Below the list of   35 Best Catchy Home Safety Slogans you can use at home for home safety.


  • Make safety as your first priority.

  • Safety is your family insurance.

  • No safety no happy family.

  • Stay alert don’t get hurt.

  • Better to lock out than luck out.

  • Be safety minded at home.

  • Safety is no accident.

  • Safety in, We will win.

  • Safety has no time out!!!

  • Be a safety hero, score an accident zero.

  • Better to lock out than luck out.

  • Safety: It’s the tool for LIFE

  • Be safety smart, before you start.

  • Safety is a state of mind.

  • The safe way is the best way.

  • Walk safely please.

  • Stay safe.

  • Be safe, not sorry.

  • Safety is as safety does.

  • Safety, it’s my job.

  • Safety first & safety always.

  • There is no substitute for safety.

  • Take safety seriously.

  • Make every move a safe one.

  • Always be proactive about safety.

  • It’s cool to be safe!.

  • Say no to carelessness!.

  • Safety is endless.

  • Shortcuts cut life short.

  • Be alert, your wife needs you.

  • Seek safety – Follow safety.

  • Your life is in your hands.

  • Take steps to make your life safer.

  • Remember safety!

  • Safety at home, Safety at work. Two simple ways, NOT to get hurt



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