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35 Creative Hand Washing Day Slogans

Global hand washing day is celebrated every year around the world on October 15 to increase awareness and understanding among people about the importance of washing their hands with soap to stay away from germs and diseases. Germs are everywhere around us and we should wash our hands especially before eating so that they can’t enter our body.

Basically Global hand washing day is a campaign to motivate people to wash their hands with soap at critical moments throughout a day. In order to make this campaign more effective, we can use catchy hand washing slogans because people can remember them more easily.

In this post, we have gathered a list of 35+ creative and catchy hand washing day slogans. Feel free to use them on banners, posters, t-shirts etc. and share them with your friends.


Hand Washing Day Slogans


Wash your hands, spread the word and stop the germs


One hand washes the other


Use your hands to make some bubbles to kill those troubles


In all the lands, wash your hands


If a child washes his hands, he could eat with kings


Be aware, wash with care


Cleanliness is next to godliness


Two little hands, so clean and so bright, this is my left and that is my right


Your hands are lovely


Clean hands count


Clean hands – healthy hands


Clean hands are caring hands


Give germs the RUB


Clean hands, safe hands


Wash your hands and fingers for any germs that lingers


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Saving lives, it’s in your hands


Wash, wash, wash your hands


Washing hands prevents disease


Clean hands are healing hands


You are grand if you wash your hand


I can, You can, We can


Thank you for washing your hands


Don’t be dirty, Be neat, Wash your hands before your eat


Clean hands save lives


Handwashing Good! Germs Bad!


Take a stand, wash your hands


Wash your hands so you can stop germs


Before you leave take a minute to clean


Clean hands can stop germs


Don’t take germs with you!


Do good, wash your hands


Please remember to wash your hands


Don’t be mean keep them clean


A clean hand wants no washing


Infection control is in your hands

Hand-Washing Facts

hand washing facts

How to wash your hands with soap & water


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