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Rugby quotes will pamper your team and boost their morale to win repeatedly. They will work as a lucky charm that binds the team together and highlights the common goal. They will also serve as a short reminder for seasonal and professional players to stick to their goals.

Reading these quotes during training sessions motivates you to train harder every day to seize the opportunities to win. Also, reading before the game helps you stay consistent and calm against competitive players.

It would motivate players to win dreams like Famous Dan Carter, who says, “I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it wasn’t for the setbacks, the difficulties, and the injuries along the way.”

Be the next Dan Carter by exploring the Rugby quotes to tackle haters and critics.

Catchy Rugby Quotes

  • The relationship between the Welsh and the English is based on trust and understanding. They don’t trust us and we don’t understand them. -Dudley Wood English RFU secretary on Anglo-Welsh relations, 1986.
  • We’re going to tear those boys apart.-Will Carling
  • Don’t ask me about emotions in the Welsh dressing room. I’m someone who cries when he watches ‘Little House on the Prairie’. -Bob Norster Welsh rugby player, 1994.
  • Remember that rugby is a team game; all 14 of you make sure you pass the ball to Jonah. -FAX to All Blacks before 1995 World Cup semi-final.
  • I played ten injury-free years between the ages of 12 and 22. Then, suddenly, it seemed like I was allergic to the twentieth century.-Nigel Melville
  • A player of ours has been proven guilty of biting. That’s a scar that will never heal. -Andy Robinson
  • You’ve got to get your first tackle in early, even if it’s late.-Ray Gravell
  • I think Brian Moore’s gnashers are the kind you get from a DIY shop and hammer in yourself. He is the only player we have who looks like a French forward.-Paul Rendall
  • There’s no doubt about it, he’s a big bastard. -Gavin Hastings Scottish rugby player on Jonah Lomu.
  • If you can’t take a punch, you should play table tennis. -Pierre Berbizier
  • Rugby is a beastly game played by gentlemen; soccer is a gentleman’s game played by beasts; football is a beastly game played by beasts. -Henry Blaha


Best Rugby Quotes



Key Takeaways

Use rugby quotes in speeches, team talks, social media posts, blog posts, articles, team shirts, and jerseys to convey a specific message to readers. This will highlight a famous event and moments that resonate with public feelings.

Here are the famous rugby quotes:

  • I grew up in Shropshire, but I was born in Wales. There was a hospital seven miles away, but my dad drove 45 miles over the Welsh border so I could play rugby for Wales. But as a skinny asthmatic, I was only ever good at swimming. -Greg Davies
  • It’s like a rugby team. If you’re picking for the World Cup final, you’re choosing experience with youth. Everything is better off having that balance and that mix. That, incredibly, goes for the monarchy as well. -Prince William 
  • The most scared I’d ever been was the first time I sang at a rugby match, Australia versus New Zealand, in front of one hundred thousand people. I had a panic attack the night before because people have been booed off and never worked again… just singing one song, the national anthem. -Hugh Jackman


Benefits of using Rugby quotes 

Encapsulating the essence of the game preserves teamwork, builds confidence, and focuses on players’ personal growth, which maintains their performance during the match.


Best Rugby Quotes

  • On Lomu finally turning down offers from League teams: “Jonah Lomu is staying in New Zealand, ending an is—he—or—isn’t—he saga which rivaled the trial of OJ. Simpson for unnecessarily protracted tedium.”—Paul Wilson The Observer (1995)
  • “To play rugby league, you need three things: a good pass, a good tackle and a good excuse.”—Anon
  • “If the game is run properly as a professional game, you do not need 57 old farts running rugby.”—Will Carling (1995)
  • “Forwards are the gnarled and scarred creatures who have a propensity for running into and bleeding all over each other.”—Peter Fitzsimmons
  • “The pub is as much a part of rugby as is the playing field.”—John Dickenson
  • “Beer and Rugby are more or less synonymous.”—Chris Laidlaw
  • To Princess Anne’s son Peter Phillips, Gordonstoun School’s rugby captain, for his pre—match coin—toss preference: “Grandmother or tails, sir?”—Anon rugby referee (1995)
  • “On England’s new rubber training suit-As you run around Battersea Parkin them, looking like a cross between a member of the SAS and Blake’s Seven, there is always the lingering fear of arrest.”—Brian Moore (1995)
  • “Rugby is a beastly game played by gentlemen; soccer is a gentleman’s game played by beasts; football is a beastly game played by beasts.”—Henry Blaha
  • “I’m 49, I’ve had a brain haemorrhage and a triple bypass and I could still go out and play a reasonable game of rugby union. But I wouldn’t last 30 seconds in rugby league.”—Graham Lowe (1995)


