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40 Funny Student Council Campaign Slogans

Below are the 40 Funny Student Council Campaign Slogans. Share them with your friends.


You’ll flip for _______

Your mind says no, but your heart says yes

Vote for _______ Real deal!!

Why wouldn’t you vote for _______?

Don’t be shy give _______ a try

Take what you need and Vote _______

Love your girlfriend & Vote for _______

Mom says avoid girls & Vote for _______

Shut up & Vote for _____

Change will come when you will Vote ____

Awesome people will Vote for _____

Hey peeps, Vote for _______

Choosy people will Choose _____

I win – you win

I respect your choice

Don’t trash your vote

Use your Vote wisely

Vote _______ she is Hot!!!

Mom says vote for _______

Vote me or go home

Vote me or go to Hell

Vote me or only me

Vote for _____, he’s is the best

Don’t be a fool, Vote for _____

If I won, I’ll give you a party

Walk tall and Vote for _______

Vote me and get a free hug

Don’t repeat your mistake, Vote for _____

Vote for _______ to get things done

_______ is cool to vote

It’s the time for change, Vote for _____

Hey girls, I want you to Vote for _______

Trust GOD & Vote for _____

Don’t waste your Vote, Vote for _______

You mean you didn’t vote for _______

Go & Vote for _____

I am not Good, I am not better, I am just the best, Vote me

I don’t hear the voices. I am the voice. Vote for _______

Who is the most awesome person in your mind

Vote for education. Vote for _______


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