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110 Best Domestic Violence Slogans & Anti Dating Violence Slogans



Domestic violence is the use of physical force to control and torture your partner. At first, the definition included only wives recently, the description incorporated that “Any violence against a partner, spouse, and children is domestic violence.” In this article, we are going to enlist the best domestic violence slogans and anti-dating violence slogans.



Best Domestic Violence Slogans

Domestic violence is so prevalent, and yet domestic violence slogans are invisible in the discussions of society, social media, and media in general. It is said that if domestic violence gets registered and important in media talks as terrorism does, there will not be a second to spare on the news channels for any other topic. This form of violence ruins lives and leaves people with mental scars for life. This crime and its effects are so deep, but the punishment is almost nowhere to be seen. Movements against domestic violence on a larger scale are needed to ensure the penalty of abusers and to educate the victims about their rights.


The D in violence


The abuse ends now.


Put an end to abuse.


Abuse is not normal.


Love shouldn’t hurt.


Safety begins with you.


Give Respect Get Respect.


Weak men fear strong women


Take a stand against abuse.


Stop domestic violence now. 


Violence is never an answer.


Real men don’t hurt women.


Rise above domestic violence.


Put an end to domestic abuse.


Domestic Violence Not Wanted.


There is no excuse for abuse. 


Safety and respect are a right.


Silence doesn’t mean strength. 


Respect yourself, respect others.


United against domestic violence.


Teach your boys to respect women.


Domestic violence hurts everyone. 


All are equal and deserve respect.


Wives are also considered as women


Get help, break the cycle of abuse.


Speak up against domestic violence. 


Stand up and stop domestic violence.


Never lift a finger against a woman.


Speak out against domestic violence.


Stop the cycle of domestic violence.


Take action against domestic violence.


It’s safe to speak out against abuse.


Love doesn’t look like a bruised body.


Spread the word against domestic violence.


Safety and respect are everyone’s right. 


Empower yourself against domestic violence.


Prevent domestic violence before it starts.


Domestic violence has no place in society. 


If you see violence, say something about it.


It’s not love if he emotionally abuses you.


If you keep getting abused, you are your enemy


It’s time to make domestic violence history. 


Seek help if you’re hurting behind closed doors.


No matter the question, Violence is not the answer.


Don’t stay in a relationship with someone that hurts you.


Another pain by another stain in the society: domestic violence



Catchy Anti Domestic violence slogans

Abuse is not okay.


Abuse is not manly.


Don’t make excuses!


Love should never hurt.


Respect, don’t abuse.


Violence is always weaker


Make our homes safe havens.


Make non-violence the norm.


Say no to domestic violence.


Empower yourself and rise up.


Be a voice for the voiceless.


Women- you can’t beat ’em!


No excuse for abusive behavior.


Domestic violence is a travesty!


Be sensitive, don’t be abusive!


It’s never too late to be safe.


Stop the hurt, stop the violence.


Women’s Rights Are Human Rights


Spread the word, spread the power.


Choose respect for a better future.


Domestic Violence is every Day Issue


Let’s end domestic violence today.


Domestic Violence shapes bad society


It’s ok to walk away from violence.


Be a friend, speak out against abuse.


break free from the cycle of violence.


Act now so we don’t look back later.


Break the chains and end violence now.


Make a Difference and Stop the Violence


Not in our house, not in our community.


Real relationships do not include abuse.


Violence Is the Most Insane act of human


Increase surveillance, decrease violence


The future is free of domestic violence.


Violent are those who can’t face reality


Domestic violence is everyone’s business.


Start early, end abusive relationships now.


Don’t believe when they say they will change!


Jump start the movement to end domestic violence.


Men: Violence is a choice you don’t have to make.


Get informed and take action to end domestic violence.


Together we can break the silence of domestic violence.


Ending domestic violence is everyone’s responsibility.


Domestic Violence is a symbol of weakness and cowardness


Don’t ever walk away from a domestic violence situation.


Domestic Violence is insanity, as it’s not a choice insanity


Domestic violence is an absolute horror. There is no other way to give a shut-up call to the abuser or oppressor than to scream “Stop” on his face and push him away for once and for all. Following slogans against domestic violence scream “Stop” so collect the courage and speak for your rights and life.



Top 10 Domestic Violence Slogans

  1. Don’t be violent
  2. Real men don’t hit
  3. Women deserve better
  4. End violence to women NOW.
  5. Keep her safe, not insecure
  6. Stand up to abuse
  7. No justification can be pro-violence
  8. We want to live without violence
  9. We will Not Be Silent.
  10. Enough is Enough, Stop violence now.



Domestic violence awareness slogans

The most effective way to spread awareness about any crime among the masses is to educate them on why this is wrong and should not be tolerated in society. Slogans for domestic violence are often part of women’s day marches and marches in the month of domestic violence awareness.


Slogans for Domestic Violence Awareness

 End violence now.


Expect respect, not abuse.


Say no to domestic violence


No excuse for domestic abuse.


Speak out to stop the violence.


Stop the cycle of violence now.


Awareness begins with all of us.


Find courage to break the silence.


Safety and respect start with you.


Take a stand against domestic abuse.


