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350 Inspiring Student Council Poster Slogans for an Campaign

Are you involved in a student council campaign or election and looking to make it exciting? One important factor that can impact your success is the slogan you choose for your Student Council Poster. Your slogan is a powerful tool that can leave a lasting impression on your audience. So, if you want to impact your student body positively, create the perfect slogan for your campaign posters.

In this blog post, you will find catchy and creative ideas for student council poster slogans that will boost your audience and help you make the best campaign. There are various creative Slogan ideas to create the best one for your campaign. With Catchy slogans on posters, you can catch the hearts and votes of your fellow students.

Are you ready to create catchy slogans for your student council campaign poster?
Suppose you’re running for president, vice president, treasurer, or any other position for student council. In that case, you will find great ideas to help you find the slogans listed below. Use Little funny slogans for your campaign because you fellows remember funny slogans, and you can quickly become the talk of the town.



Student Council Poster Ideas Slogans


Born to serve.


Let us guide you


Catalyst for change


Working hard for you


Experienced leadership


Don’t Stop Believing


Facing the tough issues


Failure is not an option


Go to a party, you know!


A student for solutions


Don’t trash your vote.


Here to make a difference


Learning to Teach Change


Keep Calm and Vote for Us


Giving you the best choice


Think of one. Act together.


Hope, Change, and Progress


Be a pal, vote for this party


For success, choose the best.


Vote for HOPE, Vote for CHANGE


We can do more things together.


Vote for the student for students!


Open your mind. Improve your school.


You won’t be sorry you voted for us.


Voting for me means success for us all.


We have fantastic ideas for the school.


I pay attention, so you don’t need to!


We shall overcome all obstacles together.


We’re the best thing since sliced bread!



Slogans For Student Council Posters

I am one of you.


Getting results.


We are the future


Don’t waste time


Keep on Keeping on.


Proud of who we are


Keep moving forward.


We make a difference


Be proud of your talents


Giving you quality service


We need to respect each other


I will respect myself and others


We can help you achieve your goals.


I’m thinking what you’re thinking


Vote for a Vice President that is for students!




Top 10 Student Council Poster Ideas Slogans

  1. Trusted by everyone.
  2. Speaking with actions
  3. Do good things for others
  4. Imagine something better,
  5. We need to do our homework
  6. Keeping your ideas in mind
  7. You never know till you try
  8. Choose a leader for a change
  9. The write choice for a secretary!
  10. Be a good citizen in your community



Best Student Council Posters

Your voice on council.


Rock solid. Rock steady.


I am one of you. Vote ___.


Giving you the best choice.


Be a pal, vote for this gal


l always lead with my heart.


Don’t fear, ____ is here!!


Vote with your heart, vote ___.


Keep moving forward. Vote for me!


Go extra mile, vote ____ for ____.


YOUR voice is MY voice. Vote for ___.


You deserve better, you deserve ____.


Failure is not an option. Vote for ___.


I will go the extra mile to make you smile.


Vote for me is Vote for you. I win – you win.


Don’t throw your vote away, vote for ____ today!


I’m kind and fair so vote for me and I will care!


Fly like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee, Please vote for me!


No need to sweat, Vote for someone you won’t regret, vote ____.


If you want the best, then you gotta vote for the best. Vote ___.


Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder. Vote ___.



Hilarious Student Council Posters

My mom says vote for me.


Donut forget to vote for ____.


Smarties: Be a smartie, vote for me.


Here’s a tip: Waste your Vote on me.


Don’t waste your Vote, Vote for ____.


She’s 5’2 and she’ll represent you.


If you don’t vote for me, I’ll lose again.


Don’t make your life complicated, vote for ____.


The force is with me, vote ___. (Star wars picture)


Gummy Bears: I would appreciate your vote beary much.


Our future’s so bright with ____, we gotta wear shades.


M&Ms: A vote from you would be M&M, Marvelous and Magnificent.


Don’t flush your vote down the toilet! (with picture of toilet)


I don’t run very often…but when I do it’s for ___. Vote for ___.


Mirror Mirror on the wall…who is the best vote of them all. Vote ____.


I’m not asking for you to vote for me. I’m just asking you to check the box next to my name.



