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Top 50 Useful Recycling Sayings



In this post you will find Top 50 Useful Recycling Sayings.


Recycling Sayings


The recycling in my house was imposed by my kids.


I was brought up to reuse things.


Drinking your own blood is the paradigm of recycling.


You have to keep recycling yourself.


Be free to be green…recycle!


If you don’t choose to reuse, our planet will lose!


Earth is your fan if you recycle that can.


Follow our plan and recycle that can.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Renew.


Recycle reduce reuse and don’t pollute.


Recycle and ride a bicycle!


You’ve got to reuse or the planet will lose.


Pollution is not the solution.


Recycle for All its Worth.


Don’t waste our future, Recycle.


It’s like recycling: selling old clothes to help make new ones.


Recycling old buildings to show art is very important.


We were in recycling before recycling was cool.


The recycling in my house was imposed by my kids.


In my family we’ve always been into ethical stuff and recycling.


Recycle or Die.


So, there will be a tomorrow.


Show you care, do your share.


Are you in doubt? Then don’t throw it out


Lose it if you don’t reuse it!


The clear solution is to end pollution


The only way to be is pollution free


Recycling turns things into other things. Which is like MAGIC.


Recycle. The possibilities are endless.


Recycle the present, save the future.


Never refuse to reuse.


If you’re not buying recycled products, you’re not really recycling.


When you refuse to reuse it’s our Earth you abuse.


Recycle today for a better tomorrow.


I would rather see us recycle fewer things well, than more things poorly.


Make everyday EARTH day.


Don’t be trashy. Recycle.


Recyclers do it over and over again.


Saving the green, Saves you green!


Feed the plastic bins and everybody wins!


Save Energy. Save Money. Save the Planet.


Save Today. Survive Tomorrow.


You will always have more when you need less.


Keep Calm and Bring Your Own Bag.


Feel fantastic and recycle your plastic!


Be smart and recycle.


Resurface. Reupholster. Repaint. Refinish. Make something old new again!


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