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95 Best Slogans On Air Pollution

Clean air is a basic requirement for a healthy living. We can protect us from many diseases that are caused only due to polluted air. There are many sources of air pollution and many of them can be controlled with little efforts. Public awareness is needed about the bad effects of air pollution on human living and campaigns are the best way to create awareness among people.

Air pollution slogans are the memorable phrases that teaches people about bad effects of pollution on human health and also teach people in a fun way to not pollute the air.


Slogans On Air Pollution


We have gathered a list of 95+ Best Slogans on Air Pollution that can be used in campaigns against air pollution.


Air Pollution is not a joke. Air Pollution will make you choke




If u pollutes the air, then the air will pollute u!


No Solution, more Air Pollution!


Give Me Clean Air or Give Me Death


Breath healthy and be healthy


Smokey? REPAIR!! Care for the air.


Wake up and smell the smog




Give a care – clean up the air


Don’t you dare pollute our air


Be part of the anti-pollution revolution!


Save Your Breath


Emit less, Take in More


Air that’s polluted, won’t be Saluted


East or west, air pollution is the worst


Turn off your Engine. Kids breathing here




Kill Air Pollution


I Deserve the Blue


Don’t Besmear the Atmosphere


Air Pollution – The Silent Killer


Be nice to the air, we have to share


Our Air isn’t Healthy




Be ACTIVE about radioactive emissions!


Oh shoot, don’t pollute


For air pollution or against?


Let’s clear the air


You are what you breathe


Don’t be a brute! Don’t pollute!


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Air pollution is a bad solution


Don’t let our future go up in the smoke




The value of life will suffer a dilution if you do not fight air pollution


Smoke from cars is like cigarettes to the Earth


Stop pollution, gain more fresh air


Stop factories and industries, gain more rain


Take a deep breath… don’t choke.


Let your feet do the walking into cleaner air!


Be a part of the solution not a part of the pollution


Shield the earth and shield yourself from air pollution




Start A Revolution Against Air Pollution


Air Pollution isn’t cool so don’t be a fool.


Less Air pollution, the best solution


Join the revolution, stop the Air pollution!


Environment is life, Air pollution is death


Go green to breathe clean


Cutting the trees is as cutting the health




Go green, breathe clean


Be wise, Let the greenery rise!


Air Pollution is also a weapon of mass destruction


Your Factory Is Unsatisfactory


Wanna wear oxygen mask buddy?


Air – it is a matter of life and death


Air Pollution is not a joke, Air Pollution will make you choke.


Show you care about the air




The more pollution in the sky, the more nature dies


Leave Pollution, save the nation




Plant trees & plant your health


Breathe in, Breathe out.


Cleaner Air: The Solution to Air Pollution!


Give A Hoot And Don’t Pollute! an


Clean Your Polluting Machine


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Reduce air pollution & increase your life span




Air pollution is a ladder to the destruction of nature


if u pollute the air, then the air will pollute u!


Air Pollution, The Key to World-Wide Destruction.


If you litter, the future will be bitter


How long must we hold our breath?


What’s your solution for air pollution?


Air Pollution, A Cause of Global Disaster.


Prevent air pollution, protect nature




On A Clear Day You Can See the Pollution


Don’t Be Mean- Keep It Clean


Gas Up at Night and See the Light


Clear Skies, Clear Minds


You’re killing my planet….GET AWAY!


You’re breathing it, why wouldn’t you want it clean


Air pollution is a destruction


Lived Breathe, Your Solution To Air Pollution!


Dirty Grey Sky Puts Tears in My Eyes


You can only pollute if you’re wearing a suit that looks cute


Say no to Air pollution


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Don’t Be Cute. Don’t Pollute


Be Cute. Don’t Pollute


Nature is for everyone’s need not for anyone’s greed


Polluting is like pouting, except people can die from the smell!


Green Revolution is the best Solution to remove Pollution


Stop Air pollution or else there will be nature’s retribution


Let’s move towards green to keep the planet clean


Make ‘no air pollution’ your new year resolution


Clean Air is Healthy Air


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