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937 Catchy Thanksgiving Day Slogans, Taglines, Phrases

“The Turkey Day” we have all heard this Thanksgiving slogan, Haven’t we? The idea behind this slogan is to involve people in the celebrations of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a significant holiday in the united states, Canada and Brazil, etc. The holiday is known for bringing people together. It is the time of year when families and friends who haven’t met each other in a long time sit together to eat festive cuisines. Let’s give you an idea of how celebratory the day is through these slogans for Thanksgiving.


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Thanksgiving Slogans


List of top 10 Catchy Thanksgiving Slogans

  1. Thankful for the turkey
  2. Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action
  3. Food, family, and more food!
  4. Gather together, give thanks
  5. Nobody diets on Thanksgiving.
  6. This holiday season is sure to be pleasing.
  7. The pilgrim’s meal
  8. Be thankful
  9. Let’s carve it
  10. All you need is a fork and a knife


Be thankful


Here for the stuffing!


Eat all you can


Give geese a shot.


Gobble till you Wobble


Hip Hooray. It’s Thanksgiving Day


Nobody counts calories on Thanksgiving.


A period so divine, Bring on the turkey and the wine.


It’s turkey time! Cheerful Thanksgiving!


Thanks for all known and unknown blessing


Thanks and cheer all around the year


Thank all and share with all


Good mood, tasty food that’s thanksgiving dude


Can’t keep calm its thanksgiving


Diet and thanksgiving never go hand in hand


Love, smile, food, and family


Good turkey makes good food


Turkey is the key for complete thanksgiving


Share may be a little or more, keep sharing


You share today; you share every day


Complete thanksgiving by sharing food


Thanksgiving is time for a feast


Sauce, gravy, and family


Turkey and gravy wonderful combination


Don’t die waiting for the piece of a pie


It’s thanksgiving; we talk turkey today


Turkey on Thanksgiving is a blessing


Thank God its thanksgiving


Thanks for all the things


Together we celebrate


You are never alone in thanksgiving


Love sharing food love thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate the love of sharing food


Having food together is a bliss, happy thanksgiving


Gratitude is the right attitude, thanksgiving for all


We thank we share; we celebrate that’s what thanksgiving is


Care, love, and food for all this is thanksgiving


Good deeds are not limited to a day, thanksgiving every day


You don’t just share the food you share gratitude


Learn to appreciate; it’s thanksgiving let’s celebrate


Turkeys thanks the vegetarians


Say thanks to the turkeys


Diet for thanksgiving not on thanksgiving


Relate to people that are related to you, that’s thanksgiving


You give they thank, they give you praise, keep it up


Being grateful is being resourceful


Touch heaven with gratitude


Thanksgiving is the feast we try for different dinners to take after


It’s thanksgiving have dinner and forgive everyone


Gratitude is a simple gesture with powerful outcomes


Turkey is luxury


Make your blessing count


The thanksgiving beverage is the turkey gravy


You won’t be poor if you share


It’s thanksgiving we have plenty to share


Thanksgiving after all is a word of action


‘tis the season to be thankful


Gobblers beware


Turkey crossing


Save me a drumstick


Savor the season


First football than butterball


Thankful and grateful, today and every day


It’s turkey time! Happy Thanksgiving!


Give thanks with a grateful heart


I’m thankful for everything I have


Give thanks to the Lord


Give thanks in everything


In all things give thanks


A time to give thanks


There is no sincere love than the love of food, Happy Thanksgiving


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So thankful for…


Give thanks! Best Wishes!


I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual


There is always, always, always something to be thankful for


I’ve so much to be thankful for


Thanks a Million!


I’m thankful for every moment


Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way


Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart


And though I ebb in worth, I’ll flow in thanks


Give thanks! And true love


Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot


Give thanks, Give back


Give thanks to the Lord for he is the GREATEST


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Eat, drink, Give thanks


Gratitude is the sign of noble souls


Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast


Eat drink and be thankful


Give thanks, We’re blessed, We’re thankful


Give thanks, Give food


Give thanks with joy


God is glorified, not by our groans, but by our thanksgivings


He that enjoys naught without thanksgiving is as though he robbed God


Give thanks, Eat Pie


Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever


Look around you and be thankful for what you have, appreciate life


If you need help, ask God. If you don’t, thank Him


There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy


That’s one of the great things about Thanksgiving: Football’s on!


An optimist is a person who starts a new diet on Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving Day is a good day to recommit our energies to giving thanks and just giving


If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share


The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest


Thanksgiving just gets me all warm and tingly and all kinds of wonderful inside


If you think about a Thanksgiving dinner, it’s really like making a large chicken


Happy Thanksgiving to you


Have a great thanksgiving


Let’s thank you for everything we have

The day is all about good food and showing gratitude to the lord for the whole year’s food and blessings. It was started four hundred years ago by Plymouth pilgrims. They had a grand meal together with their nemesis, the natives. That is why the Thanksgiving meal today is a grand event and celebrated. The food that Plymouth pilgrims had was seafood and bread. The turkey is also significant cuisine on the thanksgiving dinner table.




Thanksgiving Day Slogans

Turkey is luxury


Turkey, wine and dine


Give thanks, give back.