Funny Student Council Posters

Our secretary is here.


The secretary you deserve.


I win, you win, we all win.


Vote for the write secretary.


For better record, vote ____.


The write choice for secretary.


The right choice for secretary.


If you see this, vote for ____.


Our secretary is our secret weapon.


The write secretary for this school.


Let your concern be heard. Vote ____.


Everyone says, vote ____ for secretary.


Vote for ___, get all records organized.


Vote wisely, vote better, vote for ____.


Be bright, vote for the right secretary.


I’ll be the voice of the silent students.


I respect your choice, vote ____ for secretary.


I can write your dreams, if you give your vote.


Rumor has it, ____ is running for student council secretary.


I will maintain all records accurately, vote ___ for secretary.



Funny Campaign Posters For Student Council

Why be normal?


Eggs-ellent leader.


If elected I will…


It’s our time to lead.


Let us be great together!


Doing homework since Pre-K.


Study hard but party harder!


I got what it takes! Do you?


Get things done by any means.


Put the FUN back in education.


Think outside the box, vote X.


Congratulations, it’s your day!


Leadership is action not position!


Act your age not your shoe size.


I’m gonna make school fun again!


I’m here to laugh my way to the top!


When I say study hall, you say no way!


It’s a mad mad school…mad about me!


Teach ’em how to Dougie…Doug style.


Making straight A’s since kindergarten.


We need a change and I’m gonna go first!


Let’s be honest…it’s us or detention!


Hello… is it detention you’re looking for?


We want what we don’t have; Peace and Quiet!


I may not have experience, but I have good ideas.


The voice of reason; I’ll leave you guys alone.


It’s all about me! ME ME ME! It should be, anyway …


Seeking your confidence because I don’t have enough myself.



Student Council Secretary Poster Ideas

Friend to all.


Make a difference


Here to Serve you.


Champion of the people


Qualities of greatness


You know where I stand


Peace through strength.


It’s time for a change.


Honesty is my middle name.


For Success, Choose The Best.


Speak softly, carry big ideas


Heading in the right direction


Making the world a better place


Some people are worth voting for!


Try us. You might like our service.


Coming soon to a classroom near you


I pay attention to the small details


Work together to make our voices heard



Clever Student Council Posters

Vote Better!


Born To Lead.


Education Is Key.


U + Me = #1 prez.


U.S. ME! U.S. ME!


Free Drinks on Me.


Honesty & Hardwork.


Strong on Education.


Your Voice of Reason.


A Leader Who Listens.


New Voice. New Vision.


Refuse To Be Ordinary.


Fiscal Responsibility.


Cut Wasteful Spending.


Choose Bob For Change.


Your Voice. Your Vote.


Seek Something Better.


Putting Students First.


Experience & Knowledge.


A Passion For Education.


Building for the Future.


Let’s Get Things Done.


Making Our Schools Great.


Hometown Born and Raised.


Government By The People.


Get Serious, Get the Best.


I can do it, you can help.


Sincere. Honest. Gracious.


Choose (Name), Get Action.


Tomorrow Is Looking Great.


Dedication Is What We Need.


Because Experience Matters.


Someone You Can Believe In.


Thank (Name) It’s Friday.


A Fresh Face, a Fresh Start.


Restore our School District.


Stop Violence in Our Schools.


Building Our Future Together.


Bringing back nap time, 2023!


Hard Choices. Better Schools.


Vote For The Man With A Plan.


Don’t Be Shy. Give Me A Try!


Read my lips, no new homework!


Best candidate for (position).


Team Work Makes The Dream Work.


Proven Leadership That Listens.


It’s first period in America!


Experience. Commitment. Impact.


Everyone Sayz, (Name) For Prez.


You’ve Never Had It This Good.


Choose (Name) To Get Things Done.


Willing, Ready, and Able to Serve.


New Leadership for Changing Times.


Leadership & Courage for the People.


Experience, Knowledge, Common Sense.


Open Your Mind, Improve Your School.


Vote [Insert Your Name]! Just Do it.



