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590 Catchy Slogans on Corruption & Best Stop Corruption Slogans

Corruption is a termite that shatters and paralyzes systems upon which countries run and develop.  Most of the countries are still underdeveloped because of corruption. We see this pattern, where elites of the countries live lavish lives, but the nation is poor.  The frauds by Political leaders, bureaucrats, army personnel, businessmen, and any person in a power position create insecurity in the economy or, worse, collapse it.

Corruption results in reduced health facilities for the middle or lower class, no quality education for future generations, and hence no future for the country. It encourages crime due to poverty. Corruption also provides chances for terror organizations to breed and get hold of politics or at least set foot in it.

It compromises the sovereignty of nations. When elite or personnel who have hold of power and politics are dishonest, which means they can be bought by other political power for their foul agendas, it destroys countries. Bribes, nepotism, embezzlement, parochialism, patronage, cronyism, and extortion snatch away opportunities from people who deserve them. That results in the brain drain of youth by countries that are well aware of the benefits of merits and are transparent. In short, corruption makes the whole society suffer and keeps on flourishing while everything else in society falls away.

Now is high time that we save nations and our economies from the crumbling cause of the pandemic of corruption. The corruption in higher power positions encourages corruption in the very structure of society.

To help spread awareness and preach the value of transparency and honesty through campaigns, rallies, and open discussions, we have prepared a list of


Catchy Corruption Slogans

  • Corruption Can Be Prevented
  • Fight corruption. Bring progression!
  • Keep nothing under the table except your shoes
  • Because our future is in grave danger
  • If We Don’t Catch You, God Will
  • Anti-Corruption Starts from You
  • Because no country is corruption-free
  • Corruption is the greatest pandemic today.
  • Say no to bribes. Build a corruption-free nation.
  • The duty of youth is to challenge corruption.
  • Corruption may lead you to destruction.
  • Corruption is a shame on fame.
  • Corruption is democracy? Pardon me, please!
  • Plunder and corruption are in sync.
  • Corruption has no back gear. Stay away from it!
  • Corruption is the most dangerous phenomenon of this century.
  • The worst affected by corruption is the common man.
  • Corruption is authority plus monopoly minus transparency.
  • No corruption… no Lagging behind.
  • Corruption makes our nation dirty and filthy.
  • No Country Is Perfect, You Need to Make It Better.
  • Corruption is a true enemy of development.
  • Kick out corruption. The development will kiss your feet.
  • Vanquish the corrupt before they do too much harm.
  • Anti-corruption is the mantra for a developed nation.
  • Fight against corruption to win the battle of progress.
  • So far, keep it all over the table and be fully transparent.
  • Corruption and progression… can never go hand in hand.
  • We must stop the tendency to grab and eat before it is too late.
  • Politics plays so vindictive role in aiding corruption.
  • There is no compromise when it comes to corruption. You have to fight it.
  • Because corruption is a shame on our country’s fame.
  • I’m against corruption. What about you?
  • Corruption is our enemy number one so we all have to be vigilant.
  • A state’s progress is impossible, with corrupted people dwelling there.
  • Corruption is the result of our greed! Let us limit our needs.
  • A corrupt person can be so shrewd to break the backbone of the economy.
  • We need to pull out all the weeds of corruption whose root runs deep.




Top 10 Corruption Slogans

  1. Corruption is a curse.
  2. Corrupt… let us disrupt.
  3. Honesty pays; it has paid so far
  4. Corruption is moral cancer.
  5. Absolute power is a curse before it is too late
  6. Be Honest and Fight Corruption.
  7. Corruption Robs Us All. `
  8. Corruption is so much a crime
  9. Corruption robs us totally
  10. Reject corruption worldwide


Best Posters on Corruption with Slogans & Anti Corruption Poster


Anti Corruption Slogans

Corruption is a curse that affects the innocents, and those who don’t deserve anything take it all away. The dilemma is that corruption is considered wrong everywhere in the world, yet it is the most happening crime. We all need to be on the roads. Period.

Here is a collection of Anti-Corruption Slogans for you to come out and raise your voice against those who misuse their authority.


  • Honesty Pays Honors and Corruption Dishonors
  • Corruption: Eating Away from The Inside Out.
  • Corruption leads to destruction!
  • With Corruption, Everyone Pays
  • Because corrupted people need to be avoided.
  • Anti-corruption… don’t let it remain just a word!
  • Prevent yourself from getting trapped by corruption.
  • Show your passion to build an anti-corrupted nation.
  • A corrupt person will spoil the institutions at large.
  • Polluted by Corruption Leads To Our Destruction
  • Corruption holds no good. Fight it and show your nationhood.
  • Corruption won’t let our country boom cuz it’s doom.
  • Fighting corruption is our only motto.
  • Nation shines only when black money comes to light.
  • If You Are Not Part Of The Solution; Then You Are The Problem
  • Shame On the Name Who Ruined Country’s Fame
  • We, Will, Do Our Part So Corruption Will Be Caught
  • Greed is increasing, and so is corruption.
  • Corruption is the biggest evil of the century.
  • Don’t expect corruption to die automatically before it is too late.
  • Corrupted people are often fake. Let us fight them for our country’s sake!
  • Don’t create so many questions before we fight corruption jointly.
  • Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts… perhaps the fear of a loss of power.
  • Fight against corruption. Build a peaceful and wealthy nation.
  • Power attracts the corruptible. Absolute power attracts the corruptible.
  • Fight Corruption: Be The One Who Helps Build a Better Society for All
  • We only can wipe out corruption before it becomes deadly.
  • Because the anti-corruption drive should start with us
  • An End to Corruption Is My Plan. If You Join Me, Friends, I’m Sure We Can
  • Fight corruption tactfully because the enemies are too cunning.
  • The fight against black money has to be so severe that they remember every blast.
  • Honesty is the best policy before we take on corruption head-on.
  • A politician always thinks of the next polls so that he can make something out of it.
  • All our efforts put up so meticulously will go to waste if we are a bit slack in fighting corruption.