Know your rights – protect yourself.


Take a stand against domestic violence.


Break the silence, on men’s violence.


Domestic abuse isn’t a private matter.


Violence gives birth to pessimism and fear


There’s no excuse for violence or abuse.


Reclaim your rights – end domestic abuse.


No Means No, No More violence against Women.


Protect yourself – break the cycle of abuse.


Our future shouldn’t include domestic violence.


As long as women are tortured, the people are not free.


Domestic Violence Prevention Begins with Me… and You.


Prevent Domestic Violence: Preserve Domestic Tranquility.


Domestic Violence is undoubtedly objectionable, raise voice


The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it




Domestic Violence Campaign Slogans

In this globalized world, running a campaign is not the same. In the past, people used to publish and post pamphlets, ads, and use them to paste them on walls. They had to convince people for their cause face to face, and efforts were never-ending. Now in this age of the Internet, most campaigns are running through social media. It is not only powerful but fewer resources are needed and less time-consuming with a greater audience to persuade.


Here are Slogans for the Domestic Violence Campaign

 Work for peace.


Violence is intolerable


Violence is never the solution


Stop it while you still have a voice


Take responsibility for ending rape.


Break the silence, on men’s violence.


Being silent, you promote other violence


Stand up for women human rights defenders!


Violence against anyone is not a sane move


A safe society is when it’s violence-free.


A violence-free world for all women and girls


The ones who have no voice need you to speak up.


Stand against domestic violence, it’s a stand for humanity


If you think violence quick solution, you are the worst interpreter


It’s you who decides how others will treat you, don’t tolerate violence



Domestic Violence Mottos

The domestic violence mottos stand for the belief that peace and respect is the only way to deal with anyone. Hence, we all must preach complete intolerance towards domestic violence to make life safe for the marginal by supporting and practicing Domestic violence mottos.


The following are the top Domestic violence mottos

Act wisely


Violence is deadly


Violence is not smart


Power to peace lovers


Become a Peace Warrior


Be the start of violence-free


Domestic violence is not okay


Think before you harm someone


Violence destroys you from within


Strong is the one who’s peaceful


Keep calm, violence will never happen


A life lived violently is life wasted


Don’t hit, just sit and use your wit


If any doubts persist, resist using fist


Violence against violence leads to more violence


Being violent is not cool, it’s done by a fool



Anti Dating Violence Slogans

Domestic violence is the use of power over a partner, be it a wife or lover. There is a culture of life in relationships in which partners become dependent on each other. The relationship is intimate, but sometimes this intimacy becomes a threat. The partner starts to use physical and verbal abuse and force in which he hits, torture, and in extreme cases, enslaves the other person. That is also domestic violence. To acknowledge domestic violence in dating relationships and protest against it, we have collected Anti dating violence slogans.


Here are clever Anti dating violence slogans

Talk, don’t abuse


Violence is not the way


Do not promote violence


No justification for abuse


Violence results in tragic ends


Are you Violent, get yourself cured?


Having a fight only ruins a relationship


You abuse your mate if love, not your trait


Stop the violence! Before everything gets ruined.


You are the only force that drives your relationship


If you hit her, she must look for someone more manly


Speak Up like humans, don’t be violent like animals


Don’t choose to fight rather opt peace and be bright


You can bully to dominate, however not win the relationship





Domestic Violence Phrases

Inspiring individuals from all walks of life raise their voices from time to time to highlight problems that are eating our societies alive. Their voices matter because people follow and respect them and have a duty to help the world in return. They all have raised their voices against Domestic violence through Domestic violence slogans on national, international, and global Platforms.


Here are the Top Domestic violence phrases


  • Nobody believes that domestic violence kills and nobody believes it is detrimental to children. This world has got to wake up. To me, if there is domestic violence, if the children see it or hear it, that to me is detrimental. Batterers should not have rights to children.” (Denise Brown)


  • Sexual, racial, and gender violence, and other forms of discrimination and violence in a culture cannot be eliminated without changing culture. (Charlotte Bunch)


  • We can all take responsibility for helping to bring about change, and keeping our friends and colleagues safe from domestic violence” (Charles Clarke)


  • “If the numbers we see in domestic violence were applied to terrorism or gang violence, the entire country would be up in arms, and it would be the lead story on the news every night.” (Rep. Mark Green)


Domestic violence is not a problem of one gender. Children, teen boys, and girls, and women all are victims equally. It affects people from all walks of life in their personal space. It is not just the use of physical force, it could be verbal, stalking, poor treatment and, denial of health and education facilities. The scope is so vast that the majority falls under the category of victims, and ironically majority falls under the category of oppressors too.

There is a dire need to spread awareness among children and women that nobody has any right to control their bodies and lives in any way. There are laws and authorities at work to protect them from perpetrators. We need to encourage victims to come forward by Putting examples of penalized criminals in front of them. So make the best efforts and utilize every platform to raise voice against this barbaric act of imposing power over weaker. Therefore, we need to keep raising Slogans against domestic violence to pressure authorities to make an example out of oppressors and abusers. Once the ones we fear will start to fear the law, we will not have anyone to fear but to live freely. #Peaceout!!!


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