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40 Catchy Georgia Slogans, State Motto and Slogans for Georgia Colony



In this post you will find 40 catchy Georgia State Slogans, Georgia State Motto, Georgia State Nicknames and Slogans for Georgia Colony.


Georgia State Motto

“Wisdom Justice Moderation” & “Agriculture and Commerce”


Georgia State Nicknames


Empire State of the South


Yankee-land of the South


The Peach State


The Goober State


The Cracker State


Georgia Slogans


Georgia on My Mind


Georgia is just Peachy


Kiss me I’m from Georgia


Without Atlanta, We’re Alabama


If you can’t stand the heat, get out of Georgia


Everyone gets a second chance in Georgia!


We’re crazy about our nuts


Georgia is the pits


Georgia: It’s peachy!


Gateway to Florida


Georgia: We Put the Fun in Fundamentalist Extremism


When you’ve see it you’ve seen it all


Squeeze My Peaches


Put Your Dreams in Motion


Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation


Slogans for Georgia Colony


Forge your own destiny in ________.


If you crave power and success come to ____ Colony!


Enjoy the clean country life of ________.


Tired of cold English winters, have enjoy the sun in ________.


Come to Georgia… The Most ‘Well-Guarded’ Place in the South


Does the “man” have you down, come to ________ and become the man


Georgia Sayings


“Before heading to Florida Beaches, Stop and have some Georgia Peaches.”


“At Georgia Southern, we don’t cheat. That costs money and we don’t have any.”


“We must create the Georgia that our ancestors dreamed of, the Georgia that we dream of.”


“Georgia is not just a European country, but one of the most ancient European countries.”


“In Georgia, apparently, men are men and women are women – at least in their folk dance.”


“It is time we Georgians did not depend only on others, it is time we asked what Georgia will do for the world.”


“Georgia has some really tough allergies.”


“Georgia is in an enviable position today, but we can’t rest on our laurels.”


“A quiet worker but a very productive one and a great one for the state of Georgia.”


“As the population of Georgia increased dramatically, so did development.”


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