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50 Catchy Save Forest Slogans

Forests are the most important thing on this planet. They provide us oxygen without which human life can’t sustain. They are also keeping our environment clean and green which is necessary for us to be healthy. Keeping in view the importance of forests, we must have grown more forests throughout the world but instead we are cutting them down at a higher pace. Due to cutting down of forests, we are now living in a polluted world and people are living a unhealthy life. 

Now the time has come, we must change our attitude towards forests. We not only need to protect the existing forests, we should grow more forests. We need to stand up to create awareness among people regarding the benefits of forests. Everyone of us has to contribute to spread the word. 

Frequent awareness campaigns need to be run to accelerate the public awareness process. Slogans on save forests should be used in these campaigns as they catch the attention of people and stick to their mind like glue for a long time. In the past, we have shared save animal slogans and save trees slogans to aware people to save both for a sustainable future. 

In this post, we are going to present 50+ save forest slogans. You can use them in save forest awareness campaigns to motivate people to stop cutting down forests and grow more.   

Save forest Slogans

Save forests, they will save you

Lend a hand to save forests

Saving forests is our duty

Need for forest conservation

Plant for the planet

Run to help save forests

“Our forest” Needs us

Stand for forests

Forest protection now

Save forests, save the climate!

Forests for a living planet

Do it for your planet

Fight for forest

keep calm & Love forests

Stop the chop

Hands off our Forest

Forests help us breathe

Forest kill floods

Be safe and protect forests


We all need forests

People love forests

Give Nature A Voice

Save today, survive tomorrow

Forests for all


Forests, oxygen factory

All you need is a forest

Nature Itself Is The Best Physician

Save forests, NOW not Later

It’s save forests time


Life without forests is impossible

Let’s save forests

Keep The Green. Cut The Greed

Save forests, save future

Stop Exams! Save Forests!

We need forests, Forests don’t need us

Save forests for your kids


Forest, wind blocker

Forest, flood fighter

Save forests and move forward

Our forests aren’t fuel

Say no to deforestation

Save forests, a key to clean & green environment

Save forests and stay healthy

Planting forests is Planting life

Cut down deforestation

My mom says, save forests


Our health is in the hands of forests

I love forests, do you?

Forests, a road to healthy environment

Don’t be sorry, do something

Nature Doesn’t Need People

Wildlife Conservation Slogans

Don’t shoot us with Guns, shoot us with cameras

Say no to animal abuse

Cage for prisoners, not for animals

Fight for the animal’s right

Feed animals, don’t eat animals

No wildlife – No human life

Join hands to protect wildlife

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Go Green Slogans

Go green and make the environment clean!!

It’s sexy being green

Feeling blue? Go green!

Recycle…Let it Live Again!

Be earth wise

Think Green – Live Green

Green is the WORLD’S favorite color

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Tree Plantation Slogans

Each one, Plant one

1,2,3, Plant a tree

Give a hoot for the root

Don’t be a litter bug, just give a tree a hug

The best time to plant a tree is just now

Tree plantation is a life style not a one-time campaign

Trees of today were planted by your forefathers so follow their suite

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