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22 Catchy Idaho Slogans, State Motto, Nicknames and Sayings



In this post you will find 22 Catchy Idaho State Slogans, Idaho State Motto, Idaho State Nicknames and Idaho Sayings.


Idaho State Motto

“Esto Perpetua” (It is Perpetual)


Idaho State Nicknames


The Gem State


Little Ida


Idaho Slogans


Great Potatoes, Tasty Destinations


Idaho: Famous Potatoes


No Udaho


Idaho: Spud State


land of Famous Potatoes


Idaho? No U Da Ho!


Gem of the Mountains


Proud to say I Da Ho


Hot Potato


Idaho: More Than Just Potatoes


Idaho: Potatoes and … Well … That’s About It


Hi there! Want a Potato? Wait. Stop. Where are You Going?


You Want a Potato? Yeah, I Think We Can Help You Out with That


Idaho Sayings


“Being raised in Idaho, you think everyone is poor. Then you see the wider world.”


“The solution really has to lie within the Iraqi people.”


“Can I get a side of fry sauce, please?”


“You’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem.”


“When money is seen as a solution for every problem, money itself becomes the problem.”


“The nice thing about doing a crossword puzzle is, you know there is a solution.”


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