Make your blessing count


Say thanks to the turkeys


Together we celebrate


Appreciation in every bite.


Touch heaven with gratitude


Pray, thank, eat and repeat


Giving thanks unites us all.


Sauce, gravy, and family


Thankful hearts gather here.


Grateful hearts, happy homes.


Thanks for all the things


Turkeys thanks the vegetarians


Thank God its thanksgiving


Good turkey makes good food


Thankful hearts, warm embraces.


Gratitude is the best seasoning.


Grateful for every little thing.


You won’t be poor if you share


Love, smile, food, and family


Counting blessings, not calories.


Thanksgiving time for a feast


Giving thanks with joyful hearts.


Gratitude is the sweetest recipe.


Giving thanks today and every day.


Gratitude is the key to abundance.


Love and cheer when family is near


Count your blessings, then seconds.


Being grateful is being resourceful


Thankful hearts, endless blessings.


Thankful hearts, cherished moments.


Grateful hearts, joyful gatherings.


Grateful hearts, endless gratitude.


Gratitude is the greatest attitude.


Family delight in thanksgiving night


Celebrate gratitude, celebrate life.


Sharing blessings, spreading smiles.


Appreciation is the key to happiness.


Blessed and thankful, now and always.


Embrace gratitude, embrace abundance.


Thankful for the simple joys in life.


Celebrate the harvest, share the joy.


Grateful hearts, bountiful blessings.


In the spirit of gratitude, we gather.


Thanksgiving A tradition of gratitude.


Count your blessings, savor the feast.


Sharing laughter, love, and leftovers.


Blessings shared, multiplied with love.


Overflowing plates, overflowing hearts.


You are never alone in thanksgiving


Love sharing food love thanksgiving


Thankful for moments that make memories.


Thankful for the love that surrounds us.


Savor the flavors, cherish the memories.


You share today; you share every day


Turkey on Thanksgiving is a blessing


Thanksgiving A time to nourish the soul.


Thanksgiving A time to cherish and give.


Can’t keep calming its thanksgiving


Complete thanksgiving by sharing food


Diet for thanksgiving not on thanksgiving


Thankful for today, hopeful for tomorrow.


Thankful for the moments that matter most.


Thanksgiving A feast of gratitude and joy.


Appreciate the journey, embrace the moment.


Thankful for love, laughter, and leftovers.


It’s thanksgiving we have plenty to share


Thanksgiving A time to cherish and reflect.


Thankful for the gift of family and friends.


Counting our blessings, one turkey at a time.


Gratitude fills the table and warms the soul.


It’s thanksgiving; we talk turkey today


The thanksgiving beverage is the turkey gravy


The day of thanksgiving the day to return home


Turkey is the key to complete thanksgiving


Thankful for family, friends, and pumpkin pie.


Thanksgiving A time to gather and be grateful.


Don’t die waiting for the piece of a pie


Diet and thanksgiving never go hand in hand


Share may be a little or more; keep sharing


Nothings yours or mine it’s thanksgiving time


Thanksgiving A day to remember and give thanks.


Celebrate Thanksgiving with love and gratitude.


Thanksgiving A season for gratitude and giving.


Gratitude is the secret ingredient of happiness.


Thanksgiving A harvest of love and appreciation.


Turkey and gravy are a wonderful combination


Thanksgiving A day to give thanks and give back.


Together we give thanks for a year of abundance.


Care, love and food for all this is thanksgiving


Its thanksgiving have dinner and forgive everyone


Gratitude a simple gesture with powerful outcomes


Thanksgiving A time to give thanks and give back.


Thanksgiving A feast for the senses and the soul.


Feasting with family, overflowing with gratitude.


Thanksgiving A feast for the heart and the belly.


Thanksgiving A celebration of abundance and love.


Grateful for the harvest, grateful for each other.


Appreciate what you have and share the bit you can


Thanksgiving A reminder to be grateful year-round.


Thanksgiving A time for family, food, and football.


You don’t just share the food you share gratitude


Thankful for the little things that make life grand.


Thanksgiving A table filled with blessings and love.


Gather ’round the table, give thanks, and rejoice.


Thanksgiving A time for family, food, and gratitude.


Thanksgiving A table filled with love and gratitude.


Gratitude fills the air, gratitude fills our hearts.


You give they thank; they give you praise, keep it up


Gratitude is the right attitude, thanksgiving for all


Thanksgiving A time to reflect on life’s blessings.


A heart full of gratitude, a plate full of blessings.


Learn to appreciate; its thanksgiving let’s celebrate


Thanksgiving A season to appreciate the beauty of life.


Having food together is a bliss, happy thanksgiving


Thanksgiving A time to gather, give thanks, and give back.


Good deeds are not limited to a day, thanksgiving every day


Thanksgiving A season of gratitude, a lifetime of blessings.


Thanksgiving a day to celebrate the love of sharing food


We thank we share; we celebrate that’s what thanksgiving is


Relate to people that are related to you, that’s thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is the feast we try for different dinners to take after


Gratitude is a way of thanking God for the blessings he bestows upon us




Thanksgiving Tagline

Some of the thanksgiving taglines have been listed down for you, do go through them!


