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50 Catchy Pi Day Slogans and Clever Pi Day Phrases

If you are a Mathematics lover and a food addict, this blog is for you. Yes, your guess is right. We are going to talk about Pi Day. The Pi day is all about a constant of mathematics celebrated on the 14th of march. The date itself is very intriguing as it represents the value of the Pi. People also bake Pies and throw them at each other for fun.

The concept of pie came from a pun or perhaps the circle shape of it, but either way, it makes Pi day very entertaining. Discussions on Pi and new developments in the field of mathematics are part of the celebrations.  The slogan for Pi day is also an element of the math gala. Enthusiasts post slogans of Pi day on their social media accounts and talk about them on programs.

The fact that Pi has the value of endless numbers and numbers that are patternless. That is what makes it a miracle in the world of math and unique enough to have a day to celebrate named after it.



Catchy Pi Day Slogans

We have collected the top slogans for Pi day so that you celebrate Pi Day with the right choice of words!!!

Let’s dig in here are the Top 10 Catchy Pi Day Slogans.


  1. Start your calculation today
  2. A day devoted to mathematics
  3. I want a pie on this pi day
  4. Be irrational, pi day is here
  5. I fell in love with math when I met Pi
  6. A calculation worth doing
  7. For all the mathematic lovers
  8. Pi makes the world go-’round
  9. It’s pi day, it’s pi day! gotta get down on pi-day!
  10. I hated Math then I found out about Pi


Any Day’s Better with a Little Pi


It’s easy as pi


Got pi?


It’s as easy as 3.14


Q.T. Pi or Cutie Pi


I like Pi


I love Pi


Happy Pi Day


Be rational, Get real


Be irrational, celebrate Pi Day


Ultimate Pi Day


Legendary Pi Day


Pi Day Pie Party!


Keep calm and love Pi


Keep calm, it’s Pi day


Live and let π


Keep calm & celebrate Pi day


Weren’t these smart and fun? Choose your favorite.



Pi Day Phrases

If anything has math involved in it, it has to be clever.  To celebrate Pi Day, we have collected Slogans that suit their enthusiasm.

Here are a few best Clever Pi Day slogans


Your calculation must not end


Pi-rate (pirate)


Simple as 3.1415


T. Pi or Cutie Pi


The larger the Pi, the larger the world could be


Pi – an irrational that makes more logic


Math’s would not be math without Pi


The larger the Pi, the larger the circumference is


Throw up a pie party on a Pi day


It is almost fascinating how these clever slogans contained pies and Pi two different things and yet made sense. The day just through these slogans for Pi day sounds so fun. When do we get a chance to throw Pies on our friends and get away with it? Pi Day gives us that immunity.

So keep on sharing these slogans on Pi day and keep throwing Pies as well. Make your day memorable, and we will keep coming up with more creative Pi day slogans for you!



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