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Top 200 Mendelevium Slogans and Taglines



Mendelevium was discovered at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 1955. Mendelevium is a synthetic element with chemical symbol Md and atomic number 101. It is a radioactive metal, of which only a few atoms have ever been created.

Below is a list of Great Mendelevium slogans for chemistry assignments, science projects & project presentations. They can also be used for Mendelevium advertisement and marketing. Also good for familiarization with Mendelevium. Share them with your friends.


Mendelevium Slogans


Here is the list of  Top 200 Mendelevium Slogans


  • Mendelevium 101


  • Mendelevium always shine


  • I’m an Element Not to Ignore


  • Mendelevium, Can’t Be Beat


  • Mendelevium, Let the Good Times Roll


  • Mendelevium, a crazy element


  • Soft and radioactive


  • Think Once, Think Twice, Think Mendelevium


  • F block radioactive elements are crazy


  • Mendelevium – Go For It!


I am from period 7, I am mendelevium


Mendelevium, XTREME Element!!


Mendelevium is made for you


The Mendelevium Effect


Be a mendelevium lover


Mendelevium, that’s an awesome element


It’s a mendelevium thing


Better Living through Mendelevium


Don’t be mad, get mendelevium


Mendelevium, In Touch With Tomorrow


Mendelevium born radioactive


Got Mendelevium?


Mendelevium since 1955


Mendelevium the Clear Choice


Mendelevium is radioactive by birth


Mendelevium, it’s elemental


Mendelevium Outshines the Rest


Call me radioactive


Get the New Mendelevium


Mendelevium, Research in progress


Mendelevium – Play It!


Got Mendelevium


Discover the Mendelevium Difference


Mendelevium Has What It Takes


Mendelevium Gets You Where You’re Going


World knows not much about Mendelevium


My Doctor Says ‘Mendelevium’


Keep That Mendelevium Complexion


Live In Your Mendelevium, Play in Ours


I am maybe crazy, handle with care


The Joy of Mendelevium


Grab Life by the Mendelevium


A Day with Mendelevium


I’m Mendelevium, I’m radioactive


Reach For the Mendelevium


The Curiously Strong Mendelevium


Bet You Can’t Eat Mendelevium


Radioactive by birth, handle with love


Every Mendelevium Has a Story


Mendelevium No One Else Is Better


One Goal, One Passion – Mendelevium


Yes, I am not an ordinary element


The Best Mendelevium under One Roof


I Think, Therefore Mendelevium


Mendelevium Strikes Back


It’s all about mendelevium


The More Mendelevium the Better


The Man from Mendelevium, He Says ‘Yes’


Mendelevium, Something for Everyone


It’s Mendelevium, handle it with care


Mendelevium Just Feels Right


Step into the Mendelevium


The Original Mendelevium


I am still not that famous


Prepare To Want Mendelevium


Mendelevium, Satisfies the Need


Mendelevium – It Looks Good On You


Mendelevium sounds crazy


Mendelevium is a bomb thing


Mendelevium Innovate Your World


What Can Mendelevium Do For You?


It’s an element, its mendelevium


The Mendelevium of Champions


Don’t Get In The Way Of Mendelevium


With A Name like Mendelevium, It Has To Be Good


Don’t get mad, get Mendelevium


I Need Mendelevium Right Now


The Spirit of Mendelevium


Snap Into A Mendelevium!


My code is 101, I am mendelevium


The World Waits For Mendelevium


Mendelevium with the Less Fattening Centre’s


I’d walk a Mile for Mendelevium


Mendelevium is cool to work with


Super Mendelevium Is Almost Here


We’ll leave the Mendelevium on for you


At the forefront of mendelevium quality


I am a great element


The mendelevium authority


You Can Do It When You Mendelevium It


Specialists in mendelevium


Mendelevium, radioactive by birth


Mendelevium fanatics


Kick Ass With Mendelevium!


Expert mendelevium crafters


I am cool, call me Md


Masters of mendelevium


Nothing to Worry About With Mendelevium


An awesome element


Fall into the Mendelevium


101 is my atomic number


You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Mendelevium


Mendelevium, this is it!


Stimulation for Body and Mendelevium


I am metallic, I am MD


Mendelevium Beams with Quality


Mendelevium, an extreme element


Mendelevium, Love It Or Leave It


I am cool, I have a separate group


Share Moments, Share Mendelevium


It’s your Mendelevium


Don’t Worry, Mendelevium Takes Care


Nonstop Mendelevium


Come Fly the Friendly Mendelevium


Keep Calm because I am mendelevium


For Mash, Get Mendelevium


Mendelevium Will Solve All of Your Troubles


I Can’t Believe It’s Not Mendelevium


Mendelevium rocks


Have a Mendelevium and Smile


I Wish I Was a Mendelevium


Let Your Mendelevium Do the Walking


Mendelevium, Gets the Juices Flowing


Just One More Mendelevium Will Do


Sometimes You Feel Like a Mendelevium, Sometimes You Don’t


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