  • Nothing yours or mine, it’s thanksgiving time
  • Turkey, wine and dine
  • Say NO to diet on thanksgiving
  • Love and cheer when the family is near
  • Family delight in thanksgiving night
  • All hail to turkey and pumpkin pie
  • Great greet with turkey and sweet


Thanksgiving, all things considered, is an expression of activity


It’s turkey time! Glad Thanksgiving!


Turkeys are appreciative of Vegetarians on Thanksgiving


Keep calm its thanksgivings


Can’t imagine Thanksgiving without turkey


The day of appreciation and expressing gratitude


Thanksgiving means having food together


Say thank you for we need to


Good habits and thanksgiving


Today fork and knife for all the blessings in life


Thanksgiving day is a time to pray




Catchy Thanksgiving Phrases

Catchy thanksgiving phrases can be used in your shops, profiles and, also as hashtags. The thanksgiving phrases are quite catchy and are meant to attract the attention of the audience out there. Some of the catchy thanksgiving phrases that can be used by you include:


  • There’s always room for seconds
  • Give thanks with a grateful heart
  • Thankful beyond words
  • gather and be great full
  • it’s the thyme of season
  • pass the gravy
  • there is always room on the table for one more


thankful for autumn’s beauty


save room for pumpkin pie


be thankful for blessings


May the wishbone snap your way


Honor the first thanksgiving


thankful for thanksgiving


there is no such thing as too much Turkey


a November to remember


fall in love with thanksgiving


great full for your presence


give thanks to everything


give thanks give back


eat, drink, give thanks


start a new diet on thanksgiving


say thanks to thanksgiving



Happy Thanks Giving Slogans

The day has arrived, a joyous evening of Thanksgiving has started, you would probably want to wish your family and friends a happy Thanksgiving. Good greeting while hugging or texting goes a long way. Therefore, we have collected the best Happy Thanksgiving wishes for you to choose from. Greet others and show these words in your action too!!!


Top 10 Happy Thanksgiving slogans

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, we have plenty to share.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving, nothing your nothing is mine let’s share.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Give thanks for everything.
  4. It’s Happy Thanksgiving Time.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving, I am thankful for everything.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving, give thanks, we are blessed, we are thankful.
  7. Happiest of Thanksgiving.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving, I have millions of things to be thankful for.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving, may we celebrate the next many together.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving, Praise the lord



Funny Thanksgiving Slogans

As, this day is supposed to bring happy vibes and positive energy, therefore I have come up with some funny slogans that will lighten up everyones mood on this. This way we all can celebrate this day in its true spirits. Who doesn’t like a good laugh? Spread happiness on this day by using the following slogans.


  • Eat drink & be thankful
  • I’ll start giving thanks when I start receiving wine
  • Keep calm & Gobble Gobble
  • Thanksgiving calories don’t count
  • I will die for a pumpkin pie
  • Let’s get basted
  • Today is a great day to …. COOK
  • Thanksgiving day! And the FOOD is READY
  • I’m so full of thanks
  • Leftovers are for quitters


Get your fat pants ready!


Be thankful, find the turkey


No thanksgiving without emotional scarring


Good mashed potatoes and a little drama


Optimists start the diet on thanksgiving


Right now I am most thankful for elastic wristbands


The more you weigh the harder you are to get kidnap


Time for a turkey hunt


Thanksgiving food everywhere


Old fashioned thanksgiving


Good mashed potatoes and graved turkey


Don’t marsh my mellow


Belle of butterball


Here I crumb


Let’s get sauced and basted


Baste. Thanksgiving ever


Silence of the yams


Always thankful for the turkeys


Having turkey with turkey having us


Turning tables round and round


Getting in shape to play Santa Claus


Thanksgiving, a food paid holiday


Misgivings melted to thanksgiving


Good time to buy an autumn-mobile


Thanksgiving is a foody thought


Thanksgiving means thanking the turkey


Eat, drink, nap. Repeat


Entering feast mode


Stuffed and muffed


Keep calm and gobble on


All stuffed turkeys, all stuffed mouths


When you whine, I wine


Turkey Turkey on the way


Hope my relatives are getting along with the professional line sitter


May your stuffing be tasty and pumpkin pulpy


It took me three weeks to stuff the turkey. I stuffed it through the beak.


I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage.


The Thanksgiving tradition is, we overeat


Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings, one by one, as each relative goes home


If you want to save a species, simply decide to eat it.


Most turkeys taste better the day after; my mother’s tasted better the day before.


Thanksgiving? Welcoming parenting advice from relatives


Thanksgiving dinner with family… A time for love, happiness & giving thanks



Thanksgiving Food Drive Slogans

Thanksgiving and food go hand in hand. It is all about one grand and delicious dinner while being grateful for the preceding year’s blessings.  At first, it used to be a complete tradition dinner on table gathering, but now food chains are also growing part of the celebrations. Kids love the takeaways and prefer to go out to have fun instead of being at the dinner table. That is why we see active promotion by food chains through food drive slogans.

Here is a collection of catchy Thanksgiving food drive slogans.

