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350 Catchy Yogurt Slogans and Yogurt Taglines

Yogurt is more like a treat for everyone. It is both healthy and tasty. As yogurt can be considered a fast-moving consumer good, different brands have come up with techniques to make their look appealing hence increasing their sales. Some have introduced new flavors of frozen yogurt and so on.

Everybody loves eating yogurt and hence there’s very strong competition in the market. Now, to outstand and make your brand look the most trustworthy one has to come up with the most appealing ways to market them.


Yogurt Slogans

For quite a very long time, slogans are known to be one of the best ways to display your product as the best one out there. The purpose of this article is not only to introduce you to one of the best slogans out there for your help but to also give you an idea regarding the slogans being used by your competitors so that you can fight that competition. Different famous yogurt brands will be discussed along with the slogans being used for them! Some of the famous yogurt slogans include:



List of Top 10 Yogurt Slogans


  • 70 Years of 31 Flavors.
  • A Cup Full Of Happiness.
  • A Healthy Treat For All.
  • A Yogurt With Zero Preservative.
  • All Happiness Depends on a Flavorful Delight.
  • All The Flavor In A Healthy Treat.
  • Always fresh. Never frozen.
  • America’s favorite real ice cream.
  • An ice cream Boutique.
  • Blended With Nature.


List of Top 10 Yogurt Slogans



Bring your Friends to Mix.


Classically Cool. Real Refreshing.


Come Chill With Us.


Do Your Health A Flavor.


Eat more dessert.


Feel The Yogurt.


Every spoonful brings you closer.


Frozen Yogurt With A Twist.


Full Of Fresh And Natural.


Fit Frozen Dessert.


For Your Healthier Tomorrow.


Fresh. Not frozen.


Fro Yo Fo Yo Face.


Get Your Flavors On.


Frozen Yogurt Your Way.


Happiness In Every Cup.


Fun is in.


Get a Taste of the Difference.


Get the scoop!


Composition is Everything.


Good as father used to make.


Great Taste, Great Filling.


Guilt Free Decadence.


Handcrafted in Hawaii.


Happiness through ice cream.


Healthier Tomorrow.


Home of the ice cream flight.


Hottest ice cream in town.


I walk on water… frozen water.


Ice cream of the future.


It is so.


It’s always been about the taste!


It’s Time TO Chill.


It’s All About You.


Feel the love.


It’s Yummy Naughty.


Keep Calm And Froyo On.


Life is a little sweeter.


Health In Every Bite.


Feel Tender In Every Spoon.


Life Is Uncertain, Eat Dessert First.


Make It Yours.


Make your day a little sweeter.


Mini Melts. The ice cream dream.


Feel Free to Enjoy.


More flavors. More fun.


Much Juice, Much Yogurt, Much Yum.


Naturally, you’ll taste the difference.


Not Your Average Dessert.


Now you know you’re home.


Originality in every scoop.


Yogurt Slogans


Peace, love & ice cream.


Real Fruit In Every Spoon.


Real ingredients. Real ice cream. Real smiles.


Remarkable Italian ice cream.


Scooping is Fun.


Scooping since 1928.


Shake The Happiness.


Small Pleasures, Great Flavors.


So Good, So Yummy.


Sweet Treats.


Swirly Goodness.


Taste a New Dream.


Taste The Better.


Taste Your Imagination.


The art of Swiss ice cream.


The best ice cream you’ll ever taste.


The Possibilities Are Endless.


The ultimate ice cream experience!


Top It!


Topped with Fresh Fruit.


Towns Best Yogurt.


Treat yourself.


Treat Yourself Well.


We are closer to you.


Come Beat The Heat.


We dream of ice cream.


catchy yogurt slogans


We make you smile.


We’re creamy. We’re crunchy. We’re Carvel.


Welcome To The House Of Cool.


Where Healthy Meets Delicious.


Yes! We make it here!


Choose it. Mix it. Smash it. Love it.


A delicious combination of yogurt, juice, and health!



Activia Slogans

Activia yogurt is quite a well-known yogurt brand. It is famous for containing animal lactis. This brand promises a reduction in digestive problems provided that it is consumed twice a day for two weeks. It is rich in taste and comes in different flavors. Some of the famous slogans used by this brand are:


Actively good.


Onken yogurts and mousses


Feel good.


Danone / Danacol, low-fat drinking yogurt


Cholesterol hates it. You’ll love it.


Muller yogurts


Lead a Muller life.


Breyers yogurt brand


Tastes so good… Still good for you.


Yoplait / Yop drinking yogurt


For when the morning comes.


Skip & jump.


Benecol yogurt drink.


Keep cholesterol at bay.


Danone / Actimel probiotic yogurt drink.


A little every day goes a long, long way.


The Actimel challenge.


Give it a go.


Activia is my first choice!


Want the best yogurt, get active!


We promise you a healthy lifestyle


Your health is our priority


Activia Slogans


Gogurt Slogans

This is low-fat yogurt. This yogurt is known for its unique packaging as one doesn’t need a spoon to eat it. The yogurt is in a tube so one can simply suck out the yogurt from the tube. Some of the famous slogans of this brand include:


Snack time made easy


2 in 1 for fun


Yogurt and low fat? We make it possible!


Best packaging in town!


Yogurt in a tube!


Gogurt Slogans


Danimals Slogans

Danimals promises to make the healthiest yogurts and smoothies. It has 3 types of packaging. It comes in a cup, pouch, and a special one for the smoothies. Danimals has amazing marketing and some super fun slogans which are:


Adventurous by nature


Promise to Parents


Yogurt and smoothies? Yum!



Yoplait Slogans

Yoplait yogurt is the world’s largest franchise brand of yogurt. It has delicious gluten-free yogurt with different flavors. Here we can see that it is funhouse due to two main reasons one is due to expanding its target market and the other is due to its extensive marketing. Its slogans are quite known among people, let’s just have a look at them.


French for yum


We have the best flavors in town!


Wanna stay fit? Go for Yoplait



Chobani Slogans

This is Germany’s number one yogurt brand. It is known for being naturally produced not genetically modified. Chobani yogurt focuses on health care. The best part about chobani yogurt is that it has real fruit crafted in it. The following is the slogan used by this brand:


How matters


No artificial, only natural


Get the taste of real fruits


We value your health!


In short, this article shows how brands selling the same goods can be so different in their marketing. Good marketing is really important in building a strong brand image. If these slogans were of any help to you then my job here is done. Over to you folks!

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