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303 Funny Fast Food Slogans & Funny Fast Food Sayings All Time



A little bit of humor cannot hurt anyone; in fact, it makes you even more memorable. As a business, if you communicate that you appreciate humor, We are 100% sure that customers will be more comfortable with your service and will trust you even faster. Humor is how people connect; using it as a marketing strategy is very clever. Here is a list of funny fast food slogans that will help you connect with your clientele better.


Funny Fast Food Slogans

Here is a collated list of the Funny fast Food Slogans.


Take a pick.


A big delight for big fun


Chicken for your taste buds


Come Hungry Leave Happy..


Chicken dinner is a winner.


Putt Putt to the Pizza Hut.


Life on Land-living is Dry.


Hot Recipes for hot peoples


Mood Twisting Fast Foos Fun


Funny Fast Food Slogans


Good tastes Gives good mood


Chase the best flavor today


Hardee’s. Derive on Home.


Making your taste buds work


Give junk food a full Stop.


Diet for the Entire Family!


Don’t just eat – enjoy!


Piping hot & ready to serve


Your taste – our passion!


Healthy food, taste better.


Santa, all I want is pizza.


Go green, have a vegetable.


Responsibly prepared recipes


Food: good for what ails you


The good taste of nutrition.


Enjoy the taste that differs


Food that makes you say, wow.


You can eat us right away.


Good exercise and good diet.


Vegans don’t cause wedges.


Grotesque fast, freaky good.


Only fast food worth eating.


Funny Fast Food Slogans 1


Pizza, the burger is forever


Fun. Fast. Tasty. Delicious.


Best burgers are now in town


it is Our Sign of Good taste


Faster than your imagination


The first fortune is health.


Joy the instant Food Minutes


Corresponding Mom’s house.


Burger King – Be your way.


Eat natural – eat organic.


Fruit, fruit and more fruit.


Breakfast time for the human


In this post you will find 35+ Funny Fast Food Slogans and Taglines.


Where’s the beef – oh I just found it


Sun’s out buns out


Stop in and poop


Don’t use your stomach as a trash can!


Whoever snuck the ‘S’ in Fast Food is a clever person.


My idea of fast food is a mallard.


Where’s the beef – there isn’t any


The pleasure on the lips, lifetime on the hips


Do you know what you’re putting in your mouth?


I’m just working here till a good fast-food job opens up.


Free Tacos Yesterday


Number one rule of dieting: If it tastes good, spit it out.


Get fat eaten’ like a rat


This salad would taste a lot better if it were a cupcake.


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Where’s the diarrhea


A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands.


Scream until daddy stops the car


Fast food will help your journey fast


You gotta die of something!


The Laxative with eleven herbs and spices!


Closed we’re out of meat


Fiber’s for weenies!


Your fast food can be your last food


Men live for three things, fast cars, fast women and fast food.


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The food channel is basically just porn for your stomach.


Buy your chicken from real cartoon character not an animated dead guy.


Did somebody say McBypass?


New Cooler Coffee!


If your too wasted to drive, we’ll bring your food to you!


The most romantic thing you can ever do for me is buy me Fast Food.


One day, I’m gonna make the onions cry.


I’m not too into fast food, but you know if I was, it would be chicken.


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I got baby food in my coffee maker.


The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook



Funny Fast Food Sayings

& now some Funny fast food sayings cause slogans sometimes can be not enough. The choice is yours.


Where the food’s the star.


The fire is on for your food


Craving something different?


Living healthy is important.


Life tastes better with KFC.


We do it like you’d do it.


We cater to your good taste!


Eat sushi with a smile always


Serving up smiles since 1955!


Funny Fast Food Slogans 2


Good food for healthy future.


Fresh flavor at the best rate


It’s fun to be here at Jack


Good food ends with good talk


Be safe, be healthy, be well.


Big taste for every small fun


Nobody does chicken like KFC.


Giving food senses some sense


Gives you smile at your face.


Living and dying without food


You’ve never had it so good


Always check the expiry date.


Die Hard Twice-Boiled Lobster


Life palates better with KFC.


Bigger snacks, bigger slacks.


Driveaway your craving pains.


The Way A Sandwich Should Be.


Keep food safe from bacteria.


Your strength is your wealth.


food that’s good, so good..


Great food and great company.


Experience a taste of Mexico.


World’s Greatest Hamburgers


Quality matters not quantity.


Jump and turn, feel the burn.


World’s Extreme Hamburgers.


Vegetables keeps you healthy.


Bananas are good all day long


We can Make Your Mouth Water.


100% fruit, 0% anything else.


Organic Food with Local Roots


Eat to live, not live to eat.


Food: what the doctor ordered



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