  1. “Give Thanks-Give Food”
  2. Turkey and Chicken Drive
  3. “Share the Bounty”
  4. “This the day for Giving”
  5. “Giving from the Heart”
  6. “In the Spirit of Thanksgiving”
  7. Dude, let’s give some food.
  8. “We have Turkey”



Thanksgiving Bulletin Board

Thanksgiving is for everyone. The spirit of it is to be thankful and not be selfish and ungrateful for the achievement. It also promotes that no one should feel superior because of the blessings and be gratified to the lord and help and share Godsends with others. To instill the message of Thanksgiving in children the Thanksgiving slogans on the bulletin board are placed. It’s a great way to promote gratitude and harmony among the kids from every class and race.

We have gathered the top Thanksgiving slogans bulletin board. Have a look.


  1. Pray, thank, eat and repeat
  2. Appreciate what you have and share the bit you can
  3. Nothings yours or mine it’s thanksgiving time
  4. The day of thanksgiving the day to return home
  5. When eating a fruit, think of the person who planted the tree
  6. Let’s all pause a moment and be thankful for our blessings
  7. Time to be thankful for all life has to offer.
  8. Who does not thank for little, will not thank for much.
  9. In everything offer gratitude.
  10. The grateful beneficiary bears the abundant reap.



Thanksgiving Retail slogans

The retail sale on Thanksgiving is a hot topic. Every store, be it a prominent mall or small store offers mega deals on Thanksgiving. These mega deals add to the celebration of Thanksgiving. It makes it easy for customers’ expenses and beneficent for retailers as well.

The retailers display Thanksgiving retail slogans on signboards outside their stores to attract buyers.

The following are the best Thanksgiving retail slogans



  1. Thanksgiving prep made easy: 20% off your order – in stores & online. — Pottery Barn
  2. 40% off with a cranberry on top. — American Eagle
  3. Enjoy 40% Off A Happy Thanksgiving, Indeed — Barneys New York
  4. THIS. UP. 50% off ALL Thanksgiving Essentials +$10 coupon — World Market
  5. This is HUGE. Shop our Thanksgiving sale. — Dillard’s
  6. Give thanks with Farmgirl Flowers — now 10% off! — Farmgirl Flowers
  7. Turkey out? Dish up 50% off! — Vera Bradley
  8. 20% off — early bird gets the sale — Jonathan Adler
  9. Thanksgiving Eve! 40% Off EVERYTHING! — Heavenly Couture
  10. Your Thanksgiving begins here. — Hickory Farms



Thanksgiving Advertising Slogans

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to run campaigns through advertisements. These advertisements make the brand relevant to the occasion. If the commercial also supports a movement, then it will be more popular among customers.

Here are a few examples of brands’ Thanksgiving Advertising slogans


  1. Everything You Need for the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner — Calphalon
  2. Tips and Ideas for a Stylish and Stress-free Thanksgiving — Bed Bath & Beyond
  3. Where to Buy Your Thanksgiving Turkey — 7×7
  4. A Thanksgiving we’ll never forget — Anthropologie
  5. Last Change for FREE Thanksgiving Delivery! — CHEFS
  6. So are you pre- or post-food coma??? — Dormify
  7. A sale so good, you’ll want seconds. —
  8. The Best Vegetarian Thanksgiving Main — Epicurious
  9. No need to thank us for these exclusive deals
  10. We have cooked up some tasty deals



Thanksgiving Safety Slogans


  1. Light up for food – not your home
  2. Drive with reason this holiday season
  3. Tis the Day for Safety
  4. Knives: protect them from children (own)
  5. Beware of Hot food but not the cold drink (own)
  6. kids stove is not your dinner table, Keep away (own)



Thanksgiving Slogans for Church Signs

Thanksgiving was purely religious four hundred years ago. It was a dinner arranged by Pilgrims. With time, it has turned to this secular event, but the church still today holds it very sacred and considers it only for the Lord. Churches preach that thanksgiving is all about thanking God for all the blessings he has provided preceding year.

To give you a hint of what churches believe and preach. here is a collection of Thanksgiving slogans for Church signs


  1. Still, feeling thankful? Use your blessings to bless others
  3. Thanksgiving means thanking God
  4. Thanksgiving is expressing gratefulness in word and action.
  5. God’s Love Creates Thankful Hearts
  6. Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all the others.
  7. If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.
  8. Thanks are unto God for his unspeakable gift.
  9. A God will welcome even the biggest turkey.
  10. Grudge is a heavy thing to carry


Give Thanks for Each Day…You’ll Never Get to Live It Over Again.


Give thanks to the one who gave it all



Thanksgiving Slogans for Apartments

While everyone promotes their business during holidays and festivals, why should the apartments’ industry leave behind?

Following are the examples of Thanksgiving slogans for Apartment


Celebrate The Saving.


Celebrating Great Deals.


Love Where You Live.


Free Rent ‘Til Next Year.


Come Home for The Holidays & Stay for The Year.


Come Join Us for The Holidays.


You Can Afford to Dwell Well.



Thanksgiving Savings Slogans

Feast mode: ON!


More pie, please!


Talk turkey to me.


Time to get basted.


Get your gobble on.


Feast like a champion.


Let the stuffing begin!


Keep calm and gobble on.


Feast your eyes on this!


