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300 Funny Campaign Slogans For Student Council Election



Want to include some funny lines in your student council election campaign? You are in the right place if you’re searching for funny campaign slogans to spice your student council campaign.
In this blog post, you will find catchy funny campaign slogans for the student council election. We know that running for student council can be challenging. These funny Student council slogans create a memorable experience for your classmates.
One best line can boost your campaign and everyone remembers you when they vote. It’s also important for attention. This collection of funny campaign slogans will help you cross the road to student council victory with a smile.
Give laughter to your fellows and make your campaign stand out from the crowd.


Funny Campaign Slogans for Student Council Elections


Don’t flush your vote down the toilet! (with a picture of the toilet)


Your mind says no, but your heart says yes


Vote for ________, I can talk the talk


Don’t waste your Vote, Vote for _______


Vote for _______ Real deal!!


You mean you didn’t vote for _______


I pay attention so you don’t have to!


I am not Good, I am not better, I am just the best, Vote me


Note: If you are looking for some Catchy Student Council Slogans there’s a whole article dedicated to that: Catchy Student Council Slogans That’ll Get You Elected!


there’s a whole article dedicated to that:


Why wouldn’t you vote for _______?


Vote for me, otherwise I’ll lose again


I am good at looking busy


Don’t be shy, close your eyes and try


Don’t be shy give _______ a try


_______ born for good deeds


Keep Calm and vote for (your name)!


Take what you need and Vote _______


If girls want my kiss, vote for _______


Don’t pick your nose pick _________ for class president


Vote for the best, leave the rest


Love your girlfriend & Vote for _______


Vote for (________) she/he’s the one cause if you do we’ll all have fun!


Don’t repeat your mistake


Mom says avoid girls & Vote for _______


Open your mind, Improve your school


Markers: $5.99, Posters: $4.99, (_______) on Student Council: Priceless


Vote for_______ or my father will hear of this


We are not kids, we are our Future


I promise that I will do something


Go with the flow don’t be slow vote________


Change will come when you will Vote ________


Don’t Make her mad (next to a picture of an angry woman) Vote (Name)


You want something done ______ is the one!


Catch of the day (Next to a picture of your face on a fish)


Awesome people will Vote for _______


She’s not popular so she has time for student council


Vote for_________ She won’t raise taxes


Hey peeps, Vote for _______


Counselor pick classes, Parents pick rules, thank goodness we pick who runs our school


Choosy people will Choose _____


Mirror Mirror on the wall (name) is the best of all


Nothing to fear, Cause _________ here, to make this the best School Year


Use your Vote wisely


I am nobody. nobody is perfect. therefore, I am perfect. vote for _____


I know this might be cheesy but voting for _________ is really easy!


Mom says vote for _______


When the going gets tough, I won’t have internal affairs


find out what’s poppin by chewsing (your name) for (position)


Don’t be a fool, Vote for _____


Don’t be a loser, be a chooser


If I won, I’ll give you a party


Stache our vote for (________) -add a picture of mustache


Walk tall and Vote for _______


Our girl is red hot, your girl/guy is doodly squat


Vote me and get a free hug


Vote for ________ She/he will run for you! (put a stick figure with the persons face on it running)


Don’t repeat your mistake, Vote for _____


I don’t hear voices…. I AM the voice. Vote (Your Name) for (Position)


Vote for _______ to get things done


I mustache you to vote for me! (with picture of mustache)


Hey girls, I want you to Vote for _______


If you vote for me I promise that I will do something



Funny Slogans For Student Council

Be proud


Respect others


Don’t give up


Make good choices


We are the future


Learn from your mistakes


Donut forget to vote for


Achieve, succeed, prosper


We need to stay in school


The best, forget the rest


Do good things for others


Keeping your ideas in mind


We need to do our homework


New standard for excellence


Speak softly, carry big ideas


Making the world a better place


The write choice for secretary!


Together everyone achieves more


I will do my best in every class


Vote for the student for students!


