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367 Best Vaccination Slogans, & Vaccine Taglines



It is absurd how inventions that have saved the world are always made controversial by forces that do not understand the vision or its science.

Vaccinations now have been saving humankind for the past three centuries. The diseases today we do not get worried about used to kill millions in the past. It is high time we shut those voices against this invention and protect people from making the wrong decisions.

Here is our first contribution towards the cause by collating the list of slogans for vaccination.



List of Top 10 Vaccination Slogans


  1. Save lives!
  2. Stop polio, and vaccinate.
  3. Don’t wait, vaccinate!
  4. Get a drop, stop the strop.
  5. Vaccination is a MUST
  6. Spare the children, Give the vaccine.
  7. Vaccination is your best shot
  8. Roll up your sleeve for the vaccine.
  9. Vaccination is not Immunization
  10. Don’t hesitate – vaccinate and you’ll be grate.


List of Top 10 Vaccination Slogans



Vaccination Campaign Slogans

If you know something is this pertinent for life to thrive, you have to make sure that everyone gets it. Vaccination is that we have to take responsibility for spreading appropriate, fact-based, and accurate information regarding it so that no child ever dies or spends his life in suffering that he easily could have avoided.

Let’s make sure that it never happens

Here are Vaccination Campaign Slogans for you to promote a healthy life Slogan: Follow my lead and get vaccinated


Vaccination is strength


Kiss me, I’m vaccinated.


Be wise, immunize!


Be Like Me, Be Flu Free.


Prevent birth defects.


A Little Pain For A Lot Of Gain.


Vaccinate what you create!


Go go polio


Protect your world get vaccinated


Teach your body what to do, and vaccinate against the flu.


Spread the word, not the disease


Beat The Flu Bug. Get Your Shot!


The vaccine isn’t mean, it will keep your cells clean!


Get vaccinated for the flu and take care of YOU!


Spend five minutes now, save five days later – get your ‘flu’ shot


Keep your health pristine, get the vaccine! or something to that effect!


Get vaccinated for the flu, or you’ll get it too!


Don’t be stubborn as an ox, get vaccinated for the pox.


Do not just have the talks-get vaccinated for the pox.


Getting your kids vaccinated and protecting their bright future


Don’t go viral – get your ‘flu’ shot / Let’s make the ‘flu’ shot to go viral


If you feel like poo, you might have the flu! So that vaccine you should renew!


Don’t be stuck with the ugly flu, get the yearly vaccine that’s new!


Each year we come to face changed flu, so get vaccinated now, before it gets you.


You gotta do what you gotta do to ward off pesky viruses like the flu. So get vaccinated!


Vaccination Campaign Slogans



Vaccine Taglines


Get poked, it’s no joke.


Green Our Vaccines


Don’t wait to vaccinate.


Vaccinate or intubate!


Who are YOU protecting?


Don’t get the flu, get a vaccine that is new


Go for the gold. Get vaccinated


Educate before you vaccinated


A little stab could save Mom and Dad.


Vaccinated, get a booster


Get the shot or don’t punch the clock!


There is no vaccine against stupidity


Vaccine Taglines



Vaccination Awareness Slogans


To escape the flu porcine, go get yourself a yearly vaccine!


Don’t hesitate – vaccinate and you will be grate


The flu crew is coming to get you. Get your vaccine today!


Prevent the flu, don’t be blue. Get Vaccinated.


If you want to stay healthy and clean, go ahead and get your vaccine


Get your flu vaccine, if you want to be clean!


Get rid of TB with proper vaccination!


The flu ends with you. Stop the flu in its tracks. Get the vaccine.


If you want to be clean, go get your yearly flu vaccine!


When proper care is vaccination in on, the fear of TB is gone.


TB is not fun, so get your vaccinations done!


When you get a virus, don’t get blue! Get your vaccine today to stop the flu!


Viruses play tricks on you, don’t be blue and get the flu, vaccinate your crew!!


At a loss? Get the vaccine to show flu who’s the boss!


Without this vaccine a virus will creep into your body and attack you from the inside…so get it!


This slogan sure ain’t catchy, but neither is the flu if you get your vaccine!


Hope you like this section of ours on vaccine awareness slogans


Vaccination Awareness Slogans



Modern Vaccination Slogan

Moderna was never a big fan of extensive marketing campaigns, but it has launched the famous “Make it Yours” marketing slogan. It is such a great marketing slogan. This Moderna slogan spreads awareness and acknowledges diversity, and respects relativity. That is what the Pharma company should be concerned about, which is promoting acceptance. Whatever the reason is, vaccination is the goal; people should feel comfortable almost at home when making this critical decision regarding their health.

What is the lesson here? If you want to promote vaccination, promote it positively, so acceptance becomes easier for people than resistance.


Here are a few more Famous Pharma Vaccination Slogans!!!


Baxter International Inc. – Making a meaningful difference in patients’ lives


Hospira – Advancing Wellness


Varian Medical Systems Inc. – A partner for life


Allergan – Our pursuit. Life’s potential.


Medtronic Inc. – When Life Depends on Medical Technology


Terumo Corp. – Contributing to Society through Healthcare


Becton, Dickinson, and Co. – Helping all people live healthy lives


Otsuka – Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide


Some Tips & Suggestions on Awareness of Vaccination.


Modern Vaccination Slogan


Along with these vaccination slogans for campaigns, we have brought some more tips to promote vaccination for the common good of our future generations.
Talk about Vaccine acceptance. Encourage people to share their positive stories, so people who are still deciding can feel comfortable and confident while making that decision.
Make sure that your help eradicates the misinformation as well. The misinformation in this era has seeded fear in the minds of the people against vaccination.
Encourage people in your workplace to start writing their positive stories related to vaccines. There should be a magazine. It will take its time, but it will leave an impact.
Do not create hype about potential side effects. Be responsible that there are always contexts of side effects. Underlying medical conditions of the person play a significant role in whether or not a good pharma company might too. It is all about taking this decision responsibly.
Promote conversation about vaccination. Make people realize that it is ok to talk about it. It is ok to gather as much information until they are satisfied and decide 100% from their comfort zone.


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