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77 Catchy Sailing Slogans, Phrases & Sayings



Are you looking for Sailing slogans, chants, sayings & phrases to support your favorite team or player?


You want to express your passion and love for Sailing?

In this post, you will find 77+ Sailing slogans, sayings, catchphrases & one-liners for t-shirts, posters, banners etc.

Feel free to use these slogans where ever you want and also don’t forget to share them with your friends.



  1. Sailing Slogans & Phrases
  2. Sailing Slogans for t-shirts
  3. Funny Sailing Slogans
  4. Motivational Sailing Slogans

Sailing Slogans & Phrases


My boat, my rules


You me & the sea


Best Sailor ever


Girls come & go but Sailing is eternal


Yes I do have a Retirement plan, I plan on Sailing


Calm down, I’m a Sailor, I’ve seen worse


Born to Sail


Sailing is my passion


Forget male and female, you are here to sail, sail & sail


Save fuel, drive a sailboat


Sail fast like you have wings


In love with Sailing


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Keep calm and Sailing on


Sailing is the best


Explore dreams


Road to sailing


I love Sailing more than the free WIFI


Storms can’t stop me


Keep calm & sail


Let’s sail


Cool people do Sailing


Wind is not in your control but you can control your sail


I said I like to sail


Got Wind?


Cats to the cape


I mean to say Sailing


Let’s go sailing


It’s Sailing time


Sailing is hotter than the bottom of your Laptop


I am not afraid of storms


Sailing is a fun


Born to play with storms & winds


Fight till victory


Against the wind feeling happy


Let’s do Sailing


Life is like sailing


I am a boater and I don’t need motors


Think of Sailing


Sailing is not a joke


No life without Sailing

Sailing Slogans for t-shirts


Life’s Sailing on the SEA


Watch the boom!


There is no crying in Sailing


Fantasy Sailing Legend


My heart beats for Sailing


Make Sailing great again


Life would be boring without Sailing


I’m either Sailing or thinking about it!


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Sorry I’m a girl, Know more About Sailing than you


They call me a crazy Sailing Mom like it’s a bad thing


No talky during Sailing


Do more of what makes you happy, for me that’s Sailing


Sailing is my Super Power


I like you almost as much as Sailing


Born to be a Sailing Princess


Sailing star, in the making!


My first crush will always be Sailing


I’d rather be Sailing


If Football is life then Sailing is Heaven


Straight Outta Sailing Practice


Sailing Girls Rule


Real Girls love Sailing

Funny Sailing Slogans


If Sailing was easy, it would be called Football


Don’t make me use my Sailing Mom voice


I just want to Sail and ignore all of my adult problems


You know what makes me happy? Sailing, You, not so much…


Nobody is perfect but if you can Sail, you are pretty close


Education is important but Sailing is more importanter


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If you fail at Sailing there is always Football


I don’t like Sailing, I love it


I’m a Sailing Guy, Just like a normal Guy except much Cooler


Born to Sail, Forced to go to school


A day without Sailing probably wouldn’t kill me but why Risk it?

Motivational Sailing Slogans


Dream & Achieve


Strength is earned, not given


It’s a hill, get over it


Stand up, Be the one


Achieve the dream


Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard


May you always do what you are afraid to do


Individually strong unbreakable as one


Blood, sweat & Sailing


My goal is to deny yours


Attitude is everything, have a good one


The Physics of Sailing


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