Best Posters on Corruption with Slogans & Anti Corruption Poster

Corruption is any form of criminal activity or dishonesty. It refers to an evil act committed by an individual or a group. In particular, this act endangers the rights and privileges of others. Furthermore, corruption mainly includes activities such as bribery or embezzlement. However, corruption can take many forms. People in positions of authority are most likely to be prone to corruption. Corruption certainly reflects greedy and selfish behavior.

Here is a collection of Anti Corruption Posters for you to come out and raise your voice against those who misuse their authority.

Note: If you’re looking for some Catchy Corruption Slogans, there’s a whole article dedicated to that: Catchy Slogans on Corruption & Best Stop Corruption Slogans


Corruption Posters

An important way to prevent corruption is to pay a better salary in a government position. Many government employees earn fairly low wages. Therefore, they resort to corruption to cover their expenses. Therefore, government employees should receive higher salaries. Therefore, high wages would reduce their motivation and determination to corrupt.


corruption posters



Posters on Corruption with Slogans

Corruption is an evil that spreads its poison to the nation’s roots. Corruption, in simple terms, is when a person in power exploits their ability to make money for themselves. A corrupt person accepts many bribes and performs illegal work in return. Corruption occurs because the government system is so infiltrated by people who have no morals and come to power only to earn unlawful money. Nowadays, everyone suffers so much to make money that they take it when they have the opportunity.


Posters on Corruption with Slogans



Anti Corruption Posters

Corruption also gives the country a bad image in other countries. Rich countries often help poor countries in the form of money and goods. If they suspect that there is corruption in the management of the funds, they decide to withdraw their investment.


Anti Corruption Posters



Anti Corruption Posters Drawing

Corruption has many disadvantages for Society. It discourages trade and friendly relations between businesses. It is imperative that developing countries crack down on corruption.


Anti Corruption Posters Drawing



No Corruption Poster

Without a doubt, corruption is one of the most significant hurdles to the growth of our nation. Over the past 60 years, corruption has become deeply ingrained in Indian society. The previous crime was mainly synonymous with government officials. But now, even the private sector has joined the race.


No Corruption Poster



Posters Against Corruption

Some promising measures to eradicate corruption have come from the government. A number of investigative journalists, through their undercover operations and reporting, have arrested high-level officials who have engaged in corruption. But there’s still a lot to do. Each of us can help root out corruption simply by refusing to bribe anyone, no matter how urgent our needs may be.


Posters Against Corruption



Anti Corruption Awareness Posters

Corruption is any activity carried out by individuals or groups instead of bribes. Corruption is considered a dishonest and criminal act. If proven, corruption can lead to legal sanctions. Often the act of corruption involves the rights and privileges of a few. However, as responsible people of the nation, we must all be aware of the true meaning and indication of corruption in all its forms so that whenever we encounter it, we can speak up and fight for justice.


Anti Corruption Awareness Posters



Best Anti-Corruption Posters

Bribes are another important form of corruption. It is a global form of corruption. It is also one of the most notable and widespread corrupt practices in existence. Grafting refers to the illegal use of a politician’s authority for personal benefit or gain. A good example of this would be politically influential figures siphoning off public funds to meet their own selfish needs.
Best Anti-Corruption Posters

No To Corruption Posters

Corruption not only hampers the work of an organization but also affects the economy of a country and the efficiency of various services. To stop corruption, the government must take stricter measures. Existing laws must be implemented consistently and new laws must be introduced if necessary. Workplaces must be closely monitored to prevent the unethical exchange of favors. Only the end of minor forms of corruption can have a cumulative effect and lead to significant changes in society.
No To Corruption Poster

Anti Bribery Posters

Employers often do not pay workers enough to make a decent living with a reasonable standard of living. Most of the time, employees are paid just enough to cover their daily food needs. The total amount paid to employees is too low compared to the company’s turnover due to their collective effort. This unfair appropriation and compensation lead employees to look for corrupt ways to enrich themselves or at least get a little extra money.
Anti Bribery Posters


Corruption is the greatest potential obstacle to the growth of a nation and the well-being of its people. It is not limited to a specific sector but encompasses a wide range of offices, departments, sectors, etc. It can only be combated effectively by raising awareness of its impact and introducing strict anti-corruption laws.
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