Open your mind, improve your school


Leadership is intentional influence


Like a good neighbor (name) is there


I’m thinking what you’re thinking


You’ve got the best, forget the rest!


Like a good friend, __________ is there


I’m the best thing since sliced bread!


Promote unity and acceptance in our school


Giving the middle class their lunch money back


Vote for me if you want movies shown for every class!


Vote for someone who cares about student rights and needs



Short Funny Campaign Slogans for Student Council Elections


Vote me or go home


Don’t trash your vote


Vote _______ she is Hot!!!


Deep hugs for Vote


Before cry vote for _______


Shut up & Vote for _____


You’ll flip for _______


I respect your choice


Vote me or go to Hell


Vote me or only me


Trust GOD & Vote for _____


Vote for me to set you free



Top 40 Funny Student Council Slogans

Adding fun to your student council campaign can be a powerful way to connect with your fellow students and make a good campaign. For your help in choosing the best funny Slogans, we handcrafted a collection of the top 40 funny student council slogans.
These slogans promise to make your fellows smile, laugh, and find the best one for your campaign. Share these slogans with your friends, post them on social media, and use them on your campaign posters.


Make your voice heard.


We are stronger together.


Elect change, elect success.


We make decisions, not excuses.


Be the change you want to see.


Bringing fresh ideas to the table.


Together we can achieve greatness.


Together we stand, together we lead.


Full-time student, full-time leader.


A vote for me is a vote for progress.


Student leaders, making a difference.


Leaders of today, creators of tomorrow.


Your vote counts, make it count for me.


Let’s make your voice heard, together.


The power to lead is within each of us.


Your vote is your voice, make it count.


Your voice matters, let’s make it heard.


A catalyst for change, a leader for all.


Leaders by passion, not just by position.


The power to achieve is within all of us.


Step up and be the change you wish to see.


One goal, one vision, one student council.


Embrace the challenge, embrace the change.


Focused on the future, committed to today.


Students for students, leaders that listen.


Dreams come true when we all work together.


I am committed to serving the student body.


We are the future, and the future starts now.


Leadership is not a position, it’s an action.


Building a brighter future, one step at a time.


A vote for me is a vote for progress and growth.


Challenging the status quo, pushing for progress.


I’m not just a candidate, I’m a dedicated student.


My leadership style is inclusive and collaborative.


A vote for me is a vote for progress and prosperity.


The future is what we make it, let’s make it bright!


Leadership is not a job title, it’s a responsibility.


Let’s make our school community one of unity and respect.


Let’s make your school a place where every student thrives.


Making your voice heard starts with electing the right person.


Together we can achieve anything. Let’s start with our school.



Funny Campaign Slogans For Student Council

Two, four, six, eight! Vote 4 (name) don’t be late!


Don’t pick your nose, pick me!


Keep calm and vote (name)


__________ is the best, to hell with the rest


Pardon Me. Can You Spare a Vote? (Name)


Please vote for me, I already told my mom I won!


Once you go black, you never go back!


Every one love’s banana, So vote_______


Make your high school DANCE a BLAST! VOTE _________


Change your underwear, change your school


You should vote for me because I have boobies


I’m fat and I’m unhappy with my life so vote for me


Whether you are straight or gay, vote for________


Don’t be a sucker, vote for_________


I will give every kid $5,000 if you vote for me


Ooh! Ahh! Vote _____


Be a leader


Getting results


Spread your time


Making a difference


Respect your parents


Share your knowledge


You know where i stand


Champion of the people


Brighter days lie ahead


We take care of our own


Turning ideas into reality


Be the best that you can be


Building a road to tomorrow


We need to respect each other


Take a field trip to tomorrow!


We need to be kind and helpful


Coming soon to a class room near you


It takes a lot to lead another person


Vote for (name), the man with the plan


Don’t be afraid to try something new


Leaders tomorrow, student council today


I pay attention so you don’t have to!


Don’t be stressed! You’ve got the best!


I will treat everyone with kindness and respect


Your education, your life, your school, our time is now



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