Gobble it up, buttercup.


Gobble ’til you wobble!


Eat, drink, and cranberry.


Give thanks and gobble on.


Leftovers are for quitters.


Giving Thanks, Giving Food.


Giving Thanks, Giving Back.


Caring Hearts, Full Tables.


Turkey is my love language.


Giving thanks by giving back.


Turkey talk and belly laughs.


Turkey time is the best time.


Pass the gravy and the remote.


Stuffing: The real turkey MVP.


Let the countdown to pie begin.


Gratitude with a side of gravy.


Turkey, family, and pie, oh my!


A time for giving.


Save a drumstick, ride a turkey.


Eat, drink, and cranberry sauce.


Thankful for elastic waistbands.


Give, Share, Care.


Feeding Hope, One Meal at a Time.


Feast like there’s no tomorrow.


Filling Plates, Fulfilling Hearts.


Sharing Blessings, Filling Plates.


Extend Your Table to Those in Need.


Sharing the Bounty of Thanksgiving.


A Feast of Generosity.


Harvesting Hope, One Meal at a Time.


Grateful, blessed, and well-dressed.


Lend a Hand, Make Thanksgiving Grand.


Stuffing my face, stuffing my turkey.


A Season of Compassion.


Stuffed with love and mashed potatoes.


Donate, Serve, Love this Thanksgiving.


Join us in spreading Thanksgiving joy.


A marathon for the mouth.


Nourish Souls, Share Thanksgiving Love.


Help us Fight Hunger this Thanksgiving.


The Super Bowl of eating.


Make Thanksgiving Special for Everyone.


Stuffed with gratitude and pumpkin pie.


Feeding Hope, Strengthening Communities.


Sharing the Harvest, Spreading Happiness.


Join Hands, Fill Plates, Spread Gratitude.


Join the Movement, Give Thanks with Giving.


Feed the Hungry, Spread Thanksgiving Cheer.


Uniting Hearts with Thanksgiving Food Drive.


Donate and Deliver Smiles this Thanksgiving.


Donate Today, Make a Family’s Thanksgiving.


Lend a Hand, Feed a Family this Thanksgiving.


Give Thanks by Giving Back this Thanksgiving.


Join us in Fighting Hunger this Thanksgiving.


All I need is turkey and some peace and quiet.


Grateful Hearts Giving Back this Thanksgiving.


A Time to Share, A Time to Care.


Extend a Helping Hand, Share Thanksgiving Joy.


The ultimate food coma challenge.


Bird is the word, gobble ’til you’re heard.


Join the Fight Against Hunger this Thanksgiving.


Donate, Serve, and Make Thanksgiving Meaningful.


Turkey and touchdowns, a Thanksgiving touchdown.


Uniting Communities, Filling Hearts with Thanks.


Let’s make this Thanksgiving a time of giving.


A Time for Compassion and Sharing.


The ultimate marathon eating event.


Harvesting Happiness through Thanksgiving Giving.


Thanksgiving Food Drive: Share the Joy of Giving.


The calm before the shopping storm.


Thanksgiving Food Drive: Savor the Joy of Giving.


Making Thanksgiving Brighter, One Meal at a Time.


Sharing Thanksgiving Blessings with Those in Need.


Together, Let’s Feed the Need this Thanksgiving.


Give Back this Thanksgiving and Make a Difference.


Turkey and football: The perfect Thanksgiving duo.


Give Thanks by Giving to Others this Thanksgiving.


Help us nourish families in need this Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving Food Drive: Serving Love on a Platter.


A Season of Giving, A Season of Love.


The day I can eat like it’s cardio.


Support the Food Drive and Give Thanks with Action.


A Time for Giving, A Time for Sharing.


A time to give thanks and get stuffed.


Together we can Fill Empty Plates this Thanksgiving.


Gobble till you wobble, then snooze till you cruise.


Together we can make a difference this Thanksgiving.


A time to be grateful and gather carbs.


Thanksgiving Food Drive: Bringing Joy to Every Table.


Thanksgiving Food Drive: Giving Hope, Changing Lives.


Support the Food Drive, Share the Thanksgiving Spirit.


In the battle between turkey and sleep, let sleep win.


Support the Thanksgiving Food Drive and Feed the Need.


Thanksgiving Food Drive: Nourish Bodies, Uplift Souls.


Join the Thanksgiving Food Drive and make a difference.


Sharing the Spirit of Thanksgiving, One Meal at a Time.


Thanksgiving Food Drive: Giving Back, Spreading Smiles.


Make a Difference this Thanksgiving, One Meal at a Time.


A day for giving thanks and eating seconds.


The day I become a professional pie taster.


Join Hands, Share Love, Feed the Hungry this Thanksgiving.


Gobble ’til you wobble, then nap ’til you’re stable.


A day to count your blessings, not calories.


Together, Let’s Create a Bountiful Thanksgiving for All.


Donate, Volunteer, and Make Thanksgiving Memorable for All.


Thanksgiving Food Drive: Feeding Bodies, Uplifting Spirits.


Thanksgiving Food Drive: Sharing Abundance, Fighting Hunger.


The only day it’s acceptable to talk turkey.


A time to gather, gobble, and get your nap on.


