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45 Catchy May Day Slogans and Sayings



May Day Slogans are often confused with Labor day but, the truth is that May Day slogans come in handy to welcome spring. The first of May is celebrated for bloomed April flowers. It is to welcome the greenery to earth in many parts of the world and exciting summers that come next.

People witness beautiful flowers in parks, alongside the road, and in their gardens as evidence of the coming of spring. What is better than welcoming fresh air and beautiful serene? This festival started centuries ago by indigenous societies mainly for religious reasons, with the time this festival has become somewhat secular. Now it is solely celebrated to welcome the green earth to it’s fullest.

Children display May Day slogans in their decorated garden, or they make placards with catchy May Day slogans on it while dressed up as “Queens of Spring” and participating in public festivals of the day. We all love green earth, the sight of long and beautiful trees, the fragrance of freshly blossomed flowers, the beautiful summer evenings, and the fruits that come with it. For this, we need to prevent the destruction of the natural resources of the earth and spread awareness about the hazards of deforestation. The knowledge can be spread by May Day slogans on social media, parks, during festivals around oscillators, and through government-funded advertisement. Also when festivals are celebrated with special slogans they double up the meaning of the festival and make it more highlighted, meaningful in the eyes of the public.


Catchy May Day slogans


Blooming to life


From sweet April showers spring May flowers


In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt


Love in bloom


Out with the cold, in with the woo


Hip, Hip, Hooray


Hop into spring!


A great day to fly a kite


Green, I see green again!


Goodbye winter, hello spring!


Spring Glow, Bloom, Shine


Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s a party!”


Spring is sooner recognized by plants than by men


Sweet April showers do spring May flowers


Spring, the sweet spring, is the year’s pleasant king


It’s May Day! And here’s me with these flowers for you


May your days be as bright as the flowers of May!


May Day means flowers party


Happy May Day my love!


Enjoy and play on the first day of May


May first day is best, forget the rest


I wish you a Happy May Day


Have a colorful May


May Day is like Love Day


I am on the way to celebrating May Day


Missing you and wishing you a Happy May Day


Blossom in your community


A swarm of bees in May, Is worth a load of hay


Don’t these May Day slogans give catchy, positive, and inspiring vibes? Spring is all about it. It is relevant to mention here that labor day in various countries is on the same day as a spring day, The first of May. For this very reason, many people are not aware of May Day and celebrate labor day Instead. But! Who says that we need to celebrate only one event? We can celebrate both the hard work of laborers and the mother earth on a single day. We can acknowledge the struggle of laborers and the happiness of spring all in one day. The essence of May Day at the end of the day is to celebrate life on earth with all its beauty. Hopefully, now you are excited for spring no matter wherever you are reading this article from and planning to grow flowers and make wonderful placards of Mayday slogans to welcome spring.


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