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37 Best Slogans on Corruption

In this post, you will find 37+ Slogans on Corruption.


Anti-Corruption Slogans


Corruption is deadly, stop it

slogans on corruption-Corruption is deadly, stop it

Corruption, the silent killer


You can stop corruption

slogans on corruption-You can stop corruption

Kill corruption


Raise your voice against corruption


Act against corruption today

slogans on corruption-Act against corruption today

Say no to corruption


Corruption free is the way to be


Corruption hurts all of us

slogans on corruption-Corruption hurts all of us

Say no to corruption, every NO counts


Don’t keep calm, stand against corruption


No corruption for better living

slogans on corruption-No corruption for better living

Keep nothing under the table, except your shoes


Corruption kills! Counteract!


Kick out Corruption

slogans on corruption-Kick out Corruption

Keep calm & Say no to Corruption


With corruption everyone pays


Speak up against corruption

slogans on corruption-Speak up against corruption

Be honest & Say no to Corruption


An end to corruption is my plan, if you join me friends, I’m sure we can


Champions don’t cheat


Say Yes against Corruption


Stay smart & Say no to corruption


If we do our part, Corruption will be caught


Corruption robs us all

slogans on corruption-Corruption robs us all

Honesty pays Honors and Corruption Dishonors


Corruption has no back gear, just stay away of it!


Corruption: Eating Away From The Inside Out


Corruption Can Be Prevented


I’m against corruption, what about you?


Join hands together and plan to end this corruption


Nation shines only when the black money comes to light


Break the corruption chain


Time to unite against corruption


No progress with corruption


The duty of youth is to challenge corruption


Every religion is against Corruption


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