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87 Catchy Swimming Slogans, Phrases & Sayings

In this post, you will find 87+ Swimming slogans, chants, phrases & sayings. Show your love for this sport or support your favorite swimmer with these attention grabbing slogans. Also see what wise minds from all around the world think about this sport.

We have also included motivational swimming slogans and slogans that can be used on boys’ and girls’ t-shirts. You will also find funny swimming slogans that will make you laugh.

Feel free to use these slogans on t-shirts, banners, posters etc. Don’t forget to share them with your friends.


  1. Swimming Slogans
  2. Funny Swimming Slogans & Phrases
  3. Motivational Slogans for Swimming

Swimming Slogans


Life is better when you’re swimming


My dream is to swim in bacon


I don’t swim, I fly


Swimming is my happy hour


Swimming, Where wet dreams become reality


Go hard – Come wet


Oxygen overrated


You’re only one swim away from a good mood


Life is simple with swimming


Swimming is my World


My weapon is my body


If you can’t swim, Get out of the water


I love Swimming my Son!!


Shut up & Just Swim


Looking for a Swimmer


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Keep calm and Swimming on


I swim and it’s my superpower


Swimming is my sport, The pool is my Home, The water is my friend


Swim fast, be the dolphin


I love Swimming


Nothing like Swimming


Keep calm and marry a Swimmer


When global warming melts the earth, swimmers will rule


Keep calm and just keep Swimming


I don’t care how deep, I Just dive


Cool people do Swimming


Life is cool in the pool


Things get better with Swimming


Welcome to the life of water


The only sport with no half times & no substitutions


In love with a Swimmer


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Swimming: I’m lovin’ it


Learn to Swim


I love bubbles in the water


Try to hold your breath


Born to swim – Forced to work


Drugs? No thanks, I’m a swimmer


7 days without Swimming make one weak


I love Swimming more than the free WIFI


In love with Swimming


Swimming makes me feel happy


Happiness is Swimming fast!


Live Long & Swim


If swimming was easy, it would be called football


Eat Sleep Swim Repeat


Swimming is the way to be


Swim you heart out


It’s time to swim


Cool girls love Swimming


Swimming – what real men do while boys play football


Be a Swimmer


Swim to Live, Live to Swim


Swim for a healthy life


I want you to swim

Funny Swimming Slogans & Phrases


Education is important, Swimming is importanter


Eat Pasta Swim Fasta


I swim because I am too sexy for a sport that requires clothes


I like swimming & maybe like 3 people


Chlorine is my cologne


Swimming makes me happy, You, Not so much


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Sharks has been spotted in this pool. They come out when they smell pee.


Go in hard, come out wet


Swimmer, I spend 25% of my time 75% naked!


Home is where the pool is


We don’t swim in your toilet, so don’t pee in our pool

Motivational Slogans for Swimming


When it feels tough, You’re doing it right


Compete every day


Don’t count laps, make every lap count


There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going


The body achieves what the mind believes


Impossible is temporary, impossible is nothing


It’s just you and the pool


Practice like a champion


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Losers let it happen, winners make it happen


Challenges are the doorways to excellence


The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do


Swim hard & earn your breather


Wake up furious for success


The price of excellence is discipline. The cost of mediocrity is disappointment.


Swim like thousands of people are watching


Only dead fish go with the flow


Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder.


If it’s important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.


“The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.” –Vince Lombardi


“There is no substitute for hard work.” –Thomas Edison


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