes.

Here is a collection of Birthday phrases


You worth living more.


Live until you fulfill your dreams.


Life is a journey. Enjoy every mile


Love your life and lead it.


One more year, one more chance, Be Ready.


It’s the journey that counts not the destination


You have to get older, but growing up is your choice.


Don’t count the years. Count the wishes and all the cheers


Find your faults and try not repeat them this year.


Don’t just count your years, make your years count


Focus on living an enjoyable life, and not a perfect life.


This time comes but once a year, so spend it with the ones you hold dear.


Don’t count your years for all we know your old year older than last year.


Don’t spend your life thinking too much of getting older, just enjoy.


Things I love about you: looks, humor, and everything else.


You were born for a work assigned to you by God, try to complete it.


Learn about yourself as much as you can for it’s just the size of universe.


There is no greater gift than the gift of life itself, wish you an amazing birthday


On your birthday you are a star, hope it to be as special as you are!


So here you go with loads of wishes to make someone’s day special.


It’s all about wishing others, but what you should do on your day? Don’t worry, we have got some tips for you. Start your day by eating your favorite meals, treat yourself to your favorite food, watch your favorite movies, laugh, call all your friends and family, send yourself a card, spend time with your loved ones, reflect on the past and make a resolution for a new year to come. Do all of these and have a fun time on your birthday, also if it is the birthday of someone you love make sure they get to spend the calmer day as well. Throw them a party in their favorite place, with their favorite food, and along with favorite music, and make sure to have a great day and give a great day.


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