Thanksgiving Food Drive: Giving Gratitude, Sharing Abundance.


The day I can eat my weight in mashed potatoes.


Together, Let’s Ensure No One Goes Hungry this Thanksgiving.


Food, family, and a side of hilarious relatives.


A day for family, food, and a whole lot of stretchy pants.


The one day a year I can wear my stretchy pants with pride.


Where the stuffing is legendary and the family is tolerable.


The only day it’s acceptable to put all your eggs in one gravy boat.


A time to gather ’round the table and give thanks for elastic waistbands.




Slogan About Being Thankful

Gratitude Grows Here


Warm Hearts, Full Plates


Grateful Hearts Gather Here


Counting Our Many Blessings


Giving Thanks, Spreading Joy


Thankful Hearts, Happy Souls


Turkey, Pie, and Family Ties


Indulge in Thankful Delights!


Thankful Hearts, Abundant Joy


Giving Thanks, Sharing Smiles


Giving Thanks, Making Memories


Thankful Hearts, Festive Start


Thankful, Blessed, and Stuffed


Counting Memories, Not Calories


Gather ‘Round and Give Thanks


Thanksgiving Love Served Fresh!


Giving Thanks, Spreading Warmth


Counting Blessings, Sharing Love


Counting Blessings, Not Calories


Thankful Hearts, Nourished Souls


Sharing Moments, Making Memories


Giving Thanks, Creating Happiness


Thanksgiving Love on Every Plate!


A Cornucopia of Thanks and Giving


Harvesting Love, Sowing Gratitude


Feast, Friends, and Fond Memories


Grateful Hearts, Bountiful Tables


Grateful Hearts, Memorable Feasts


A Grateful Gathering


A Feast for the Soul


Harvesting Joy, Savoring Gratitude


Grateful Hearts, Joyful Gatherings


The Art of Gratitude


Harvesting Love, Growing Gratitude


Family, Food, and Forever Thankful


Grateful Hearts, Overflowing Plates


Gratitude Blooms Like Autumn Leaves


Bountiful Blessings, Endless Thanks


A Time to Give Thanks


A Season of Gratitude


Giving Thanks for Abundance and Love


Appreciation Abounds on Thanksgiving


Family, Food, and Thankful Attitudes


A Feast of Thankfulness


Harvesting Happiness this Thanksgiving


Thankful Hearts, Blissful Celebrations


A Season of Gratefulness


Count Your Blessings, Not the Calories


A Harvest of Appreciation


Harvesting Happiness, Sharing Abundance


Harvesting Happiness, Sharing Blessings


Thanksgiving Feasts Made Extra Special!


Harvesting Love, Cultivating Thankfulness


From Farm to Table, a Thanksgiving Feast!


Harvesting Gratitude, Cultivating Kindness


Thanksgiving Blessings, Plentiful and True


Thanksgiving Traditions, Moments That Bind!


Thanksgiving Traditions Made Extraordinary!


Thanksgiving Traditions, Flavors Redefined!


Thanksgiving Traditions, Flavors Reimagined!


Gratitude and Good Eats: Happy Thanksgiving!


From Our Table to Yours: Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Feast: A Time to Share and Care


Gratitude in Every Bite: Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Delights: From Harvest to Table


Thanksgiving Tales: Where Gratitude Prevails!


Taste the Season, Embrace Thanksgiving Magic!


The Joy of Giving Thanks: Happy Thanksgiving!


Gratitude Unites Us, Thanksgiving Delights Us


Thanksgiving Traditions: Passed Down with Love


Embrace the Harvest, Embrace Thanksgiving Joy!


Warm Hearts, Full Bellies: Thanksgiving Bliss!


The Taste of Togetherness: Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Traditions: A Timeless Celebration


Sharing Love, Filling Hearts: Thanksgiving Joy!


Thanksgiving Traditions: Memories in the Making


Gratitude: The Secret Ingredient of Thanksgiving


Counting Our Blessings, Embracing Our Loved Ones


Thanksgiving Traditions: From Our Table to Yours


Indulge in Autumn’s Bounty: Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Feast, Where Gratitude Meets Flavor!


Warm Wishes, Abundant Dishes: Happy Thanksgiving!


Family, Food, and Football: Thanksgiving Tradition


Giving Thanks, Making Memories: Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Traditions, Unforgettable Experiences!


Giving Thanks, Sharing Love: Thanksgiving Delights!


Grateful Hearts, Joyful Plates: Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Traditions, Treasures of Togetherness!


Celebrating Thanksgiving with Hearts Full of Thanks


Warm Wishes, Scrumptious Dishes: Happy Thanksgiving!


Embrace the Spirit of Gratitude: Happy Thanksgiving!


Feast Mode: Engaged! Celebrate Thanksgiving with Us!


A Time for Reflection and Appreciation


Grateful Hearts, Abundant Plates: Thanksgiving Magic!


Grateful Hearts, Bountiful Start: Happy Thanksgiving!


Fall into Flavorful Celebrations: Happy Thanksgiving!


Grateful Hearts, Abundant Plates: Happy Thanksgiving!


Feasting, Laughing, Giving Thanks: Happy Thanksgiving!


