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Top 100 Kevin Gates Quotes & Sayings

Here is a list of Top 100 Kevin Gates Quotes & Sayings.


Kevin Gates Quotes & Sayings


“If it matters to you, pursue it aggressively.”


“Sometimes the best move is no move.”


“I stand alone because I’m strong enough to do it.”


“Wise men change, fools stay the same.”


“Bein’ logical gave me a reason to doubt.”


“I got it out tha mud, ain’t nobody ever gave me nothing.”


“The struggle is real, but it doesn’t last forever.”


“Don’t get mad at me for being the best of what I was created to be.”


“Watch people daily and you will see their true colors.”


“Loves a battlefield it’s not a one night stand.”


“I never met a wise man that didn’t understand change.”


“I live by the ten percent rule. Save one, you save a thousand.”


“I like being with my family. That’s my party.”


“Sometimes being different is what matters in relationships.”


“Never break or fold, that’s what it takes to be major.”


“Marriage is the most wonderful thing ever.”


“Why accept failure when success is free?”


“Fall in love fast, make sure I handle it delicate.”


“Emotionally I’m an introvert but it comes off as aggression.”


“It is illegal to steal my feelings and leave.”


“If you not in your own lane, create one.”


“I experience great hurt, this hurt allows me to know I’m alive.”


“I got 6 jobs I don’t get TIRED!”


“You can’t make everybody else happy and still stay on top.”


“Anything lost, can be found again, except for time wasted.”


“The ones that hate you most tend to be the people you know.”


“All things are obtained by Wisdom and Knowledge.”


“I don’t sleep much. I don’t sleep much – I work, I work, I work.”


“I’m on tha grind for whats mines…”


“Having love for your enemy is a hard thing to do, real talk.”


“Came from the bottom, we aim for the stars.”


“Losing time is crucial because you cannot get it back.”


“Use the things that make you angry — as fuel to make you better.”


“You have to be intimate with a person to know that person.”


“Some may consider this a problem, I easily fall in love.”


“I know a lot, but there’s some things I don’t know.”


“Money coming, money gotta flip it. I ain’t waiting on nobody, I’mma go get it.”


“I love God, I love everybody else around me as myself, and I love my enemy.”


“To be honest I am not looking to be romantic, already got someone at home.”


“Prison was the best thing that ever happened to me.”


“Every time the leaves are changing it’s the loneliest time of the year.”


“Gambling with love and life can produce some rough odds of winning.”


“Inspiration comes from many things, and in the life of KG his music is just one of them.”


“If you associate yourself with peer pressure or complacency, you’re destined for failure.”


“When you level up your life will change. You will come across harder opponents and situations.”


“Don’t stress over people who couldn’t give 2 pennies about you.”


“I limit conversations to people who can teach me something.”


“I could care less about the particular. I like to make music.”


“I’m not afraid to make mistakes.”


“A hot producer might not make a hot beat for me. I just love music.”


“I can’t say any artist inspired me, because I’m inspired by the things that go on around me.”


“Without an understanding of bad… how can one truly have an appreciation of good.”


“Having a musical outlet is a pure blessing to the ears of thousands of fans.”


“A good woman can see through the bull of a good man.”


“My daily conversation, it consists of hustle. Grinding from the bottom sick and tired of struggle.”


“I know my voice is very distinctive because, in a room of 100 people, my voice is always picked out.”


“I don’t really like talking. I like to execute. I’m not a talking person. I’m an action person.”


“People will flip on you at the drop of a dime. Just be prepared so it doesn’t surprise you.”


“I don’t pay attention to sales because it’s not about that for me. It’s about the music. Music is all I have.”


“Growing up in the hood exposed Kevin Gates to things that allowed him to make some tough choices.”


“The things that are most difficult for me to put into words and speak about, I put into my music. I’m just super passionate about my craft and super passionate about what I do.”


“I have trust issues with allowing other individuals to know my innermost secrets for fear of how I may be viewed. Everyone has this.”


“It’s easy to betray or violate a loved one. You know all their strengths and weaknesses.”


“Disconnecting from one you love can be a lonely ordeal. The feelings you will experience will change you.”


“I’m inspired by everything that goes on around me. I’m a sponge. I’m very analytical. I notice the things that most people don’t notice.”


“When you come up in the slums, having nothin’ make you humble.”


“To inform, to improve, to make better, and I believe that’s what my first daughter did to me, so I named my first album after my first daughter.”


“Sometimes you have to let people bump their heads to realize that they are not making sense. Don’t try to figure them out or it will drive you crazy.”


“Kevin Gates tattoos are one of his main loves. The first is probably his music which he would do even if he wasn’t getting paid.”


“Resistance builds strength. The more you try and block me from my blessing, the stronger I get towards getting it.”


“I love to be clean. I wear the same things, all of my clothes pretty much look the same. I’m a plain and simple type of guy. I don’t really do a lotta busy colors and things of that nature. I feel like less is more.”


“I have trouble with letting go. That’s my problem. Anybody that has extreme highs and extreme lows is bipolar to any psychologist and that’s not necessarily the truth.”


“Breathing is so important with physical activity, then how much more important is it with psychological activity?”


“Jail and the streets go hand in hand. You can’t have one with out the other. They coincide.”


“My grandmother was an English teacher for a while. And she stressed to me the importance of reading, being able to articulate well.”


