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Coronavirus Slogans

Covid-19 is a topic that we all had to face suddenly. What seemed like a distant worry has now become an aspect of life we have to deal with regardless of our nationality. And with that in mind, we will be sharing with you a few coronavirus slogans so you too can stay protected and aware of this new phenomenon in our lives.

The first of these coronavirus slogans is probably the most important one; because by itself, it covers all you need to do to remain safe and protected from the virus. And that is to “Remember to WUTAN”. If you don’t get it at first, rest assured. WUTAN is, after all, an acronym, but on its own, it covers all the fine details needed to stay safe:

  • Wash Hands
  • Use Mask Properly
  • Touch Nothing
  • Avoid Large Crowds
  • Never touch your face with unclean hands

So as long as you remember to WUTAN you will be more than safe from the coronavirus. And it’s a pretty simple and fun way to learn about it too.

The next slogan is something of a poignant reminder, but it’s nonetheless one of the most important pieces of advice as well. So make sure to remember “The only real treatment for Coronavirus is solidarity”.

The simple fact is that unlike other diseases that spread by air or animals the coronavirus can only spread from people and places they’ve touched. What this means ultimately is that the virus can only move if we move. So every single one of us has to be responsible for each other. We all need to be careful and follow all the possible recommendations because every single one of us that takes care is helping all his fellow neighbors stay safe as well.

So do remember, to fight the coronavirus please always act with solidarity and always WUTAN. Together, we’ll make the difference.