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60 Catchy Election Day Slogans and Sayings

Below are the 37 Catchy Election Day Slogans. Share them with your friends.


Don’t forget, it’s Election Day

election day slogans-Don’t forget, it’s Election Day

Vote early and Vote often!

Vote for Change!

election day slogans-Vote for Change!

Your country needs YOU!!!

Tell them that voting is their right

election day slogans-Tell them that voting is their right

Make a difference Vote

VOTE for whatever floats your boat

Every time you vote God saves a kitten

Give those statisticians something to talk about, vote

Vote because it’s the American thing to do

It’s good to vote, In America!

Promote the vote

Rock the vote, yes rock the vote baby

Your Vote Counts

Don’t feel fear – Election Day is here

Don’t worry, today is judgment day

Vote Vote for your man if he can’t do it no one can! Really!

VOTE, I shouldn’t have to tell you why

Kick the rats before they kick you, get up and vote

Your vote is your future

Vote right, as in right wing

If you’re going to drink, don’t vote

Vote as if it matters

Go on your way but Vote today

If you don’t Vote you lose the right to complain

Vote! Let’s your voice be heard!

Rock the Vote

Be smart do your part VOTE!

Your voice your VOTE

Vote, it’s your Right and Responsibility

Go Vote. Why don’t we VOTE?

Feel proud to be a Voter. Be ready to Vote

I Vote because it’s my Right and Responsibility

I want you to VOTE

Your Vote – Your Future

Vote or Die

Have a vision? Make a right decision! VOTE!

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