“I’m a big skeptic so I won’t just go off what an individual may tell me. I gotta do the research. I’ma get different literature on that one subject and just compare and contrast. I do my own selective studies.”


“I don’t give anyone a reason to hate me, they create their own drama out of pure jealousy. Keep ears opened, mouth closed.”


“A vision without action is merely a dream. Action, it’s the grind, it’s the hustle, it’s the persistence.”


“I’ve had good times and I’ve had bad times and I reminisce, maybe when I lay down, but throughout my day I keep myself engulfed in whatever moment I’m in because it could steer me into a depressed state.”


“Everybody around you pretending that they are your partner, let you have a problem they won’t even help you out.”


“You can learn from a dummy. You can watch a dummy and learn what not to do. I’ve always been an observant individual. You don’t know how much you love something until you can’t do it. That’s one thing I can say that I learned. I learned how much I love music.”


“I suffer from depression. Severe cases of it. Not one case of depression, not a severe case, but severe cases of depression. Music is my only outlet, it’s therapeutic to me. It’s a release. It’s how I vent emotionally.”


“I just always wanted to study human behavior because every psychologist that I would talk to would tell me I was bipolar, and I know I’m not bipolar, so I had to perform a psychoanalysis on myself to find out that I have unresolved grief.”


“Any artist that’s as serious about making music as I am, I’m cool with that. But if you tellin’ me, “Man, send me a verse and I’m a send you a verse.” No. That’s not collaborating. We don’t know each other and I’m serious about this music.”


“It’s about really really being who you are as an individual and not apologizing for it, that’s what it is. I can feel the growth from my first mixtape to now. On every song, I want to give you a piece of who I am as an individual.”


“Whatever an individual chooses to do with themselves, long as it doesn’t affect me and they’re respectful with it, I don’t care what they do. Because I’m not perfect and I have flaws, so who would I be to be judgmental?”


“If I tell the truth about me, what can the world say? I’d love to be accepted, but I’m not seeking acceptance. If you are a fan, it’s because you’re a fan of who I am psychologically, emotionally, and individually. The world can relate to a human being more than it can relate to a superstar.”


“Or help them get to the root of the problem. Or help them find out what the problem is. Because the problem lies with self, and a lot of times we don’t look inward as individuals. We always look for something else as a substitute, as a pacifier. You have to look at self first.”


“Wealth is not of the pocket. It’s of the heart. It’s of the mind. I live like that. You could give me a fish and feed more for a day, but if you teach me to fish, you’ve fed me forever. So that’s really my philosophy with it all.”


“I’m a super sensitive individual also. The smallest thing might stand out to me. I might go make a song about this interview. I live life then rap about it. Who knows what I may say? I just really say what I feel. When I’m in the moment, whatever I’m feeling, I get it all out.”


“The energy in the daytime is so different because everyone is so unhappy and depressed and you can pick up on that energy psycho-kinetically. So I like to come out at night. Everything’s settled, you can see more.”


“I write a lot of my best music in the car, like late night. Three, four in the morning. I’m in the passenger seat, I got my driver, my getaway driver. My Bonnie, I’m Clyde. That’s when everything is just settled. In the daytime it’s chaotic. Everybody just goin’ nowhere fast. In a rush to go nowhere.”


“But I really live in a box. I’m always locked away in the studio, so I never get to see those people anyway. And if I do see them, I don’t even think—to be honest, I’m so focused right now I couldn’t even see myself encountering those individuals that I spoke about from my past.”


“I don’t have a religion. I ain’t nothing wrong with church as long as they selling chicken. Cause I read the Quran, I read the Kabalah, I read the Bible. They all got the same three basic principles: Love God, love your neighbor as yourself, and…As far as me being, I live by those principles.”


“My music is incredible. I don’t know what to call it because I’ve yet to see an artist display the different talents I display or create the different genres that I have created; from the rock and roll to heavy metal to soft rock to rap to country. I display so many styles. That’s why they love me.”


“Whatever I have a natural love for or respect or admiration for, I tattoo it on my body. My next tattoo is probably going to be Muhammad Ali. I’ve got Bob Marley, I’ve got Elvis, I’ve got Malcolm X. I’ve got so many tattoos. It’s crazy. I’m really running out of space. But when I go get tattoos, it’s therapeutic for me also.”


“My mentality, I guess. I used to deal with things totally differently than the way that I deal with things now. And I believe that comes through growth and maturity. And when you grow, your way of life changes. Everything changes. The things that were interesting at one point, they’re not as interesting now.”


“I came in the game with a different attitude than I have now. And I had to grow. I had to mature. In that growth and in that maturity, that point of maturity I realized that ay, the people that interview me, we really only having a conversation. And they not from the same walk of life that I am, so my life is super interesting to them.”


“Music’s the most therapeutic thing for me. Because I suffer with depression, and it’s my only form of releasing it. Just as you do with your recorder, I record my thoughts. I vent. It’s a channel. I’m an introvert when it comes to displaying my emotion. And because I’m such an introvert, the best thing for me to do is to talk to the mic.”


“What poor person fits into society socially? You seem like a great person, but you’re not going to leave out of this building and put one of those homeless people in your car. You treat them differently than I do. When I finish with this salad here, you can eat off my plate. That’s just the individual that I am because I’ve walked in those shoes at one time.”


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