A Cornucopia of Happiness: Thanksgiving Joy Unleashed!


Savor the Flavors, Share the Love: Happy Thanksgiving!


The Taste of Togetherness: Thanksgiving Delights Await!


Savor the Season, Savor the Flavor: Happy Thanksgiving!


Blessings Shared, Memories Created: Thanksgiving Bliss!


Grateful Hearts, Satisfied Appetites: Thanksgiving Joy!


Giving Thanks, Creating Connections: Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Traditions, Creating Unforgettable Moments!


Grateful Gatherings, Delicious Feasts: Thanksgiving Joy!


Harvesting Happiness, Giving Thanks: Happy Thanksgiving!


A Time to Reflect, Rejoice, and Give Thanks


Delicious Delights, Memorable Nights: Thanksgiving Magic!


Fall into Thankful Bliss: Celebrate Thanksgiving with Us!


Fall into Flavorful Celebrations: Thanksgiving Happiness!


Savor the Season, Cherish the Moments: Happy Thanksgiving!


Savor the Moments, Relish the Flavors: Thanksgiving Bliss!


From Our Table to Yours: Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving!


Gather ‘Round, Create Lasting Bonds: Thanksgiving Bliss!


Gratitude in Every Bite: Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving!


Indulge in Autumn’s Bounty: Thanksgiving Delights Await!


A Cornucopia of Happiness: Celebrate Thanksgiving with Us!


Celebrate Family, Celebrate Gratitude: Thanksgiving Magic!


From Our Family to Yours: Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving!


Creating Memories, Embracing Gratitude: Thanksgiving Bliss!


Celebrate Gratitude, Indulge in Delight: Happy Thanksgiving!


Nourish Your Soul, Satisfy Your Cravings: Happy Thanksgiving!


Count Your Blessings, Taste the Goodness: Happy Thanksgiving!


Delicious Delights, Memorable Nights: Thanksgiving Happiness!


Celebrating Gratitude, Sharing Happiness: Happy Thanksgiving!


Feasting, Laughing, Giving Thanks: Thanksgiving Joy Unleashed!


A Festive Feast, A Time to Be Grateful: Thanksgiving Happiness!


Creating Memories, Embracing Gratitude: Thanksgiving Happiness!


A Bounty of Blessings, A Feast for the Senses: Thanksgiving Joy!


Thanksgiving Traditions: Honoring the Past, Embracing the Present


A Season of Gratitude, A Table of Abundance: Thanksgiving Delights!


Thanksgiving Traditions: Cherishing the Past, Celebrating the Present


Feasting, Laughing, and Memories Sharing: Thanksgiving Delights Await!




Funny Thanksgiving Safety Slogans

Gratitude: A Gift to God


In All Things, Give Thanks


Give Thanks and Stay Safe.


Thankful Hearts Gather Here


In Every Season, Give Thanks


Gratitude: A Pillar of Faith


Grateful Hearts, Lifted Hands


Warm Hearts, Safe Gatherings.


Gratitude: A Journey of Faith


Grateful Hearts, Strong Faith


A Feast of Grace


Grateful Hearts, Safe Choices.


Thankful Hearts Praise the Lord


Grateful Hearts, Generous Hands


Thanksgiving Joy, Safety First!


Safe Feasting, Thankful Hearts.


Turkey, Gratitude, Safety First.


Safe Gatherings, Happy Feasting.


Harvesting Gratitude, Sowing Joy


Thanksgiving Love, Safety Above.


Gratitude: A Foundation of Faith


Thanksgiving Joy, Safety Employ.


Safe Travel, Happy Thanksgiving.


Safety First, Thanksgiving Bliss.


Grateful Hearts, Safe Gatherings.


Thankful Hearts, Anchored in Hope


Give Thanks, Give Love, Give Hope


Count Your Blessings, Give Thanks


Overflowing with Thanksgiving Joy


Safe Cooking, Happy Thanksgiving.


Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart


Safe Gatherings, Grateful Hearts.


Blessings Abound, Thanks Be to God


Abundant Blessings, Endless Thanks


Overflowing with Gratitude and Joy


Overflowing with Thanks and Praise


Grateful Hearts, Empowered by Love


Thanksgiving Joy, Safety Employed.


Thankful Hearts, United in Worship


Thanksgiving Cheer, Safety is Near.


Safety Ensures Thanksgiving Smiles.


Gratitude: A Beacon of God’s Love


Abundant Grace, Abounding Gratitude


Stay Alert, Keep Thanksgiving Safe.


Thankful Hearts, Radiant with Grace


Thanksgiving Wishes, Safety Kisses.


Gratitude in Action, Love in Motion


Thankful Hearts Shine God’s Light


Thanksgiving Care, Safety We Share.


Give Thanks Responsibly, Stay Safe.


Thankful Hearts, Safe Celebrations.


Gratitude: The Key to a Joyful Heart


Thankful Hearts Reflect God’s Love


Thanksgiving Love, Safety We Uphold.


A Harvest of Blessings


Blessings Abound, Gratitude Surrounds


Gratitude and Safety Go Hand in Hand.


Safety on the Menu this Thanksgiving.


Harvesting Faith, Sowing Thankfulness


Thankful Hearts, Transformed by Grace


Feast with Care, Safety is Our Share.


