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47 Catchy Hostel Slogans & Taglines



Hostel slogans can help you to attract more students. Using slogans, you can impress a desired image of your hostel in the minds of people. Slogans being short and catchy can stick in to the mind of people for a long time.

In this post, we are going to share with you a list of 47+ catchy hostels slogans that are being used by various hostels all around the world. See what type of messages they are delivering using their slogans and taglines.

Hostel Slogans & Taglines


Student Housing – Home away from home


HostelKing – Stay like a king


Loki – More than a hostel


Embassie Hostel – Relax with friends


Hedonist Hostel – Enjoy Belgrade to the fullest!


Casa Yallaha Hostel – Stay with friends!


Hostel Malti – For the scruffy & happy backpacker


The Flying Pig – Find us to get lost!


Safestay – Stay in a new kind of place


Che Lagarto Hostels – Addicted to travel


Venture hostels – The perfect start to your adventure


Hostel Elf – Your home in Prague


Parivar Girls Hostel – More than just living


Shri Ladies Hostel – Feel like home


Anandam Hostel – Inspired by home


United Backpackers – Uniting you with adventure


Alharam Hostels – Clean & calm learning


Paradiso Backpackers Hostel – The place to stay


Aashiyana Girls Hostel – A complete home


The Tropics Hotel and Hostel  – The sun in Miami Beach


Shri Vidya Girls Hostel – A secured luxury stay


Giraffe Hostel & Bar – Go wild in Krakow


Anubhav Hostel – An ideal hostel for students


Juneau International Youth Hostel – A place for travelers


Icon girls Hostel – Your accommodation expert since 2007


Hostel Uptown – Share, love & comeback


Mountain Hostel – High in the Alps


Hostel Lybeer – The greatest hostel in town!


Lucky Lake Hostel – It may be just the place for you!


Mitraa Hostels – Mitraa means friend


Inn Berlin – Where guests are treated like friends


Bob’s Bunk House, hostel and guest house – A home for travelers and backpackers


Max hostels – Home of the traveler


Comrade Hostel – Once you find us, you will never want to leave


Chelsea Hostel – Where there are no strangers, just friends you have not met yet


Ideal Backpackers Hostel – For the free spirited traveller


Hostel World – Meet the world


Smart Backpackers – Amazing hostels for the free spirited traveler


Wanderlust Hostel – A bed between adventures


Lagan Backpackers – The friendliest hostel in Belfast


Tasman Bay Backpackers – Its the small things that make us different


Venture Hostels – The perfect start to your adventure


Sakura Hostel – More than just a place to sleep!


Cheers Hostel in Istanbul – Fantastic view from our rooftop bar


Wrigley Hostel – The best of Chicago all within reach


Main Station Hostel – Big comfort. Small price.


Sleep Well Youth Hostel – Try hostel life!


Hangover Hostels – Find your freedom


Youth Hostel – Affordable. Approachable. Comfortable.


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