Catchy Rugby Quotes


Motivational Rugby Quotes

  • After a succession of career—threatening injuries: “I played ten injury—free years between the ages of 12 and 22. Then, suddenly, it seemed like I was allergic to the twentieth century.”—Nigel Melville (1984)
  • “On female rugby teams—Everybody thinks we should have moustaches and hairy arses, but in fact you could put us all on the cover of Vogue.”—Helen Kirk (1987)
  • “I think you enjoy the game more if you don’t know the rules. Anyway, you’re on the same wavelength as the referees.”—Jonathan Davies, A Question of Sport BBC TV (1995)
  • “I’m still an amateur, of course, but I became rugby’s first millionaire five years ago.”—David Campese (1991)
  • On trying to stop Phil Horrocks—Taylor: “Every time I went to tackle him, Horrocks went one way, Taylor went the other, and all I got was the bloody hyphen.”—Nick England
  • “The Holy Writ of Gloucester Rugby Club demands: first, that the forwards shall win the ball; second, that the forwards shall keep the ball; and third, the backs shall buy the beer.”—Doug Ibbotson
  • “There is far too much talk about good ball and bad ball. In my opinion, good ball is when you have possession and bad ball is when the opposition have it.”—Dick Jeeps (1976)
  • “Playing rugby at school I once fell on a loose ball and, through ignorance and fear, held on despite a fierce pummelling. After that it took me months to convince my team-mates I was a coward.”—Peter Cook (1970)
  • After an All—Blacks surprise loss to the French in the 1999 Rugby World Cup: “The French are predictably unpredictable.”—Andrew Mehrtens.
  • “Rugby is a game for the mentally deficient…That is why it was invented by the British. Who else but an Englishman could invent an oval ball?”—Peter Pook
  • “The advantage law is the best law in rugby, because it lets you ignore all the others for the good of the game.”—Derek Robinson


Motivational Rugby Quotes


Cool Rugby Quotes

  • “Anyone who doesn’t watch rugby league is not a real person. He’s a cow’s hoof, an ethnic or comes from Melbourne.”—John Singleton Australian (1981)
  • “New Zealand rugby is a colorful game since you get all black…and blue.”
  • “Rugby League is war without the frills.”—Anon.
  • “Rugby is a good occasion for keeping thirty bullies far from the center of the city.”—Oscar Wilde
  • Gareth Edwards: “The sooner that little so—and—so goes to rugby league, the better it will be for us.”—Dickie Jeeps (1967)
  • On the biggest change after returning to the Union code: “It’s the first time I’ve been cold for seven years. I was never cold playing rugby league.”—Jonathan Davis, A Question of Sport BBC TV (1995)
  • “In my time, I’ve had my knee out, broken my collarbone, had my nose smashed, a rib broken, lost a few teeth, and ricked my back; but as soon as I get a bit of bad luck I’m going to quit the game.”—J. W. Robinson
  • “I can’t even spell diet.” Gareth Edwards (1984)
  • “League is much, much more physical than Union, and that’s before anyone starts breaking the rules.” – Adrian Hadley (1988)
  • “I prefer rugby to soccer. I enjoy the violence in rugby, except when they start biting each other’s ears off.”—Elizabeth Taylor (1972)


Cool Rugby Quotes


Famous Rugby Quotes

  • “In 1823, William Webb Ellis first picked up the ball in his arms and ran with it. And for the next 156 years forwards have been trying to work out why.”—Sir Tasker Watkins (1979)
  • “On his multi—player injury substitutions against Western Samoa—It was like the Falklands crisis. I was counting them in and counting them out.”—Jack Rowell (1995)
  • “Rugby football is a game I can’t claim absolutely to understand in all its niceties, if you know what I mean. I can follow the broad, general principles, of course. I mean to say, I know that the main scheme is to work the ball down the field somehow and deposit it over the line at the other end and that, in order to squalch this programme, each side is allowed to put in a certain amount of assault and battery and do things to its fellow man which, if done elsewhere, would result in 14 days without the option, coupled with some strong remarks from the Bench.”—P. G. Wodehouse Very Good, Jeeves (1930)
  • “Rugby is played by men with odd shaped balls.”—Car bumper sticker
  • “New Zealand rugby is a colourful game since you get all black…and blue.”—Anon
  • “The whole point of rugby is that it is, first and foremost, a state of mind, a spirit.”—Jean—Pierre Rives (1952- ), French rugby player.
  • Martin Offiah: “Your hands can’t catch what your eyes can’t see.”—Nike rugby boot advert (1993)
  • “Rugby backs can be identified because they generally have clean jerseys and identifiable partings in their hair…come the revolution the backs will be the first to be lined up against the wall and shot for living parasitically off the work of others.”—Peter Fizsimmons
  • “Me? As England’s answer to Jonah Lomu? Joanna Lumley, more likely.“—Damian Hopley (1995)


Tips to Create Rugby Quotes

  • Identify the moments or messages you want to highlight 
  • Capture the essence of the game
  • Focus on the emotions of players on the field
  • Identify the target audience
  • Keep it short, motivational, and inspirational
  • Create a powerful impact on readers


Choose the Perfect Rugby Quotes for your Team

Choose an ideal rugby quote that sparks motivation, highlights team identity, and motivates players to stay consistent. The quote should connect with the team’s emotions and pamper them to chase their goal.
Select a short quote that will have a life-changing impact on the team.

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