A Symphony of Gratitude


Thanksgiving Safety is a Team Effort.


A Time to Rekindle Hope


Safety Precedes Thanksgiving Delights.


Give Thanks, Stay Safe – No Regrets.


Overflowing with Thankfulness and Hope


Thanksgiving Delights, Safety Excites.


Gratitude: A River of God’s Blessings


Protect Each Other, Give Thanks Safely.


Enjoy the Harvest, Keep Safety in Mind.


Grateful for God’s Abundant Blessings


Harvesting Love, Spreading Thankfulness


Overflowing with Thankfulness and Peace


Blessings Galore, Gratitude Forevermore


Thankful Hearts, Radiating God’s Love


Together We Give Thanks, Safely United.


Count Your Blessings, Multiply Your Joy


Thanksgiving Blessings, Safety Lessons.


Feast Responsibly, Safety is Paramount.


A Tapestry of Joyful Souls


Thanksgiving Blessings, Safety Measures.


Protect Your Family, Give Thanks Safely.


A Safe A Family Tradition.


Grateful Hearts, Responsible Gatherings.


Give Thanks for the Harvest of Blessings


A Symphony of Thankfulness


Overflowing with Gratitude and Compassion


Gratitude is the Attitude of Thanksgiving


Gratitude and Safety, Together We Thrive.


Blessings in Disguise, Gratitude in Heart


A Time to Gather in Worship


Grateful Hearts, Safe Celebrations Start.


A Time for Healing and Unity


Prevention is Key, Have a Safe Turkey Day.


Thanksgiving Safety: It’s in Your Hands.


Thanksgiving Happiness Begins with Safety.


A Tapestry of Grateful Souls


Keep Calm and Stay Safe this Thanksgiving.


A Tapestry of Thankful Souls


A Time to Share God’s Love


A Feast of Love and Gratitude


Thankful Hearts, Filled with God’s Spirit


Overflowing with Gratitude this Thanksgiving


Safety First, Thanksgiving Blessings Follow.


A Safe Thanksgiving is a Happy Thanksgiving.


Safety Starts at Home, Even on Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving Safety: A Recipe for Happiness.


A Season to Share God’s Grace


Keep Thanksgiving Safe, Spread the Gratitude.


Thanksgiving Care, Safety Awareness We Share.


Be Thankful, Stay Mindful – Safety Matters.


Harvest Blessings, Protect the Ones You Love.


Count Your Blessings, Protect Your Loved Ones.


Gratitude and Safety, Our Thanksgiving Recipe.


Prevent Accidents, Enjoy Thanksgiving Moments.


Give Thanks and Stay Alert – Safety Matters!


Gratitude and Safety: Our Thanksgiving Pledge.


A Time to Rejoice in God’s Love


A Time to Share God’s Abundance


A Season of Renewal and Gratitude


A Time to Reflect and Give Thanks


Safety Alert: Thanksgiving Memories to Cherish.


Celebrate Thanksgiving with Faith and Gratitude


Protect Your Loved Ones, Celebrate Responsibly.


Protect Your Family, Spread Thanksgiving Safety.


A Time for Forgiveness and Renewal


A Reminder of God’s Faithfulness


A Season to Rejoice and Be Grateful


Shield Your Loved Ones, Thanksgiving Safety Owns.


Thanksgiving Safety: Smart Choices, Happy Voices.


Safety Starts with You, Even on Thanksgiving Day.


Safety and Gratitude: The Perfect Thanksgiving Duo.


Safe Travel, Happy Reunion – Thanksgiving Wishes.


A Time to Rejoice in God’s Goodness


Safe Travels, Warm Reunions – Happy Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving Happiness Starts with Safety Awareness.


Give Thanks, Stay Safe – Protect What You Treasure.


A Time for Reflection and Renewed Faith


Protect Your Loved Ones, Make Thanksgiving Memorable.


Give Thanks, Stay Safe – It’s Our Responsibility.


Give Thanks and Stay Vigilant – Safety is Paramount.


Share Love, Not Germs – Stay Safe this Thanksgiving.


Safety is the Key Ingredient of a Perfect Thanksgiving.


Safety and Gratitude, A Perfect Blend for Thanksgiving.


Create Memories, Embrace Safety – Happy Thanksgiving!


A Time for Rejoicing in God’s Blessings


A Time to Gather, Worship, and Give Thanks


Safety is the Secret Ingredient for a Happy Thanksgiving.


Protect What Matters, Celebrate Thanksgiving Responsibly.


Savor the Moments, Safeguard the Memories – Thanksgiving Safety.



Thanksgiving slogans were rollercoasters. They had so many vibes. The God, the gratitude, the food, the Love, the harmony, and the family, every color were present in them. Thanksgiving is an amalgam of elements that are necessary for the stability of society. The aforementioned Thanksgiving slogans to advertise products and to spread the positive message of gratefulness among the masses. One catchy slogan can have an effect on the ideas and beliefs of people in the right environment. That is what slogans do they mold your behavior and are necessary to bring positive change in society and business for the industries. Keep spreading love, by writing with great Thanksgiving slogans. Happy Thanksgiving!!!



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