Slogans Against Corruption


  • Character Is Best Shown When Nobody Is Watching.
  • Corrupted people need to be doomed.
  • Say no to bribery… your ‘no’ can save many.
  • Communism is the corruption of a dream of justice.
  • Power Corrupts but Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
  • Corruption will ruin our country. Kick it away!
  • When will we learn that it is in our interest?
  • Let us stop corruption before it eats our country’s power.
  • Let’s build an anti-corrupted state before it is too late.
  • The world will one day be destroyed by corruption.
  • Let us win over the corrupted violence…let us break our silence.
  • Shame on the name which destroys our country’s name.
  • Let us weed out corruption before it destroys the nation.
  • Corruption is not an individual’s problem. It’s the Nation’s problem!
  • Silence breeds corruption; no action only leads to deprivation!
  • Ending corruption is our plan. If you join, we surely can!
  • Corruption is like a ball of snow; once it’s set rolling, it must increase.
  • Seeing corruption around? Stand up against it with bravery?
  • Speak up for those that corruption has silenced; else it will silence you too!!
  • Arise and awake…by ending corruption, a better future we will make.
  • We promise to make a brighter future because we will perish otherwise.
  • Speak up for those who are the sufferers. Don’t let their sufferings remain hidden.
  • Because corruption will make your condition worse. Stopping it is a must.
  • Corruption must be nipped in the bud because it will crush the very ethos of the nation.
  • Pollution leads to corruption, and so corruption will lead to destruction.
  • I was put into office by the people who believed in my idea that corruption is the root of poverty; and that an end to corruption would mean an end.
  • Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual, but the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country.




Stop Corruption Slogans

Do not tolerate corruption; put an end to it. Those of us who are most affected by corruption demand accountability. We are the ones whose tax money is used by frauds to afford their luxury and lavish lifestyle. We all should demand to stop Corruption by all means so we can at least get the lifestyle necessary for a quality lifestyle.

We have collated a list of Stop Corruption Slogans for you!! Have a look and demand!


  • Yes, we can if we are so serious about it
  • Stop money hunger. Stop corruption.
  • you should go full-throttle against corruption
  • Corruption, Corruption Go Away Leave My Country, This I Pray
  • Destroy corruption before it destroys you. Stop it
  • Stop corruption before it makes your country empty.
  • Do not support bribery. Stand up against it with bravery.
  • Common people suffer corruption the most. End it today.
  • Corruption wrecks society. stop it before it is too late
  • Corruption is haunting our nation. Stop it today and now.
  • Hunger, misery, and deprivation… corruption is the culprit.
  • Complete lockdown on corruption; otherwise, all will go haywire.
  • Do not let these corrupted folks engulf your country’s wealth.
  • Dreaming of a corruption-free world? Let’s make it come true.
  • Fight corruption today and build a better society for tomorrow.
  • Weedin out corruption must be the national promise before it is too late.
  • When will all the people come to fight the corrupted people?


Along with the protests or awareness placards, some fundamental changes are necessary to end corruption. The enforcement of the law is mandatory, and there should be no impunity. No person in a power position should be above the law. When they fear punishment and know that they will be held accountable, they will think a thousand times before looting the very nation that entrusted them enough to grant power position in the first place. The role of the agencies which are responsible for auditing should be enhanced to avoid fraud. Also, the assets should be declared by people in power positions publicly. That will enforce transparency. If corruption is at its peak and there is no other way, then the country should close all international loopholes that allow corrupts to transact and transfer their corruption money and build entire empires through it. For all of these steps to be taken, the system should be strong. The system of countries is a reflection of their nations. Hence, the public should demand transformation and implementation of all the given or possible solutions to end this monopoly over the lives of people.



What is the slogan for fighting corruption?

Several slogans can used to boost the fight against corruption. Some of them include:

  1. Nepotism should be routed out before it is too late.
  2. Get rid of corruption. Do not proceed toward destruction.
  3. Let us raise our voices and take action against corruption.
  4. Your today’s protest may make your tomorrow better.
  5. So let us take a strong resolution to stop corruption.
  6. Corruption Erodes Trust.
  7. Transparency, Accountability, Integrity.
  8. Stop Corruption, Start Solutions.
  9. Corruption Harms, Integrity Heals.
  10. Corruption: Not in My Country.



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